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15 NOVEMBER 2014, Vol.1, No.78 > THE WORLD IS CHANGING ALL AROUND US…& then some!

‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2
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… & then some!

In the next six-weeks or so, after 01 January 2015, a whole new government will take over in Washington, D.C., as well as in many States and Counties as a direct & proximate result of the recent 2014 Mid-Term elections.  In a vast majority of cases, that new government will be comprised of ‘Radical Republicans’ who were bought and paid for by Billionaires such as the Koch Brothers of Kansas who bought the votes of ALL REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES FOR CONGRESS at the cost of $4.5-BILLION, so the Koch Brothers now have a majority of votes for their programs, and the first of which will gain $100-BILLION for each brother as a direct result of the approval of the dirty-tar-sands Keystone XL Pipeline from Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas!  Is this huge and environmentally dangerous pipeline for the benefit of ‘America’ & ‘Americans’?  NOPE!  It’s strictly for the financial benefit of the two BILLIONAIRE BROTHERS since the dirty-tar-sands will be processed for SALE OVERSEAS & not used for any energy purposes here at home!  So much for putting PROFITS BEFORE PEOPLE yet again!

“(Newser) – The big news out of Congress today (14 November 2014) is that the House passed a bill to authorize the building of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.  In terms of getting the pipeline built, the vote doesn't mean much, observes the New York Times.  But in terms of the Senate runoff in Louisiana, it looms large.  The House measure approved today (as expected) was sponsored by Republican Bill Cassidy, who faces Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu in that Dec. 6 runoff, reports the Washington Post.  Both favor the pipeline and are trying to impress the voters back home.  Landrieu's test comes Tuesday, when the Senate votes. 

If she can get 60 votes to avoid a filibuster, the measure goes straight to President Obama's desk.  As of now, it's uncertain whether she'll succeed, and even if she does, President Obama seems all but certain to veto it, reports Politico.  The Hill agrees, citing Obama's "strong signals" that he wants to wait for a federal review to be completed.  It adds that a veto "could deal a blow to Landrieu's chances in the runoff."  For the record, the House vote was 252-161, with 31 Democrats joining Republicans.  Every Republican voted in favor, except for libertarian-leaning Justin Amash of Michigan.”

Back in 1968 a courageous candidate for president, the late Alabama Governor George C. Wallace, continually warned all Americans that there wasn’t a ‘DIME’S WORTH OF DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A DEMOCRAT OR A REPUBLICAN’ when it came to serving BIG BUSINESS – and now we see his prophetic-words coming to pass right before our eyes!  Who in America actually thought that one corporation, or one set-of-Billionaires could actually CONTROL CONGRESS for their own selfish special interests?  Yet this is exactly what Our Founding Fathers feared when private-banks using USURY-INTEREST were permitted to co-exist along with the INTEREST-FREE United States Treasury Banking System.  Alexander Hamilton was the private-banking-agent for the Rothschild Bank of England, and when the 20-year private-banking charter expired in 1812, Thomas Jefferson refused to sign legislation to renew the Rothschild Bank of England’s second charter – and PRESTO!  The ‘WAR OF 1812’ began as soon as British warships arrived, then burned & sacked Washington, D.C., and burnt the White House to the ground!

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.  The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”  — Thomas Jefferson, Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin (1802) 3rd president of US (1743 - 1826)

Because the Brits raided up & down the Atlantic Coast, in 1816 Congress & Jefferson were forced to renew the Rothschild Bank of England private-bank-charter for another 20-years here in America!  But in 1836, its 20-year charter needed to be renewed yet again, but this time Andrew Jackson so hated the wretched-private-banking charter that he refused to renew it!   This resulted in no less than three attempts on his life, but the private-banking-charter was NOT RENEWED.  In its place, instead of one private-central-bank, a host of surrogates sprang up as mercantile-banks, cattleman’s-associations banks, and other ‘commodity-banks’, etc.  Then six-private-Boston-banks financed John Brown’s Raid on the Yankee-Armory at Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia – that signaled the beginning of the War Between the States, or more accurately, the ‘War for State’s Rights’!  The private banks in Boston did NOT want to see the Southern States establish their own cotton-mills near Vicksburg, Mississippi, instead of shipping their cotton to New England – AND THAT’S WHAT STARTED THE WAR FOR STATE’S RIGHTS – NOT SLAVERY – the South fought for ECONOMIC FREEDOM!  It wasn’t until two-years into the War of Northern Aggression, with the Confederate Armies winning most engagements, that Abe Lincoln then issued his ‘Proclamation of Emancipation’ that ended slavery under the pretext of sending all Afrikan-slaves back to Afrika and thus depriving the Confederate States of its major workforce.

