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(#116) 03 March 2016, Vol.3, No.3 > ‘TRUMP-BEAR’ STOMPS ‘CUBAN-DOGS’!

‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2


At this moment, AFTER 15 PRIMARIES, the presidential primary elections are well underway and for the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton appears to be well in the lead over her only rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.  And in the Republican Party, Real Estate Developer DONALD J. TRUMP appears to be on his way to that party’s nomination – if he can withstand the massive propaganda attacks that he is undergoing from the SPECIAL INTERESTS OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ESTABLISHMENT …as well as THE CORPORATE MEDIA owned by the same Special Interests!

Trump is NOT BEHOLDEN to any SPECIAL INTERESTS since he is funding his own campaign with no outside donations, with no special interests, and with no Political Action Committees (PACs) in support of his campaign!  In this respect, Trump is making history and is beholden to NO ONE but the Citizen-Folk that are supporting him overwhelmingly in state after state!  Trump is the best ‘Populist’ candidate since Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952!

And as for the Special Interests such as Big Oil, Big Banks, Pharmaceutical Cartels, Insurance Cartels, Wall-Street Hedge Funds, the Zionist/Israeli Lobby, and the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX (MIC) – to name a few – it is now a well-known fact that the MIC is also the largest stockholders in the MAJOR CORPORATE MEDIA – and that’s why all the major media trot-out their favorite ‘retired’ generals, admirals, and other ‘government agents’ to promote ONE WAR after ANOTHER on an hourly & daily basis!  And because Donald Trump has proclaimed that America has had too many wars in the last three decades and now it’s time to REBUILD AMERICA’S ROADS, BRIDGES, DAMS, SEA PORTS, AIR PORTS, INFRASTRUCTURE, AND URBAN RENEWAL, ETC., ETC. – THE MIC is afraid that Trump will not support any of their planned NEW WARS!  So now the MIC & its CORPORATE MEDIA allies are preparing one of the worst smear propaganda campaigns in USA history over the next coming weeks in an attempt to STOP TRUMP from winning the Republican Party nomination for president of these United States!

SO MUCH FOR ‘DEMOCRACY’ WHERE THE ‘WILL OF THE MAJORITY’ IS SUPPOSED TO SET THE STANDARD FOR ALL POLICIES!  To date Trump has brought in more than 3½-MILLION NEW VOTERS – yet a handful of old-Republicans in Congress and within Special Interests are more interested in keeping their feeble jobs & positions than greeting new voters and party members!  Keep in mind that whenever a voter chooses any given ‘party’ on their voter registration card that they then & there become a member of that political party!  And they can then become eligible to run for either a ‘party office’ or a ‘public office’ in government!  Yet now we see a wretched bunch of decaying so-called ‘establishment’ rats with a handful of money trying to STOP THE WILL OF THE PUBLIC THAT IS VOTING FOR DONALD TRUMP!  Well…to hell with them & then some!


Of the seventeen (17) Republican candidates that started out seeking the presidency, now only four (4) remain of which two ‘Cuban-Lap-Dogs’ are listed as a distant second & third in the polls behind Trump who is in leading in all the polls in first place.  But before we analyze the ‘Cuban-Lap-Dogs’ and their ersatz backgrounds and corporate sponsors as the WORST SPECIAL INTERESTS IN THE COUNTRY – let’s review the Cuban-invasion of the USA back in 1959-1961!

When Fidel Castro led his mountain-rebels to overthrow one of the worst dictators of all time, a Fulgencio Batista Zaldívar, the Revolution began on 26 July 1953 with the assault on the Moncada Barracks and ended on 01 January 1959, when Batista was driven from the country and the cities Santa Clara and Santiago de Cuba were seized by rebels, led by Che Guevara and Fidel Castro's brother Raúl Castro and comrade Huber Matos, respectively. 

What followed however became a disaster for America as THE WORST OF ALL CUBANS FLED TO THE USA AND SETTLED IN MIAMI & South Florida!  Of the tens-of-thousands that came to America, among them were the lowest-life scum-of-the-earth who were scheduled to be executed by Castro for Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes against the Cuban people!  Among the scum that came here included the brothel owners, moneylenders, profiteers, casino gangsters, sex-shop profiteers, thugs and every form of low-life on the planet!  Havana Cuba had become a Sodom & Gomorrah with every form of deviation and depravity ever known to mankind with the debauchery of women as a central attraction with ‘shows’ of orgies with animals, etc., on display for TOURISTS to view!  CASTRO PUT AN END TO SUCH DEBAUCHERY & EXECUTED ALL THOSE ENGAGED IN SUCH SORDID BUSINESSES!  And where did the scum-of-the-earth who escaped execution come…but to America!  And this same scum and their offspring have lusted for a return to Cuba for six-decades & then some!  Fortunately the Cuban Folk do not want the scum that came to America back in their country ever again!

