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(#115) 21 January 2016, Vol.3, No.2 > BECOME A CONVENTION DELEGATE FOR DONALD TRUMP!

‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2


The 2016 Election Cycle already looks like it will surpass anything that we’ve ever had in this country, let alone become an epic event in our lifetime…and then some!  Not only has there been close to 20 persons declare themselves a presidential-candidate for the Republican Party about 8 months ago, but now that number has dwindled to around a dozen or so and that is expected to be cut in half or more within the next couple of weeks as the ‘primary-season’ begins in earnest in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and onwards.  Here in West Virginia the primary is set for May – BUT NOW IS THE TIME TO DECLARE FOR PUBLIC OFFICE if so inclined!  And that includes becoming a CONVENTION DELEGATE for DONALD J. TRUMP if you are a person already registered as a Republican Party member pursuant to if you registered for the Republican Party when you requested a VOTER ID CARD!

When Folks go to VOTING ON PRIMARY DAY some only vote for the candidate of their choice and FORGET TO ALSO VOTE FOR THE DELEGATES PLEDGED TO THAT CANDIDATE THAT MUST GET ELECTED TO GO TO THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION being held this summer in July in Cleveland, Ohio, not that far away!  Without having enough DELEGATES ELECTED PLEDGED TO TRUMP, just voting for TRUMP in the Primary will not get him the nomination for president at the convention.

BECOMING A DELEGATE IS RATHER EASY, since a person registered as a Republican has two-choices:
(2) Declare yourself to be a DELEGATE-AT-LARGE to represent the entire State of West Virginia at the Convention! 

In order to declare yourself to become a Convention Delegate – all you need to do is contact the Office of the Secretary of State @
< > and then click on the page for ELECTION FORMS.  Complete the form TO BE A CONVENTION DELEGATE and you may be on your way to the Republican Party Convention in Cleveland, Ohio this summer!

Since becoming a CONVENTION DELEGATE is actually running for an ELECTIVE FEDERAL OFFICE, you will also need to register with the FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION (FEC) and file a list of your expenses going to & from the convention as well as the convention itself.  Heretofore there has been a limitation only allowing the expenditure of $5000 in order to CAMPAIGN to become a CONVENTION DELEGATE…if one chooses to do…so since on the primary ballot there will appear a whole lot of names for those wishing to be elected – for Trump or other candidates – the ones with the highest vote totals PLEDGED TO THE CANDIDATE WHO WINS THE PRIMARY – are the actual ones who go to the convention, are seated on the convention floor, and actually do the voting, etc.  The State Law requires a Delegate pledged to a candidate to VOTE TWICE for that candidate on the Convention Floor if no one wins on the first two ballots – after that any given Delegate can vote for whomever they choose!  With the massive number of persons attending Trump Rallies it is doubtful that there would be any ‘tie’ on the Convention Floor!

IT IS QUITE AN EXPERIENCE as those who have participated & gone in previous years can readily attest.  But since this time we have a real candidate WHO IS SPENDING HIS OWN MONEY – AND NOT BEHOLDEN TO ANY SPECIAL INTERESTS – THIS ELECTION CYCLE IS PROMISING TO BECOME AN HISTORIC EVENT OF MAJOR PROPORTIONS!  And DONALD TRUMP is promising to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!  As an extremely successful businessman, he is use to surrounding himself with the best advisors he can find – and that’s all it takes to take an IDEA and MAKE IT GREAT!

IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT BECOMING A DELEGATE – DO IT NOW – there is only a week left to notify the OFFICE OF THE WV SECETRARY OF STATE and get on the ballot for TRUMP!

In other news about the candidates, it seems that Hillary Clinton has ‘lost her mind’ in her dramatic turn AGAINST GUN OWNERSHIP & THE SECOND AMENDMENT!  If Hillary had her way, no one could own guns except police & military in order to OCCUPY AMERICA and place America under a DICTATORSHIP!  What is so startling about Hillary’s confusion surrounding what she calls ‘gun control’ is the fact that she TOOK  AN OATH-OF-OFFICE in which she PLEDGED TO SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION OF THESE UNITED STATES –  AS IT IS – AND THAT INCLUDES THE ALL IMPORTANT ‘BILL OF RIGHTS’ – SO BY HER VERY CHALLENGING OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT AND HER OPPOSING OUR INDIVIDUAL & COLLECTIVE RIGHT TO KEEP & BEAR ARMS – HILLARY IS COMMITTING ‘TREASON’ BY TRYING TO DENY ALL OF US OUR ‘UNALIENABLE RIGHTS’ AS GUARANTEED TO US IN THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE & CONSTITUTION OF THESE UNITED STATES!

And to make matters even worse – ‘stupid’ Hillary wants to hold gun-manufactures responsible at any time a gun they made is used in a crime – whether hold-ups or killings, etc.!  She was supposed to have been an attorney-at-law at one time or another yet since when is every auto/vehicle-maker held responsible for every single accident on a daily basis?  IF AUTO-MAKERS ARE NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE WHEN A VEHICLE IS STOLEN & USED IN A CRIME OR ACCIDENT IN WHICH PERSONS ARE KILLED – THEN WHY SHOULD GUN-MANUFACTURES BE HELD RESPONSIBLE WHEN A TOOL THEY MADE IS MISUSED BY A CRIMINAL!  GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE – PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! 