And rather than borrow $400-MILLION from the Rothschild Bank of England @ 24% USURY / INTEREST – Lincoln’s Secretary of the Treasury instead issued the $400-MILLION from the U.S. Treasury Banking System – INTEREST-FREE –  and those funds were used to hire 75,000 Yankee-mercenaries to occupy Washington, D.C., to keep all Southern Congressmen under house arrest & to keep the Confederate States of America from breaking away from the Union.  Those $400-MILLION were known as ‘Lincoln Greenbacks’ and remained in circulation – INTEREST / USURY-FREE until 1963 when taken out of circulation by Lyndon Baines Johnson, as his first Executive Order, the day after the assassination of John F. Kennedy! 

Because Lincoln circumvented the usury of the private-banks – and used usury-free U.S. Notes, he was assassinated – and the same thing occurred to John F. Kennedy when he issued via Executive Order the printing of 2.5 billion, interest / usury-Free, U.S. Notes as $2-bills to buy back the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) from the Rothschild Bank of England according to the FRB Charter!  Kennedy wanted to RESTORE THE U.S. TREASURY BANKING SYSTEM and put an end to the interest / usury charged by private-banks!  Kennedy even quietly established the U.S. Army Special Forces to be LOYAL TO HIM & TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE by nationalizing the private-banks and turning them into local branch offices of the U.S. Treasury!   But he was killed before he could continue his plans to FREE AMERICA FROM DEBT – and the first Executive Order from Lyndon B. Johnson RESCINDED BOTH the LINCOLN-GREENBACKS (also called ‘Silver Certificates’) & the Kennedy $2-BILLS!  Now our National Debt exceeds $18-TRILLON to the same Rothschild Bank of England – so while America still may appear to have its political-independence – it is still ECONOMICALLY ENSLAVED as if ‘indentured-servants’ on an English Plantation!

Under the regime of Ronald Reagan, he TRIPLED the National Debt that began in 1776 in just 8-years!  Then along came G.H.W. Bush and his First Gulf War against Iraq doubled the Reagan debts, and then along came the G.W. Bush regime that began a whole series of WARS against Mid-East Nations that tripled the war-debts of even his father!  Now after more than THREE-DECADES OF SOLID WARS we hear rumblings from the same Republican Party that BROUGHT US THESE WARS how they want to ‘balance-the-budget’ in the coming years – BUT AT WHAT PRICE?  The plan of the ‘Radical Republicans’ is to CUT-BACK & CUTOFF the funding of all the programs designed to help those of low-income – while establishing more EXEMPTIONS for the wealthiest who financially backed the Republican Party and its candidates in their individual & joint political campaigns!  IT’S NATIONAL SUICIDE…& then some!

For those that might not know it – or have even heard about it – American now meets, point for point, the 100 Marks of Identity to show that AMERICA = the MYSTERY BABYLON of Biblical Prophecy; and does so to the same extent that ISIS = the restored ASSYRIA of Biblical Prophecy!  The current territory that the new government of the ‘Islamic State of Iraq & Syria’ (ISIS) also called the ‘Islamic State of Iraq & The Levant’ (ISIL), whereby The Levant is the exact location of the Biblical Assyrian Empire and the exact location of the prophesied restoration of the Assyrian Empire!  Yet the ignorance (i.e., lack-of-knowledge) of these things may cost the lives of yet untold numbers of American Youth who may be called upon to put on uniforms and engage in military action against ISIS – to their detriment!

As a direct & proximate result, the editorial staff of THE POCAHONTAS CRIER is going to post several Biblical Outline Notes in the hope that those literate enough, intelligent enough, and honest enough to ‘prove all things’ and always be ready to give a ‘reason for the hope within’ can learn & be better prepared for the ‘days of tribulation’ that lie just ahead should the ‘Radical Republicans’ coming into power in another month or so take us into another DEPRESSION as they did in 1929 – all because they have lost THEIR IDENTITY and forsaken their historic roots! 

And while many like to say, ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ – just how many really know the REAL, Holy, and Personal Name of Our Creator – and that Our Creator’s real Name IS NOT ‘GOD’ compared to the fact that the word ‘God’ is really the name of a pagan BABYLONIAN DEITY that means ‘FORTUNE’?  So can we really say, ‘In FORTUNE we Trust’, or ‘In CAPITALISM we Trust’ – which is what it literally means nowadays!  Does anyone really believe that the Hand of Our Creator’s Blessings is still upon us – while we as a people have REMOVED HIS HOLY NAME from public view?  We shall all know soon enough…especially when folks start screaming, “BABYLON HAS FALLEN!  BABYLON HAS FALLEN!”  We can only wonder at this point IF such statements will come before or after the tap-water from our sinks EXPLODES INTO FLAMES from the poisonous-chemicals from ‘FRACKING’!  Truly America has turned to TRUST IN PROFITS BEFORE PEOPLE!  We’ve learned to place MONEY before HONOR!  So indeed…

… & then some!


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