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(#110) 27 October 2015, Vol.2, No.25 > ‘STUPID DOES AS STUPID IS – ONCE AGAIN’!

‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2



One of the meanings of ‘STUPIDITY’ is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!  But here in Pocahontas County – set between progressive & prosperous Randolph & Greenbrier Counties – life remains STAGNANT as our individual and collective ‘public officials’ continue committing ‘stupid’ acts & actions detrimental to the well-being of everyone else but themselves – thus continually proving their selfish & self-serving narcissistic psychosis!

A cursory review of the past decade alone clearly shows that CORRUPTION & SELF-SERVING has effected every level, layer and strata of society here in Pocahontas County from the sex-offenders in the administration of our local schools; in the Department of the Sheriff; in the Office of the County Prosecutor; and in the Board of Education!  Collectively these despicable acts fall under the label of:

 ‘MORAL TURPITUDE’ = An act of baseness,
 vileness, or depravity in the private and social duties which a man owes to his fellow men, or to society in general, contrary to the accepted and customary rule of right and duty between man and man…Conduct contrary to justice, honesty, modesty, or good morals!’”  [Blacks Law Dictionary].

The example of these deplorable acts & actions upon the youth of this county is even more egregious as seen in the depositions of the many girls and women offended, wronged, raped, molested and harmed by the illegal actions of persons in so-called ‘authority’ and ‘law enforcement’!  Therefore as a direct and proximate result, a PETITION TO REMOVE EMORY GRIMES AS A MEMBER OF THE POCAHONTAS COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION was circulated within the county in the past few months whereby local folks decided to EXERCISE THEIR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS – TO PEACEFULLY ASSEMBLE  AND TO PETITION THE GOVERNMENT FOR A REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES…as seen below!

And true to his calling as a Crusader for Righteousness & pastor of an area church, Cummings Creek Victory Chapel, Pastor Norman Alderman filed a civil action against Emory Grimes since acts & commissions of Grimes constitutes multiple violations of the Statutory Code of West Virginia!  Not only does Grimes meet the legal definition of ‘MORAL TURPITUDE’ but Grimes also lives OUTSIDE OF HIS ELECTED DISTRICT which under the laws of West Virginia is an AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION FOR PUBLIC OFFICE meaning that he doesn’t have to resign – he is automatically ousted upon discovery! 

But into this mix now steps one Robert P. Martin, ersatz former county assistant prosecutor who was TERMINATED by our current county prosecutor, Eugene Simmons, without public explanation!  And for folks with some memory still intact, this is the same Robert Martin that ran for county prosecutor in 2012 but was defeated by the incumbent at the time.  And this is the same Robert Martin that earned the erstwhile nickname of ‘Beer can Bob’ for the incident in which he was arrested for throwing an open can of beer at a fellow attorney on the premises and steps of the West Virginia law school adjacent to the WVU Football Stadium!  From his checkered career to date, it seems that ALCOHOL has a detrimental effect upon dear-ole Bob when in his proximity!

At any rate, the twist of events here in Pocahontas County is such that THE COWARDS, aka, THE THREE STOOGES on the county commission hired dear-ole Bob after he was fired by the current Office of the County Prosecutor for a salary of $36,000 in order to be their ‘private attorney’ although the LAW OF WEST VIRGINIA relegates that position to that of the county prosecutor!  And now we find that the so-called Board of Education has also hired dear-ole Bob as their ‘private attorney’ also for a salary of $36,000!  So we taxpayers are paying dear-ole Bob a total of $72,000 salary + EXPENSES, while at the same time paying Eugene Simmons $114,000 – when it’s Eugene’s job BY LAW!

As it stands right now WE TAXPAYERS ARE PAYING:

THE THREE STOOGES………………combined…………$122,400.00
COUNTY PROSECUTOR………………………………………$114,000.00
Robert Martin……for county commission………………$ 36,000.00
Robert Martin……for board of education……………….$ 36,000.00

SO WE TAXPAYERS ARE PAYING a combined total of $236,400.00 for Three-Stooges on the county commission and one county prosecutor who are collecting their public-funds for allowing Robert Martin to make decisions @ $72,000.00 a year!
Now combine that with the INCOMPETENT Board of Education who are also letting Robert Martin make their decisions – and it is easy to see that IT WOULD BE CHEAPER TO ONLY ELECT ONE PERSON FOR THE COUNTY COMMISSION & THE BOE to make all decisions and save the taxpayers of this county hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars EACH YEAR!


Now why is any of this important?  Well, VINDICTIVE as Robert Martin tends to be when he doesn’t get his way or is criticized for any of his actions, illegal or otherwise, Martin is now spending TENS-OF-THOUSANDS of dollars by having every person who has signed the PETITION TO REMOVE GRIMES appear before a deposition AT PUBLIC EXPENSE since Martin is pretending to represent Grimes – when in fact UNDER LAW – that job should be upon the Office of the County Prosecutor or an Independent Counsel!  And according to law, ANY PUBLIC OFFICIAL can be challenged and removed from public office when there is a sufficiency of Citizen-Signatures and a charge of wrongdoing!  But since Martin still blames Alderman instead of himself for losing the 2012 election, Martin is apparently trying to create a wedge between the Righteous-Folks in this county who still believe in 'RULE OF LAW' and the self-serving who think they can bend the law to suit themselves!

