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(#92)  15 FEBRUARY 2015, Vol.2, No.6 >  ONCE AGAIN: ‘GREED & STUPIDITY’…instead of ‘COMMON SENSE’!

‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2


Just in case anyone thought that the THREE (STUPID) STOOGES on the county commission just might, or perhaps maybe, would have had the ‘guts’ to make the RIGHT decision and JUST SAY, ‘NO’ – to tearing up a large portion of the county to allow Dominion Gas & its subsidiary Atlantic Coast Pipeline to build a 42 INCH-PIPELINE across Pocahontas County – AND CUT A SWATH OF TREES FOR THEIR DITCH ABOUT 40-5 0 YARDS WIDE – just so some folks in North Carolina can get more natural gas – YOU’D BE WRONG – THE THREE STOOGES WERE THAT STUDID & more!

After the THREE STOOGES were told that they were in violation of the West Virginia ‘Sunshine Act’ that requires EVERYTHING DONE IN OPEN MEETINGS…the THREE-DUNCES decided to hold a second public hearing even though they had conspired together to support the PIPELINE prior to the meeting…and a public hearing was held on 11 February 2015 in which the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of folks attending OPPOSED THE PIPELINE!  In between the smirking of the THREE-STOOGES over the environmental concerns, only one or two local folks stood in favor of destroying the scenic value of the county by constructing the pipeline – the largest beneficiary is a local trucking company that will do some of the hauling of supplies & such!

Meanwhile the LACK OF SOPHISTICATION & INTELLECTUAL COMPETENCY on the part of the THREE-DUNCES was more than apparent as the THREE STOOGES fumbled & bumbled their way through the meeting – for after all, these three DO NOT know their legal responsibilities, MUCH LESS their DUTY to PROTECT LOCAL CITIZENS & THE LANDS HELD IN COMMON…such as the State & National Forest Lands!   The only thing the THREE STOOGES know is that they cannot get paid their $1700 per/meeting, or $3400 per/month, or $40,000 per/year FOR ONLY 24 DAYS OF WORK PER/YEAR…unless they too show up at each meeting!  They come for the ‘money’ not public interests!

And let’s also face the fact that this is more money than these THREE-BUFFOONS probably have ever made before in their lives since both Bill Beard, Jr. & David McLaughlin have spent the better part of their lives chasing after the derrière of cows trying to avoid the ‘cow-plops’; while Jamie Walker comes from a long line of vanishing ‘Neanderthals’ that still hunt, track & eat greasy-bear-meat with their inbred-bear-dogs that can never be made into ‘household-pets’!  So for Jamie, he never had it so good as now and just sits there almost comatose and casts his votes the way Bill & Dave vote – and as for Dave, he votes the way Bill votes, and as for Bill, well since he’s a ‘lodge-bro’, he does what’s he told by the ‘worshipful-master’ & then some!  HEY WAIT A MINUTE…IF Bill is bound by his ‘loyalty-oath’ upon pain-of-death to his ‘worshipful-master’, and at the same time bound by his ‘Oath of Office’WHICH ‘OATH’ IS THE CORRECT ONE SINCE NO ONE CAN SERVE TWO-MASTERS!  No wonder he smirked at the Common Folk trying to keep the scenery in this county ‘pristine’!

Meanwhile, David McLaughlin pretends to call himself a ‘christian’ – YET McLAUGHLIN NOT ONLY SHOWED HIS INCOMPETENCE & IGNORANCE, i.e., Lack of Knowledge, BUT OUTRIGHT LIED!   First he pretended that his support for the pipeline was the illusion & mirage of ‘future tax revenue’ for the county in which Dominion holds out a carrot under the pretense that by 2021 the ‘tax-revenues’ might be as high as one-million-dollars per/year!   That’s like walking on hot-sands or an airport-tarmac and when seeing a ‘MIRAGE’ believe that there’s water on the other side!  Can he really be that ‘stupid’ – we’re afraid so!  Take a look at these quotes…and his LIES… 

“McLaughlin said pipelines have a good safety record.
‘There’s a very low percentage of failure on the pipeline when it’s working,’ he said.  ‘That’s on record.  They have a low percentage of failure.’

[LIE #1 > ‘when it’s working’ can apply to anything, even a light bulb!  Just GOOGLE: “Failed Pipelines”; “Causes of Earthquakes”; “Sinkholes”; “Exploded Pipelines” in the USA alone!] 

McLaughlin said tourism would not suffer if the pipeline is built.
‘It’s going to be five or six feet underground,” he said. “How’s it going to hurt tourism?’

[LIE #2 > Apparently Dave is too ‘stupid’ to ask just how the pipeline will get buried UNLESS EVERYTHING IS LEVELED ON THE SURFACE SO A TRENCH CAN BE DUG!]

McLaughlin read a prepared statement.
‘I feel I don’t have to defend my position on the pipeline issue,’ he read.  ‘I believe the citizens of Pocahontas County made that decision for me in the May primary election.  They knew my position on the Birthplace of Rivers National Monument, which I am opposed to, as well as the pipeline.  I prevailed in that election by a popular vote.  That’s a popular vote.  That’s the whole county, not these few people here.’”  (PokeyTimes – 11Feb2015)

[LIE #3 > This new proposed pipeline was NEVER AN ISSUE a year ago when the commission campaign began & Dave NEVER MENTIONED IT AT ANY TIME during his campaign or published his ‘support’ in the campaign ads he posted – he simply only put ads in the local-Times with his name, NO ISSUES – unlike the qualified & educated candidates that actually posted the issues & offered their solutions!  But once again the ‘voters’ were too ‘stupid’ to understand!] 

For that matter, when has David McLaughlin EVER been to any meeting of any kind pertaining to the business of this county – until he decided to become a candidate?  Now he’s just another hypocrite & lying politician that only comes to public meetings to pick up his welfare check of $1700 per/meeting!

IF these THREE-BOOT-LICKERS towards Dominion really wanted to be HONEST & SINCERE, then WHY WAS THERE NEVER A PUBLIC REFERENDUM on something so potentially damaging to this county as a pipeline?  WHY HAVE THESE THREE-IDIOTA TURNED THIS COUNTY FROM A ‘DEMOCRACY’ INTO AN ‘IDIOCRACY’?

The good-news is that all three of these ‘Idiota’ may very well have broken the law by making a decision regarding PUBLIC LAND that we ALL HOLD IN COMMON – WITHOUT Our Collective Approval!  If so, then it’s Petition-Time to have all three REMOVED, placed on Trial, and hopefully a new election held where educated folks can actually be elected!  For the time being their actions only amounts to their joint letter-in-favor compared to the many Citizen letters in opposition – and as a direct & proximate result – another round of public hearings with the Federal and/or State Governments will begin!

Since these THREE-STOOGES are so ignorant, i.e., lacking knowledge of alternatives, then they haven’t a clue of what is taking place in Europe whereby each town & city is building WIND TURBINES to provide themselves FREE-RENEWABLE-ENERGY without pollution or any other potential detriments to their health or environment!  The Europeans are removing private-corporate control over their ‘public utilities’ just as was done here in America during the ‘Eisenhower Era’!  The Age of Monopoly is Over in Europe!  Why does STUPIDITY still exist here to the extent that it does?  Is it ‘genetics’ – as in ‘bear-dogs’ – or simply LACK OF KNOWLEDGE & EDUCATION…or both?



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