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06 DECEMBER 2014, Vol.1, No.82 > GREED, STUPIDITY & HYPOCRISY…yet again!

‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2
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& HYPOCRISY…yet again!

In sticking with our recent theme that, “Stupidity is doing the same thing over & over and expecting a different result!” – let us consider a few more ‘stupid’ decisions & current policies within Pocahontas County!  And this too fits right in with our

“true ‘muckraking’ & ‘iconoclast’ tradition of questioning authority, challenging corruption, exposing impropriety and the appearance of impropriety”

– but this time with the local ‘business’ community!  By now it is no secret that this county is one of the ‘poorest’ when it comes to financial income per/household pursuant to ‘MINIMUM-WAGES’, as compared to ‘LIVING-WAGES’, let alone taking into consideration those majority of households on a ‘fixed-income’ like SS, SSD, unemployment, workman’s compensation, or other social safety-net programs for single-parents and children, etc.  And it’s a fact that our lower-income per/household is also due to the ‘seasonal-employment’ when work is available.  

But the simple fact is that unless you work for the ‘government’, at some level, and live off the ‘taxes & fines’ of others, trying to make a living here in Pocahontas County is not easy pursuant to the limited number of actual ‘businesses’ that provide either full or part-time ‘jobs’ compared to those in Randolph County to the north, and within Greenbrier County to the south.   And that’s reflective upon ‘farming’ since it takes 4 – 5 successful farms to support each small business in a rural community!  And ‘successful’ farming does not mean just getting by like everyone else!

But when you consider that the State Legislature cut back as much as 15% on all government safety-net programs last year alone – yet still found money to raise the yearly salaries of ‘public-servants’ by as much as $4000 - $11,000 as we’ve shown previously – can anyone else in this county claim a PAY-RAISE of $4277 or more for working just 24 DAYS PER YEAR?  That’s $1700 PER / MEETING, $3400 PER / MONTH for just two (2) days a month in which the ‘THREE-STOOGES’ on the county commission can pretend to act important!  Otherwise, they only show up to pick-up their checks – twice a month – for an annual income of $40,000!  That makes the county commissioners the largest recipients of ‘PUBLIC WELFARE’ in the county – especially since Alice Irvine no longer receives ‘three-paychecks’ for the titles she held in the school administration office!

But as previously reported, we’ll remind you all once again of the pay-increases for our illustrious ‘PUBLIC-SERVANTS’ as follows:

COUNTY CLERK & CIRCUIT CLERK > from $53,460 to $59,875… THAT’S AN INCREASE OF $6415.00!

COUNTY ASSESSOR > from $63,279 to $69,o73…  

COUNTY SHERIFF > from $58,890 to $64,157…

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY > from $92,200 to $103,264…

NEED WE REMIND ANYONE THAT THIS IS ALL AT THE PUBLIC-EXPENSE and paid for by the vast majority of folks on SS, SSD, unemployment, workman’s compensation, public safety-net programs, and ‘seasonal employment’ AT MINIMUM-WAGES!

Sadly our Nation has gone FROM:

(1)         a ‘Republic’ which had a ‘checks & balances’ system;
(2)       TO a ‘Democracy’ of rule by a simply majority;
(3)       TO an ‘Oligarchy’ of the rule of self-styled Intelligentsia;
(4)       TO a ‘Plutocracy’ of the richest people among us;
(5)        TO a ‘Kleptocracy’ where war & theft became government    policy; and now,
(6)       TO ‘Corporate Fascism’ where the largest corporations decide all public policies & programs headed by the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) & the Homeland Security Industrial Complex (HSIC)!

Now as ‘stupid’ as that may sound to a normal person living outside of West Virginia or the USA, consider the following absurdity taking place within this county.  Here are three examples from the same store:

(1)          A local man entered Trent’s Store in Arbovale and wanted to purchase two (2) chainsaw files.  When he went to checkout, the cashier stated that the total was $2.60, and when the man presented her a Direct-Express Credit/Debit Card, the cashier told him that she could not process the purchase for less than $5.  When the man told her that he didn’t want anything else, she insisted the total purchase had to be $5 or more for her to process the credit/debit card.  So the man told her to keep the files, he was going to Elkins the next day and he’d get what he needed there… and hasn’t done any business with Trent’s since!  The  Dollar General has more choices, lower prices, and no minimum limit!

(2)         A young woman went to the same Trent’s Store in Arbovale to purchase a container of dry ‘baby-formula’ and the cost was less than $3; yet when she went to the cashier with her EBT / SNAP Card, she too was told that she had to purchase $5 or more, and the cashier suggested adding a ‘candy-bar’ to make the purchase over $5.  The young woman indicated that she really needed the formula and that her EBT / SNAP Card would not be ‘reloaded’ for at least another day or so!  What happened?  The MINIMUM-WAGE-CASHIER took the container and put it under the counter and turned to the next person in line holding a case of beer!  Needless-to-say, the young girl left with tears in her eyes since she was denied a simple purchase because of a ‘stupid’ store-policy – which just happens to be ILLEGAL when denying a person a purchase with a GOVERNMENT ISSUED CREDIT / DEBIT OR EBT / SNAP CARD!