Under contract law, any manufacturer, as is a builder, is held responsible when their product or service fails to perform as expected – and it’s obvious in the numerous shootings to date that the firearms are NOT MALFUNCTIONING – just the MENTAL ATTRIBUTES OF THE PERPETUATORS!  And those facts remain that the vast majority of ‘school-shootings’ were carried out by fellow-students on prescribed-drugs issued by aschool psychiatrist to supposedly keep specific students ‘calm’!  And are not ‘drugs’ and the ‘drug wars’ responsible for the vast majority of shootings nationwide? 

And that brings us to the THIRD FALACY of Hillary and that is that statistics verify that of the alleged 33,000 persons killed by guns each year (that’s about a third of those killed by vehicle accidents), OVER TWO-THIRDS are from SUICIDES – the vast majority of which are VETERANS AT THE RATE OF ABOUT THREE (3) PER/DAY WHO CANNOT RECEIVE ANY ASSISTANCE FROM THE VETERAN HOSPITALS!  Thus Hillary is using the ‘gun-issue’ as a means to polarize-America!  GUNS ARE A TOOL THAT KEEP PEOPLE SAFE IN ANY ENVIRONMENT THEY MIGHT FIND THEMSELVES – AND GUNS ARE A THREAT TO ANYONE WITH CRIMINAL INTENT ON THEIR MINDS!

And for those that know their Bible, Our Creator established GOVERNMENT at Genesis 9, verse 6 because Cain killed his brother Able.  Here is what the passage says:

          Genesis 9:4 – 6
          4. But you shall not eat flesh in its life, its blood.
          5. And surely the blood of your lives I will demand.  At
              the hand of every animal I will demand it, and at the
              hand of man.  I will demand the life of man at the
              hand of every man’s brother.
          6. Whoever sheds man’s blood, his blood shall be shed
               by man; For He made the man in the image of YaHoVaH,
               Our Creator.  (Genesis 1:26-27).  [Hebraic Roots Bible]

The entire premise for GOVERNMENT came about to establish LAW & ORDER via bladed weapons during the Middle Ages and via FIREARMS during the Westward Expansion of America!  And it’s FIREARMS that is maintaining what remains of Our Liberty & Freedom in this day & age!  After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, some Japanese military advisors wanted to INVADE the West Coast and occupy part of America – but a wise Japanese General warned that if Japan tried such an operation it would lead to complete annihilation of whatever invading army landed on the West Coast BECAUSE BEHILD EVERY BLADE OF GRASS THERE WOULD BE AN AMERICAN CITIZEN ARMED & READY TO FIGHT!

And as for ‘military-style-firearms’ – know that Our U.S. Constitution calls for NO STANDING ARMY but a CIVILIAN MILITIA ARMED WITH THE SAME FIREARMS THEN CARRIED BY THE BRITISH ARMY!  Our very own U.S. Government sold off to U.S. Citizens surplus military-firearms after each war that this nation has been in ever since WWI!  In fact, for those that do not know, the formation of the NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION was for the sole purpose of establishing & TRAINING an OFFICER CORP FOR THE CIVILIAN MILITIA – and that role has not changed in more than a hundred years since inception!  Thank Goodness that men like DONALD J. TRUMP believe that the SECOND AMENDMENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS in order for us to preserve & keep all the other Bill of Rights!

One out of every 11 persons owns a firearm – the question is how fast can the other 11 persons be trained and own their own firearm?  AN ARMED POPULATION IF A FREE PEOPLE! 

Neither now nor ever does America need to bring into this country hundreds-of-thousands of Middle East REFUGEES!  One glance at the self-destruction taking place in Europe with their collective STUPIDITY of bringing in aliens with a different religion & culture should be enough of an example to elect DONALD TRUMP who wants to protect America from such a debacle!  Prior to 1963 immigration into America was limited to ONLY EUROPEANS and no one else.  But after JFK was killed, it was none other than the late Teddy Kennedy who pushed through Congress a ‘comprehensive immigration policy’ that allowed EVERYONE BUT EUROPEANS into America – and now we as a nation have the same DISUNITY, LACK OF HARMONY, AND MONGRILIZATION that destroyed Central & South America, the British Commonwealth, France, and other European nations to date.  And we can already see what has happened to the Western USA with the influx of millions of illegal aliens set to change the whole of American culture in the next decade or so! 

The obvious facts are that the influx of multicultural-immigrants do not assimilate into the ‘American Way of Life’ – THEY ARE NOT EUROPEANS – and in fact the new immigrants want the Americans of European Descent to assimilate into their way-of-life!  The millions of Muslims that have invaded America want America to change into a Muslim society instead of them changing into a Democratic society!  The heretofore ‘CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS’ may yet come about within the borders of America before it is all over!  We shall all see soon enough!

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