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‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2
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In two days, on 14 January 2015, the ersatz state Republican Party will be announcing just who it wants to be Clerk of the State Senate, and as expected every self-serving-RAT within the Republican Party has been lining up to get that position to the tune of $80,000.00+ a year in taxpayers funds as a salary!  Not to be undone, Randolph County businessman and current State Senator covering Pocahontas County is none other than millionaire Clark Barnes who as a State Senator receives a salary between $20K - $25K per/year – for TWO MONTHS of work – so getting the post of ‘Senate Clerk’ means that he will make FOUR TIMES in one year what he makes in four years as a State Senator – and since the next election is two years away, that means EIGHT TIMES the yearly salary as a PART-TIME-LEGISLATOR!

Don’t bother asking just WHAT dear-ole-Clark has done for We Folks here in Pocahontas County for the past ten (10) years that he’s been a State Senator – let’s just say that he has made sure that his own personal business-interests have come first & foremost and been well taken care of just like his predecessor, Mike Ross!  Remember Mike’s stone quarries and endless road repair, ad nauseam!  And let’s not forget dear-ole Mike buying up the tax-receipts and mineral-rights of as many of his constituents at every opportunity he could get!  To say that the Republican Party has become the party of the SELF-SERVING is an understatement from the Congress right on down to the local precinct these days!  Folks like Dwight D. Eisenhower would turn over in his grave IF HE ONLY KNEW what the Republican Party has become and how low it has sunk in corruption!

Meanwhile the Senatorial District of Clark Barnes consisting of the 11th Senate District comprises part of Grant County, Nicholas, Pendleton, Pocahontas, Randolph, Upshur and Webster counties.  On 03 January 2015, in the event that Clark is chosen to become Senate Clerk, the Republican county committees for the 11th Senate District held a meeting to choose a replacement to finish out the term of Clark as State Senator.  BUT THEY HAVE KEPT THEIR CHOICE A SECRET – which we will never know – in the event that Clark Barnes is not chosen by the other State Senators!  But laud-behold, out from under her rock came former Pocahontas County commissioner, Reta ‘The Rat’ Griffeth, along with recent county commission candidate, Charles Wilfong, to ‘offer themselves for public self-service’!

Now some may ask just WHY we would refer to dear-ole Reta as ‘the rodent’ and ‘the rat’, and if so then those folks must not have either a telephone or a computer in their home for if they did have at least these two modern electronic devices – then they too would know just how TERRIBLE FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS is within Pocahontas County!  While ‘Reta The Rat’ was warming her derrière on the Pocahontas County commission she saw fit to give Frontier Communications a ten-year MONOPOLY over all communications within this county and the service we receive for the costs we pay is just plain HORRIBLE & CORRUPT!  First of all each household with a landline-telephone on the wall or an end-table is paying TWICE THE MONTHLY RATE as paid in other counties!  WHY?  Because we have such a small population, Frontier claims it has to double our costs – in spite of the hundreds-of-millions, near BILLION,  it has received in federal grant money!  And second, since we don’t have CELL PHONE or BROADBAND service here in this county – the INSULT TO INJURY IS FOUR-TIMES AS BAD as the lack-of-service that Frontier does provide!  Oh, but not to worry – SELF-SERVING RETA was able to obtain the title of an ‘executive’ with Frontier and receives a yearly salary of at least SEVEN-TIMES that of the average MINIMUM WAGE WORKER at SNOWSHOE or SILVER CREEK!    

On 14 January 2015, the State Senators will make their final choice for Senate Clerk, and if Clark Barnes is not selected, then we may never know who the various county Republican Party committees actually chose – but IF Clark is chosen – then LET US ALL HOPE & PRAY THAT IT AIN’T ‘RETA THE SELF-SERVING RAT’ who will replace him in the State Senate!  It would only be a short matter of time before she once again placed her SELF-INTEREST BEFORE THE COMMON GOOD OF ALL THE PEOPLE!  We can only hope that the rumor circulating within Randolph County is that they NEVER want to see anyone from Pocahontas County elected over them ever again since they had their full & then some with the likes of Walt Helmick!  For that matter, many of us here in Pocahontas County can agree with them – one Helmick is enough for three-life-times & then some!

Meanwhile, in the U.S. Congress the Republican Party is paying back its DEBT to the KOCH BROTHERS by passing the dreaded Keystone XL-Pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas that is set to pump the DIRTIEST OF ALL OIL SLUG across the whole of America and poses the GREATEST THREAT to the ENVIRONMENT ever to face this county!  With a little prayer, maybe, just maybe Obama will VETO this insane idea that will benefit only the Koch Brothers to the tune of $100-BILLION each!  The Koch Brothers paid $4-BILLION to finance EVERY REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN for Congress, that’s both those for the House of Representatives and those for the U.S. Senate!

It is the first time in U.S. History that one corporation was able to BUY UP THE ENTIRE CONGRESS IN ONE ELECTION!

Now we all will be forced to sit back and watch just how BAD things will become as the ‘new-Kleptocracy’ takes over! 

The last time we had a Congress this CORRUPT was following the War of Northern Aggression, aka, War Between the States, and the so-called ‘Reconstruction Era’ in which Northern Carpetbaggers and Southern Scalawags joined together to rape, pillage & plunder the remaining resources of the Confederate States of America!  It took another 12 – 15 years of Guerrilla-Warfare to drive the Yankee Blue-bellies out of the Confederate States – and where did the Yankee Blue-bellies go then?  They went to the American Plains and began the Extermination of the Native American Indian Tribes to steal the Land & Natural Resources of the Indians!  And ever since that has been accomplished – the Yankee Blue-bellies have been at war in one foreign nation after another again stealing as much Natural Resources as possible!

BUT HEY – it all starts here locally with folks the likes of ‘Reta the Rat’ always wanting to put HERSELF BEFORE THE GREATER GOOD of all the rest!   Ah, but we have the Promise of Our Common Creator that…

& then some!


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