Why is Martin doing this?  Well it seems on the surface to be quite simple, DENY ALL SIGNERS THEIR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT TO REDRESS THEIR GOVERNMENT – and of course to INTIMIDATE all persons who are weak enough to become fearful of the likes of Martin and his Ilk!  But Martin may be forgetting the fact that since he has already sued Alderman privately, at the same time charging Alderman with a criminal offense while Martin was assistant county prosecutor, before being fired, that Martin most likely has a CONFLICT OF INTEREST in this matter and may not be able to represent Grimes anyway!  Wouldn't that be a fait accompli!

THE PETITION SPEAKS FOR ITSELF – and it will be up to the Citizens who signed the Petition to defend its claims and allegations – and it will be up to Grimes to claim that he is not an ‘adulterer’ engaged in ‘MORAL TURPITUDE’ and actually does live FULL TIME in the district for which he claims to represent!  We shall all see soon enough!

True to form, as of 28 October 2015, Robert Martin, pretending to be the attorney for Emory Grimes, has been issuing a subpoena to as many folks that signed the Petition as he can find -- who he thinks he can INTIMIDATE -- in order for them to sign what Martin terms a "WITHDRAWAL FROM LITIGATION" form which states as follows:

     "I am a Petitioner in the above styled case and
     I wish to withdraw as a Petitioner in this case.  
     I have no personal knowledge about Emery 
     (Emory) Grimes.  Specifically I have no know-
     ledge that Mr. Grimes lives in any District other
     than the northern District of Pocahontas County,
     and I have no knowledge that Mr. Grimes is an
     adulterer.  I signed the Petition on incorrect
     information and I wish to withdraw my name
     from that Petition, and I wish to withdraw as a
     Petitioner in this case."

 Now just in case anyone who signed the Petition has forgotten, the last sentence of the Petition specifically requests the following from the Court:

     "The undersigned voters in Pocahontas County 
     do hereby ask the courts to appoint a three-judge
     panel for the purpose of determining the truth of
     these allegations and to remove him from his 
     office so that a qualified person can be appointed
    / elected to that office."  (Underline emphasis).

Court cases are supposed to DETERMINE THE TRUTH of any given matter presented before the Court, but here in this matter in this County, once again, none other than Robert Martin wants to circumvent the law, hide the real facts, and try to get off either himself or his 'client' by circumspection instead of a honest & fair hearing!  So much for 
'questioning authority, challenging corruption, exposing impropriety and the appearance of impropriety' -- as this Internet News Service is dedicated -- instead we have an ersatz-attorney that has been involved in multiple acts & commissions of MORAL TURPITUDE claiming to defend a public-official accused of  MORAL TURPITUDE!  

It is important for Christians to STAND UP FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS SAKE or risk Calamities in the form of Destruction, Disease & Death since we are required to be BATTLE AXE & a WEAPON OF WAR against injustice & transgression!  The Apostle Paul warns that 'silence' can be interpreted as approval!
The CURSE upon this county is a direct & proximate result of its toleration of wickedness in every strata of society -- especially when we are ordered by Our Creator to cut off the seed of the wicked by Divine Law!

Ephesians 5:9-11 > "For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth, and you must discern what is acceptable before our Master.  And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather condemn them!

 I Timothy 5:20 > "Those who transgress rebuke in the presence of all men, that the rest may also fear [the law]."


While the Petition simply requests the Court to inquire into the violations of law committed by Emory Grimes – Robert Martin deliberately DECEIVES those he has subpoenaed by having them sign A DIRECT LIE & FABRICATED DOCUMENT – since Martin falsely claims the Petition is “based on incorrect information” – BUT IT IS NOT!  

As for anyone who knows Emory Grimes, and his wife, Julie, for 25 YEARS or more, Emory has had a ‘mistress’, “J.M.” in Marlinton by which they had a son together, “H. Grimes”, now 21 years of age, who carries Emory’s last name as the birth-certificate can verify as well as school records!  And as just about everyone who has attended a football game while Emory & J.M.’s son was playing – Emory & his wife & his mistress never missed a game & they all sat together!  In fact, Emory’s wife used to even ‘baby-sit’ Emory’s son whenever Emory & his mistress wanted to be together or go places!  SO IT AIN’T NO SECRET, BOB – THE CAT HAS BEEN OUT OF THE BAG A VERY LONG TIME!

Now the question remains – WHERE DOES EMORY LIVE (MOST OF THE TIME), IN THE NORTHERN DISTRICT, OR IN THE CENTRAL DISTRICT?  AND THE LAW DOESN’T SAY ‘MOST OF THE TIME’ – THE LAW SAYS FULL TIME!  This is the same scenario the folks in Green Bank faced with former commissioner David Fleming!  He used the address of an old farm house in Green Bank for his mailing address & UPS deliveries – while he in fact lived FULL TIME in a B&B in Slatyfork!   

BOTH the ADULTERY & RESIDENCY issues are raised in the Petition to Remove Emory Grimes from the Board of Education – and for MARTIN TO LIE & TRY TO DECEIVE the Honest & Righteous Citizens who signed that Petition requesting a Court to review & decide – amounts to a VIOLATION OF MARTIN’s OATH OF OFFICE – let alone his ersatz pretensions of being an ‘attorney at law’!

The real tragedy of this scenario is that the other members of the Board of Education -- supposed to be EXAMPLES to our youth -- just sit there each meeting and wait to collect their check for attending instead of STANDING UP FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS!

SHAME ON THEM...& then some!



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