(3)         Standing in line behind the man who purchased the case of beer, from the same Trent’s Store in Arbovale was an older woman who minutes previously had purchased about $25 worth of food items – but had forgotten to get a box-of-matches to start her woodstove – so she went back in to get the matches!  BUT when she got to the same MINIMUM-WAGE-CASHIER that had just processed her previous purchase, the cashier told her she needed to purchase $5 or more!  The older-woman told the cashier that she had just made a larger purchase but had forgotten to add the matches – the cashier didn’t care – and simply told the older-lady she needed to purchase $5 or more at any given time!

Now for anyone else who has faced this same INSULT from ANY STORE or BUSINESS in this county, or any other county…


REPORT any store that claims such an illegal policy when using a Government-Issued Card!  To obtain a complaint form online simply click any of these sites:

General Consumer Complaint Form  or click this site:

Let the Office of the Attorney General of West Virginia know that there are stores in this county, and elsewhere, that REFUSE to take a GOVERNMENT ISSUED DIRECT-EXPRESS CREDIT / DEBIT CARD OR AN  EBT / SNAP CARD!  It is a violation of our Civil Rights for any business to discriminate against us for any reason – let alone trying to use some lame economic excuse!  SO FILE A REPORT – AND LET THE ‘MEN IN BLACK’ DO THEIR JOB!  Or simply notify us and we’ll make the complaint for you as well as publish a list of stores with such illegal & ‘stupid’ policies!


Now when interviewing store-owners regarding this, or other, similar ‘stupid’ policies, they have attempted to explain that they have to charge ‘higher-prices’, or ‘processing-fees’, in order to stay in business since the cost of renting a ‘credit-card’ or ‘telecheck-machine’ costs them from $500 - $800 per/month and that it’s the cost of them doing business!   WELL THAT SIMPLY AIN’T SO!  THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES!  And of course, we DO NOT have to ‘shop local’ – we can go elsewhere!

Since each business in any given location is supposed to be protected or represented by the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, then why don’t all these small businesses COMPLAIN to the Chamber of Commerce to get such ridiculous policies changed in the State Legislature for the mutual benefit of all concerned?  And in addition to complaining and having the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE actually doing some good for others instead of its self-serving programs & dinners – why do not these small businesses form a COOP and share in one or two electronic-machines in each area for credit / debit card & pre-checking checks instead of each small business paying an extorted-price for the use of any given machine?  Isn’t this what stores did before such electronic machines became available for each store – they simply called a central exchange and ‘ran-the-numbers’!

For example, one such machine would cover all of Durbin, and another for Marlinton, and one more for Hillsboro, etc.!  Each business could be hooked up to the same machine or exchange!  A little, just a little, COMMON SENSE could go a long way for the mutual benefit of all concerned.  OTHERWISE THERE IS ALWAYS WAL-MART TO THE NORTH OR SOUTH OF THIS COUNTY…and they don’t care how much you spend as long as they get the purchase!


Last, but not least, there is a rather sensitive reality that exists that few have the courage to even mention in public – but we are ICONOCLASTS & MUCKRAKERS – and we will bring up the obvious when such matters as INJUSTICE TAKE PLACE!  The Biblical Book of Proverbs, Psalms, and the Old Testament Prophets as well as Jesus Our Redeemer and the New Testament Apostles continually refer to helping persons less fortunate than ourselves – and rightly so – since THERE GOES EACH OF US BY THE GRACE OF OUR CREATOR accordingly as He sees fit – for whatever length of time He allows! 

But it is also a proven fact that the vast majority of ‘local-store-owners’ and financially-successful persons in this county also belong to a self-styled ‘benevolent-secret-society’ and/or also claim to be members of local ‘Christian churches’!


While these ‘Priests of Baal’ meet in their ‘Lodges’, and the ‘Daughters of Isis’ meet in their ‘Star-Chapters’, and both practice their ‘craft’; what are they thinking if & when they hear THE BEATITUDES of the SERMON ON THE MOUNT (Matthew 5:3-12) talked about in church or elsewhere?  In either case these folks claim to be ‘BENEVOLENT & CHARITABLE’but it is towards everyoneor just practiced among themselves? 

It is a sad day indeed, and a Shame upon the county, when Senior Citizens are cheated & short-changed trying to buy ‘milk, bread & eggs’ just because they are on a ‘fixed-income’ and not as sophisticated as the cashier who only gives them back a couple of dollars change from a $20 bill; or refuses to provide the ‘baby formula’ to a young mother to feed her baby just so the store can make a penny more in profit!  Isn’t the fact that some gas-stations fix their pumps to squeeze a few more cents after the handle is released enough for them?  It’s just another example of some people always putting PROFITS BEFORE PEOPLE!

For now, our only consolation is that these very same ‘hypocrites’ one second after taking their last breath will not be able to take a single penny with them – and nor will they go off to some distant planet to pretend to live like some ancient pharaoh waited upon by us peasants – and that includes those planning to go to the planet, KOLOB!  Our Creator and His Only Begotten Son will simply tell them, “I NEVER KNEW YOU!”  …and into oblivion they will go to become ashes and dust!

Suffice it to say – Stupidity is doing the same thing over & over and expecting a different result!” – so sooner or later…    



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