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(#108) 18 September 2015, Vol.2, No.23 > ‘WHO CAN ‘TRUMP’ DONALD TRUMP’?

‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2


Compared to the European-election system, which is publicly-financed whereby each candidate, whether incumbent or challenger for any given public office, receives the same amount of funding to spend over a three (3) month period prior to election-day; the American-election system is a never-ending drawn-out system that virtually lasts forever!  IN EUROPE IT IS ILLEGAL TO SPEND ANY PRIVATE MONEY IN ANY ELECTION-CAMPAIGN NO MATTER HOW RICH THE CANDIDATE– BUT IN AMERICA, PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS NOW COST BILLIONS OF DOLLARS FINANCED BY SPECIAL INTERESTS – BOTH FOREIGN & DOMESTIC!  Worse yet, as we can readily see these days, folks start running for president YEARS IN ADVANCE of election-day – then when & if elected, they have to keep running & raising money to be reelected four–years later!  Perhaps Donald Trump is correct: AMERICANS LEADERS REALLY ARE STUPID & INCOMPETENT COMPARED TO LEADERS IN OTHER COUNTRIES!

America is in a real conundrum, i.e., faced with a puzzling problem of answering the simple question:  ‘HOW DO WE ELECT SOMEONE NOT A SLAVE TO SOME SPECIAL INTEREST?’

As can be seen in this election-cycle the FOREIGN & DOMESTIC SPECIAL INTERESTS are now out-in-the-open-sponsors as are the sponsors for NASCAR drivers!  Perhaps it would be easier for all of us IF each candidate simply wore a ‘PATCH’ on their shirt or jacket showing all their respective SPONSORS the way sports-personalities now do, even in boxing rings!  At least then we as voters could elect the candidate that is sponsored by our favorite product or corporate-sponsor – and EVEN WORSE – WE’D ALL KNOW ALL THOSE NOW SPONSORED BY FOREIGN SPECIAL INTERESTS!  Of the 17 so-called Republican candidates for president, here’s a couple in the midst of…


Let’s face it, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, while claiming to be a self-styled ‘Judeo-Christian-Fundamentalist-Evangelical’ went to Israel a week or so ago to obtain Khazar-Ashkenazi-Israeli-supporters to sponsor his campaign until the first primaries early next year!  Even so, while financed by FOREIGN INTERESTS, Huckabee is polling near the BOTTOM and is given no chance of getting the nomination – thank goodness!

Then there is Florida Senator Marco Rubio, also a self-styled ‘Judaized-Christian’, who finds himself fully-funded by non-other than Sheldon Adelson, a multi-Billionaire casino mogul who is not only a Khazar-Ashkenazi-Israeli, but also the owner of the Israeli daily newspaper Israel HaYom.!  After buying his way into the Republican Party, in 2012 Adelson spend close to $100-Million in mostly losing campaigns trying to buy the U.S. Congress!  And true to form, Rubio is polling near the bottom also!

Then there is self-styled ‘Judaized-Christian-Fundamentalist-Evangelical’ Texas Senator Ted Cruz, espousing all the same mumbo-jumbo of his fellow-opponents along with his bravado about all that he will do for America IN A NEW MID-EAST WAR – while his wife, Heidi Nelson Cruz, finds herself as one of the TOP proponents of the NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO) as a ranking-member of the Counsel on Foreign Relations Task Force that produced the CFR Report:  “Building a North American Community, that includes the North American Union of Canada, USA & Mexico as a one nation/territory & regional government!  After her MBA from Harvard, Heidi became an investment banker with JP Morgan; then was a political-advisor to G.W. Bush in 2000; then served with Condoleezza Rice; then in the Latin American Office at the U.S. Department of Treasury; several other intermediary assignments and eventually ended up as a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs.  Needless to say, Ted is beholden to WALL STREET!


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul who is surrounded with political corruption by inheriting his father, Ron Paul’s campaign staff and network all across the country.  Problem is that Rand’s top aides have been indicted by federal grand juries and now local & state police authorities are probing into burglaries and murder charges against political-operatives that worked for his father and now for him.  To add fuel to the fire, Kentucky law forbids any person from running for more than one political office on the same ballot at any given time!  Thankfully, Rand is at 1% or less in the polls at this time!

Then comes New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who is also surrounded by political corruption within New Jersey in which Christie is front & center!  This has to do with bribes & scandals surrounding blocking commuter traffic on the George Washington Bridge between New Jersey & New York as well as a regional airline company setting up a private air-route to accommodate political allies!  Christie is about 2% in the polls at this time – and his days as a candidate are hopefully numbered! 

