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(#114) 12 January 2016, Vol.3, No.1 > WILL 2016 BE THE “YEAR OF TRUMP”…BY A LANDSLIDE…or not?


‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2


For almost a year now New York Billionaire Real Estate Developer Donald Trump has been leading the ersatz-pack of presidential hopefuls by a wide-margin in the polls all across the country – with West Virginians giving him the largest degree of support so far of any state in the union!  And now with less than a month to go before the ‘primary season’ opens up – Trump is still leading the pack and his lead is still by a wide-margin!  WHY?  Because Trump is not part of the self-styled ‘Washington Elite’ in which the vast majority of those in Congress and the government are CAREER-POLITICIANS who in most cases think they were born & bred to tell others what to do instead of doing what the rank & file Citizens have expected them to do as public-servants! 

For the first time in our lifetime Donald Trump is a candidate who is NOT ACCEPTING DONATIONS from anyone – not from individuals & not from any Political Action Committees (PACs) or Special Interests!  To everyone’s amazement, TRUMP IS SELF-FUNDING HIS OWN CAMPAIGN SO THAT HE WILL BE BEHOLDEN TO NONE – NO SPECIAL INTERESTS NOR FORCED TO LIVE BY ANYONE’S LEAVE!  FOR ONCE IN OUR LIFETIME WE MAY HAVE AN HONEST PERSON ACTUALLY RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN ORDER TO

By contrast, the one person who thinks he has a ‘divine right to be king’ is non other than Jeb(rah) Bush who has spent in excess of $65-Million so far for TV ads & campaign expenses & such and finds himself with only 3% of public support!  Why?  Because he is part of the so-called, self-styled ‘Bush Dynasty’ trying to follow in the footsteps of his father (George H.W. Bush) and his brother (George W. Bush)!  But the record of his father & brother were nothing but DISMAL taking this country into WAR & MASSIVE DEBT under both regimes that has cost this nation in excess of $5-TRILLION so far and left us nothing but thousands of KILLED & WOUNDED American Youth!  In short, these two WAR-CRIMINALS destroyed yet another GENERATION OF AMERICAN YOUTH in the same manner as the worthless VIETNAM WAR!  And ironic as it may seem, neither George Bush nor anyone in his regime are able to leave this country since there are WARRANTS FOR THEIR ARREST under International Law via Interpol!  The only countries Bush or his regime members can go without being instantly arrested to stand trial at THE HAGUE in the Netherlands are Britain & Israel!  The corruption of the War against Iraq carried out by the father, and that of the son in Afghanistan, under International Law would end with all members of their respective regimes hung on public gallows for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!  The disasters that they created are the direct & proximate result of the Rise of ISIS and the continuing turmoil in the Mid-East!  America is just beginning to reap what it has sown…& then some with respect to ISIS!

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is the only candidate that WANTS TO REBUILD THE INFRASTRUCTURE OF AMERICA instead of starting yet another war!  To rebuild America it may require more than 20-MILLION NEW JOBS via Public Works programs to repair all our roads & highways, all our bridges, airports & sea-ports, etc. – not to forget cleaning up our inner cities by removing all the defunct & crumbling buildings, etc.!  THIS IS WHAT IS MEANT BY TRUMP TO ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN’!  What Trump is proposing is AMERICAN NATIONALISM & POPULISM and this type of ‘Americanism’ has not been in effect in this country since the late Dwight David Eisenhower, president from 1952 – 1960!

What kind of a person is Donald Trump in this day & age?  For one thing, Trump does not speak about all the good that he has done for others – and the only way the public finds out about such things is by those who he has helped telling others – not from Trump or his business organizations!  One such report occurred several years back when Trump and his business associates arrived back in America by landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Long Island located about an hour away from New York City.  On the way to the city, the limousine developed mechanical problems and the driver pulled off the road, opened the hood, and was simply taking a look – and most of us these days know that looking under the hood is usually a waste of time unless the vehicle is taken to a mechanic who knows what to look for!  Well, a husband & wife, Senior Citizens, saw the driver under the hood and they pulled over to offer assistance in making either a phone call or to take the driver to obtain assistance. 

The driver told them that he had clients who really needed to get to the city so the senior couple offered to take Trump and his associate to the city – Trump accepted and was taken to Trump Towers in NYC.  The couple left and thought nothing more about it until about ten-days later one of Trump’s attorneys appeared at their front door.  When they invited the attorney into their home, the attorney for Trump presented them a Deed SHOWING THAT THEIR HOME WAS PAID IN FULL!  Trump had had his attorney’s pay-off the mortgage & prepare a new Deed for the couple so they would own their home FREE & CLEAR!  Here is an example of a wealthy person helping ordinary Common Folk with his wealth instead of just giving a donation to some private Foundation or such!  The story is now well-known because the elderly couple told others about it – not a word of this story ever came from Trump or anyone in his business organizations!  And this is the man who wants to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Historically Trump is one of those rare individuals that emerge in times of crisis that can really make a difference…IF THEY ARE NOT KILLED OR WOUNDED! 

  In the 1930s there arose Louisiana Governor Huey Long who used the power of government to help the rank & file Citizens of Louisiana and Governor Long wanted to do the same nation-wide – but he was shot & killed by a political opponent in the rotunda of the Capitol Building! 

  In the 1940s millions of Americans rose up to oppose the taking of America to War in Europe as proposed by Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR), and they were lead in their opposition by aviation hero Charles A. Lindberg, but he suffered the loss of his baby son being kidnapped & ritually killed at the hands of political enemies – his baby son was drained of all blood from cuts on his wrists & ankles! 

● In the 1950s Senator Strom Thurmond (S.C.) rose up to lead millions in the ‘Dixiecrat’ States Rights Party in opposition to certain national policies.

● In the 1960s & 1970s opposing political leaders were assassinated beginning with JFK (1963), George Lincoln Rockwell (1967), Martin Luther King (1968), Robert F. Kennedy (1968),  George C. Wallace (1972), & John F. Kennedy, Jr. (1999).  

● In the 1980s it was Lyndon LaRouche of the U.S. Labor Party who stood against unjust policies until he was framed & imprisoned pursuant to a government-led plot using ‘agent provocateurs’ & false testimony! 

And in the 1990s there emerged Texas Billionaire Ross Perot whose failed efforts lead to the formation of the Reform Party USA that lasted for a decade and half or thereabouts. 

  Now there is Donald Trump who is perceived by the ‘Republican/Washington Establishment’ to be the biggest threat they have faced since the rise of the KKK during the so-called ‘Reconstruction Era’ when carpetbaggers & scalawags invaded the Confederate States of America (CSA) following the armistice to end the fighting signed at Appomattox, Virginia.  IF Trump lives long enough to be elected president, and implement his policies to REBUILD AMERICA – then he will have survived the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) that wants to keep America At War on a perpetual basis – in addition to all the Special Interests that want to continue to plunder this country – along with the Foreign Interests like the Israelis that want to keep their greedy hands in the pockets of Uncle Sap for as long as they can!  For a population about twice the size of West Virginia, the Israelis just asked for a minimum of $5-BILLION a year more in foreign aid in addition to all the free War Materiel that Uncle Sap provides to them already!




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