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A Teamwork Approach to Pocahontas County's Future

25 January 2014, Vol.1, No.1 > Opening Shots of 2014 Campaign

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Greetings Voter…

For the First Time in YOUR LIFETIME – YOU – have a chance to make History here in POCAHONTAS COUNTY!  YOU – CAN ELECT TWO RIGHTEOUS PERSONS TO THE COUNTY COMMISSION IN THE SAME ELECTION YOUcan restore the Government of this County back once again to  ‘WE THE PEOPLE’!

For the first time in memory, two (2) persons are running for County Commission with the same proposals, the same agenda, the same promises, the same program to restore an HONEST GOVERNMENT TO POCAHONTAS COUNTY – and PUT YOU – THE CITIZEN-TAXPAYER FIRST!  For far too long those in public office within this county have served themselves first & foremost instead of the property-owners & taxpayers of this county!  Look at all the promises made in the past about ‘jobs, Jobs, JOBS’ – well, where are all those jobs? 
  • Former State Senator Walt Helmick – he got one for himself, didn’t he?
  • And former County Commissioner Rita Griffith – she got one with Frontier Communications, didn’t she?  And she left us with Frontier’s monopoly over our county communication service, i.e., telephone, SLOW Internet services, yet monthly service charges that are TWICE what is  being charged in other counties!  It ain’t right, is it?
  • And how about the so-called ‘Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation’ (GVEDC) a private-organization that is stealing about a quarter-million-dollars from this county EVERY YEAR while the current county commissioners grovel & kiss its feet!  It ain’t right, is it?
  • Hey!  Would YOU like to have free-acres of PUBLIC LAND given to you so that you don’t have to pay any property taxes for the seven or more businesses that YOU operate?  Ask Jacob Meck how he got FREE-PUBLIC LAND from the GVEDC & the current county commissioners – AT YOUR EXPENSE!  It ain’t right, is it?
  • And while you are at it, ask Jacob Meck why he wants to put RAW HUMAN SEWAGE from SNOWSHOE & SILVER CREEK – IN SIX-OPEN PITS right across the road from the Green Bank Senior Citizen Center & new Medical Clinic!  It ain’t right, is it?
  • Oh yeah!  Would YOU like to get Free-Public-Land like Jacob Meck, pay only $150.00 per/month rent for ’99 YEARS’ – and have that rent go towards the purchase price to own in 25 years – with no interest/usury?  Well, ask Phil Cain & the GVEDC if they will give YOU the same deal they gave Meck so YOU can buy yourself a home, farm or business – like Meck, and he doesn’t even vote!  It ain’t right, is it?
  • How about the Pocahontas County Solid Waste Authority (PCSWA)?  Why is it that Ed Riley has been in total control of all PCSWA-funds – currently about $2.5 Million – for a quarter-of-a-century without any published Budget, Audit, or Statements – when those public-funds are supposed to be under the control of the County Sheriff, the Ex-Officio Treasurer of the County – who is supposed to report those funds every month to the county commission?  It ain’t right, is it?

This is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ folks of the dirty-deals & schemes made behind your back by the current county commissioners – and their collective failure to mange this county!  So let’s STOP re-electing these same Miscreantslet’s elect TWO GOOD PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME – that way YOU, Patti & Norman can make the difference this Election Year!  YOU can vote for TWO NEW COMMISSIONERS in both the Northern & Southern Districts – to serve YOU – first & foremost for a real change:

NORTHERN:  Patti Heinemann (Green Bank), DEMOCRAT: Bachelor of Science in Communications, Masters Degree in Public Administration; wife for 45 years, 10 children, 7 boys & 3 girls, (raised in Pocahontas County, all college educated & equivalent) + 25 grandchildren; a good seamstress & knitter; a lifelong activist for Social Justice; 25 years in public-relations & church affairs; a CHRISTIAN, MORAL & RIGHTEOUS PERSON believing in ‘People Helping People’ & living it everyday of her life!

SOUTHERN: Norman Lee Alderman (Beaver Creek), REPUBLICAN: Bachelor of Arts, retired Teacher, retired IT Specialist with Board of Education, former County Commissioner; active minister of Cummings Creek Victory Chapel; editor of The Pocahontas Commentator, an Internet News Service; a lifelong community activist always striving for Social Justice; a CHRISTIAN, MORAL & RIGHTEOUS PERSON believing in ‘People Helping People’ – and always working for Liberty & Social Justice for Everyone!

Put aside all the rumors & innuendos!  Put aside all the lies & falsehoods!  Don’t pre-judge until you know the Facts!  Look at what has been done to help others without care or concern for themselves!  Norman Alderman & Patti Heinemann as two New Commissioners can in their first month of office – that’s January 2015 – require every government agency in this county to become accountable for the first time in our lifetime!  A FRESH START!  

 With two of three votes on the New County Commission, here’s what they can do:
·        Organize a new Pocahontas County Development Authority & stop the GVEDC from stealing our county land & county funds!

·        Require the PCSWA to establish local rules in compliance with State Law – including exemption from solid-waste-fees for senior citizens, folks that recycle, and for folks that dispose of their solid-waste in ALL the legal methods allowable by Law! 

·        Require an Audit & Certified Budget from every government agency in this county!
·        Establish a program to use the public land in Green Bank for a –Historic-public-park to attract tourists to a reconstructed Fort Warrick & Native American Burial Ground, with a boardwalk pathway through the seasonal-wetlands just as in Cranberry Glades!

·        Let you the Citizen-Taxpayer-Voter decide which county organizations should be funded with YOUR TAX-DOLLARS, if any, and the amount to which they should receive any public-funds via a public ‘cost-to-ratio-benefit’!

·        Establish public-works projects that hire local Citizens for local projects that benefit everyone – and not just a few private groups!

·        Establish an honest-county-government in which every public servant knows their respective duties & responsibilities that works towards the pubic interest instead of personal gain!   

These Ideas are just the beginning of what a NEW ERA in local government can do by those already trained in public-administration & public-relations, such as Patti, and one who has already worked within public-administration such as Norman.  

There is one thing that some folks receiving government-paychecks don’t seem to realize yet – and that’s that all the money they receive comes from the same pot as those on fixed-incomes, unemployment, and whatever else it’s just that those working for the government get more money in their checks!  So, since we are all in this together – LET’S WORK TOGETHER & show Respect where Respect is due!   

Register to Vote by 22 April 2014 & VOTE FOR A NEW COUNTY COMMISSION & GOVERNMENT ON 13 MAY 2014!

Thank you for your consideration….Norman Lee Alderman (Southern) & Patti Heinemann (Northern), Candidates for Pocahontas County Commission

Send comments & suggestions to: The Pocahontas Crier,
7837 Wesley Chapel Road, Green Bank, West Virginia 24944-9063
& Send all donations to: The United Campaign for County Commission (UCCC),
c/o Citizens for Common Sense Alternatives (CCSA), a registered Political Action Committee, 7837 Wesley Chapel Road, Green Bank, West Virginia 24944-9063

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