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(#95)  10 April 2015, Vol.2, No.10 >  WHO NEEDS THE COUNTY COMMISSION?  NO ONE!

‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2


Now that we all have an attorney on the county commission – howbeit UNELECTED – what need have we to have need of the THREE STOOGES anymore?  The answer is that we don’t need any of the THREE STOOGES and thereby we the Citizen-Taxpayers could save $1700 per/Stooge = $5100 per/meeting x 2 meetings per/month = $10,200 x 12 months = $122,400 per/year!  Just think…EACH STOOGE is costing the taxpayers of this county $40,800 per/year, and since there are 3 Stooges, that’s = $122,400 per/year for only 24 days of working only about 2 hours per/day per/meeting!  It doesn’t get any more corrupt than that all under the pretense of having a local government!

It was bad enough having just the THREE STOOGES from January until March trying to tie a shoelace individually or jointly, but now that the THREE STOOGES have hired their own personal attorney – and the likes of Robert Martin to boot – now the THREE STOOGES dare not make any decision on their own without the express approval of Martin!  In short, Martin is the new voice behind the curtain as in the ‘Wizard of Oz’!  And although Martin is costing the Citizen-Taxpayers of this county $36,000 per/year, or $1500 per/meeting – that amount is a little easier to swallow than what is being paid to the THREE STOOGES for doing nothing but showing up to pick-up their ‘Welfare Check’!   

As egregious as all this may seem, it is far more disheartening when you consider that the COMBINED COST of having the THREE STOOGES + MARTIN = $158,400 PER/YEAR for only 24 days a year, and only about 2 hours of sitting in a chair per/meeting!  THIS YOU SAY IS WHAT ‘GOVERNMENT’ HAS BEEN REDUCED TO IN POCAHONTAS COUNTY!

A simple glance at the recent meeting of the THREE STOOGES whereby Jamie Walker, David McLaughlin & William Beard, just sat and listened to the OPINION of Martin is all you need to know about how ALL THE MEETINGS WILL BE FROM NOW FORWARD!  And it doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to realize that BEFORE any given meeting is held, the agenda will be discussed by the THREE STOOGES + MARTIN prior to holding the scheduled public meeting – AND THAT IS IN DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE ‘SUNSHINE ACT’ forbidding any type of ‘quorum’ (that’s 2 of the 3 Stooges) from being held outside of a PUBLIC MEETING!  In short, no two of the three Stooges can meet at any place at any time to discuss the Agenda prior to a public meeting since it’s supposed to be the PUBLIC meeting with the THREE STOOGES to discuss plans & activities for the county – but the current THREE STOOGES cannot read well enough or have the comprehension to understand the STATUTORY DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES of being a county commissioner s0 they had to hire themselves a PRIVATE-ATTORNEY, no matter how ersatz, to advise them on every thought they might have individually or jointly!  SO NOW WE HAVE FOUR ‘STOOGES’ INSTEAD OF THREE – AND THE FOURTH IS ACTUALLY IN CHARGE OF ALL MEETINGS FOR THE OTHER THREE – SO WHO NEEDS THE OTHER THREE STOOGES ANYMORE?  NO ONE…that’s for sure!

Here’s an example of the THREE STOOGES ‘taking action’ by themselves: The Commission also sought Martin’s advice on a proposal by Cass resident John Fitzgerald to lease land at the Green Bank Industrial Site for growing crops.  The THREE STOOGES had to even ask their ersatz private-attorney about something that THEY SHOULD KNOW AS THEIR DUTY & RESPONSIBILITY…but they didn’t so they had to request ‘advice’!  BUT DID EITHER THE THREE STOOGES OR THEIR PRIVATE ATTORNEY EVEN THINK FOR THEMSELVES OR RECALL THAT BEFORE THIS PARTICULAR PROPERTY, i.e., THE GREEN BANK PROPERTY, CAN BE USED FOR ANYTHING – IT MUST FIRST HAVE AN ENVIRONMENTAL IMPAPCT STUDY SINCE IT CONTAINS NATIVE AMERICA ARTIFACTS & PALEONTOLOGICAL  ARTIFACTS plus specific & rare plant life?  NO, we didn’t think so!  That’s what makes them the ‘stooges’!

And that is exactly why the Green Bank property should be turned into a LOCAL, COUNTY OR STATE TOURIST PARK – just like Cranberry Glades – with a boardwalk and a reconstructed FORT WARRICK & Native American village!  Is that not the definition of ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT or what?  These SEASONAL WETLANDS are protected by national & state laws – so any disturbances must by law have an environmental impact study done first & foremost!

Instead, the likes of John Fitzgerald & J.P. Duncan would very much like to pretend to do ‘farming’ AFTER first collecting all the INDIAN ARTIFACTS they could get their hands on to sell over the Internet or elsewhere – at the very ECONOMIC LOSS to the people of Green Bank – when in fact those very same Artifacts could be sold as souvenirs to Tourists visiting a restored FORT WARRICK & Indian Village!

Now perhaps the most STUPID SUGGESTION of all was made by David McLaughlin in regards to getting the Board of Education to allow ‘farming’ instead of Economic Development!  Restoration of Fort Warrick & a Native American Indian Village IS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – while pirating Indian Artifacts under the pretext of ‘farming’ is not!  But one thing that po’-David is not able to grasp or comprehend, nor either Walker or Beard, is that the LACK OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AT ANY OF THE SO-CALLED ‘INDUSTRIAL PARKS’ IS THAT THOSE ‘PARKS’ FALL UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE ERSATZ ‘GREENBRIER VALLEY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION’ (GVEDC) and ALL PROFIT & INCOME GOES TO THE GVEDC – NOT A PENNY COMES TO POCAHONTAS COUNTY! 

The THREE STOOGES are too ‘STUPID’ to realize that the GVEDC is STEALING from this county and always has been from its get-go to the tune of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS PER/YEAR!  Oh, but let us see how the new private-attorney will handle that matter on behalf of the commission – unless he too gets a ‘fat-envelop’ each month or some other chicanery to keep him looking the other way!  Hey Citizens…how does it feel to be ripped-off everywhere you look in this county these days?



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