Then there are the LIAR, LIAR…YOUR DRESS IS ON FIRE…from the likes of…

Carly Fiorina who has a checkered career the likes of which is unparalleled for someone dreaming of becoming president of these USA!  While folks like Jeb Bush believe that since they were born into a privileged family, they have a ‘Divine Right’ to become president – folks like Carly have used family connections & intimidations to obtain positions from which to launch their sordid campaigns!  In Carly’s case, a simple Internet review of Wikipedia and other sites quickly show just what a SHAM & SCAM she has made of herself!  She boasts of going from a ‘Secretary to a CEO’ when a close look shows that her father was a corporate attorney for which she worked during summers between semesters in college, then when completed was placed in various positions in various companies associated with her father’s law practice to where Carly eventually went from Lucent Corp. to Hewlett Packard (HP) where she ended as a CEO only to drive HP into the ground in one year by losing HP over $60-BILLION while keeping $100-Million for herself – and laying off tens-of-thousands of employees to the point that HP has still not recovered and now has ONE-THIRD of its 300K workforce out-of-work!    Now Carly wants to be president of the USA! 

In a recent ‘debate’ of Republican candidates, Carly LIED directly to everyone by claiming to have watched a Planned Parenthood video of an aborted-baby twitching on a table whereby the aborted-baby was being kept alive in order to harvest & sell its brain!  This was totally fabricated to enhance her so-called campaign that has her polling in single-digits but just goes to show the lengths some folks will go for attention!  As it already stands, Carly looks like she could stop an eight-day clock…and then some!  

As an alternative and breath-of-fresh-air – along comes Donald Trump who absolutely refuses to accept a single dime from any special interests – and is in fact SELF-FINANCING his campaign – AND RUNNING UNDER THE SLOGAN TO:

Trump has been steadily leading in all the polls all across America ever since he first entered the race for president – but he has also been constantly harangued by the so-called ‘news-media’ for every word he has spoken and gesture he has made!  But Trump has steadfastly followed in the POPULIST FOOTSTEPS of historic men like Louisiana Governor Huey Long before he was assassinated; and that of South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond of the ‘Dixiecrats’; and that of Alabama Governor George C. Wallace of the ‘ Independents’; and that of Ralph Nader of the ‘Greens’ in recent elections!  In every case of POPULIST-NATIONALISM, Social Justice and economic-stability have been front & center – and Trump too is promising to ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN’!  This means changing the direction in which America has been heading in the past half-century or more – and the results rest in the voting-hand of every American come the primaries of 2016 & the general election in November 2016!

As a people, as it stands now, Americans are all working on some corporate-plantation – no different than INDENTURED SERVANTS who first came to this country with the stark reality that after seven years of ‘indentured servitude’WE DO NOT GET FREED TO GO ELSEWHERE…UNLESS WE QUIT & MOVE ON!  Pocahontas County is but a microcosm of the national macrocosm whereby the MINIMUM-WAGE is forced upon all workers instead of a LIVING-WAGE!  At this very moment, if you do not own a local gas-station-convenience-store or some other local business, then chances are you have to survive on MINIMUM-WAGES which of and by themselves should be DOUBLED or TRIPLED  to stay level with the COST-OF-LIVING!  And if you work for either ski-resort, then you are being paid the lowest hourly-rate than those working for any other similar resort anywhere in North America or Europe – yo’ is in last place, Dude! 

Ahhh, but that’s right – the folks in this county are either afraid of TRADE UNIONS or afraid of being fired if they join a TRADE UNION!  SUCH COWARDS!  Does that sound any different than those a century ago that were offered a chance to UNITE with the UNITED MINE WORKERS and have their families protected if or when any given miner was injured on the job – and, IF SO, then EXPELLED from Company-Housing, the Company-Store, and cut off from all income and forced into the street by Baldwin-Felts thugs & murderers?  Same-ole scheiss – different day!

The real irony is that of all the Republican candidates at the present time – ONLY DONALD TRUMP & RAND PAUL proclaim they will NOT enter into yet another WAR in the Middle-East – while all the other candidates want WAR, WAR, & WAR!  Trump has fully stated that AMERICA MUST REBUILD ITS INFRASTRUCTURE FIRST & FOREMOST – and that means JOBS, JOBS, JOBS via Public Works Projects instead of WAR!



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