Meanwhile we have Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz running for president after being born in 1970 in CANADA with just one of his parents, his mother, an American Citizen at the time.  Up until 14 May 2014, shortly before he decided to run for president, Cruz is alleged to have renounced his Canadian Citizenship and has been claiming to be a ‘Natural Born American’ ever since – however the matter has yet to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court since the reality of the situation requires a person to be BORN IN THE USA or at least by BOTH PARENTS BEING AMERICAN CITIZENS such as the case with children born on foreign U.S. military bases or within U.S. Territories accordingly.
* * * *
                           NATURAL BORN CITIZEN

“Citizen” = at least one parent was a US Citizen when you were born or you have become a citizen by naturalization.

“Natural Born Citizen” = both parents were US Citizens when you were born!

The Constitution requires one to be a
“Natural Born Citizen” to be President.  The Founders and Framers weren’t stupid they did things for a reason.

See: < > and, <  >

Barak Obama is damning proof that we ignored The Founding Fathers’ wisdom at our peril.  Neither Obama, Marco Rubio, nor Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz are natural born citizens!

* * * * *

As bad as that might be for Cruz, what is real troubling is the fact that his wife took a leave of absence, a couple of days prior to Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz announcing his running for president, from her executive position with Wall-Street Goldman Sachs Bank after getting a $1-Million loan from Goldman with a very low interest rate and long-term payback!  Heidi Cruz is also #3 in line to head the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), a long time ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT network and she was/is in charge of the NORTH AMERICAN UNION (NAU) to unite the governments of Mexico, USA & Canada into a REGIONAL GOVERNMENT as part of the NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO)!  The campaign funds for Cruz have come from the Wall-Street Hedge Funds & the Oil & Gas Cartels along with Big Pharma & the Big Insurance Cartels as well as the foreign Zionist/Israeli Lobby!  Yet Cruz has so far been able to mask his real connections & subservience to SPECIAL INTERESTS by proclaiming a religious affiliation with so-called Christian Evangelicals & Fundamentalists!  For the past several weeks Cruz has been attacking Donald Trump in the same manner as that of a ‘bear-dog’ nipping at a chained-bear as seen in circus side-shows of yesteryear and Medieval times – but so far the ‘TRUMP-BEAR’ has been able to kick this ‘Cuban-Lap-Dog’ in the derrière!

Taking a look at the second ‘Cuban-Lap-Dog’ nipping at the heels of Trump is taking a look at Marco Antonio Rubio born in 1971 in Miami by Cuban parents who were NOT U.S. Citizens at the time of Marco’s birth, but became citizens in 1975!  This too has raised questions as to his eligibility to become president since neither of his parents were citizens prior to his birth, although he was born in the USA!   However there is a slew of information available on the Internet proclaiming Marco when arrested at 19 as a ‘male-homosexual-prostitute’ trolling the Miami-park-system in between college semesters and erstwhile – yet no one to date has brought this information public during the presidential campaign, but here is a primary website referencing several other websites for review:

Why does this matter?  Because if details like this are real, that could leave the potential ‘Commander-in-Chief’ open to blackmail.  It is essential that the American people know everything about candidates running for President.  This bombshell report could change everything...if it became well-known to the public!  But since Rubio is trailing in all the polls, it has remained in the background until recently!

Here are two more websites dealing with other corrupt actions of Rubio: < > & < >

Additionally, here’s a website detailing the ILLEGAL ASPECTS of the Rubio campaign up to this point: < >!

All of the money for Rubio's campaign ads to date has been illegally laundered through a non-profit organization that doesn't have to disclose its donors and is legally required to spend its funds for social welfare, not for the exclusive benefit of an individual such as a presidential candidate like Rubio.

“In short, funneling secret money to support a candidate through a so-called "social welfare" organization is illegal.  Abuse of the "social welfare" loophole is increasingly common among political candidates and their wealthy financial backers.”

According to the New York Times

100 percent of the $5.5 million in political ads supporting Rubio's presidential bid aired so far this year have been paid for by a non-profit "social welfare" group called Conservative Solutions Project which does not disclose its donors (who have contributed a total of $18 million so far). Not one dime of Rubio's political ads have been paid for by the Rubio campaign itself, or even Rubio's Super PAC which identifies its donors!

Rubio's heavy reliance on the group effectively keeps secret the identities of some of his biggest supporters, making it impossible to know whose agenda the senator may be embracing.  Rubio has avidly courted the [gambling] casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, for example, even signing on in June as a co-sponsor of an Adelson-backed bill that would restrict Internet gambling. [Forcing folks to go to casinos to gamble instead.]

POLITICS has always been a ‘dirty business’ – but these days some candidates take it beyond the limit & then some!  But despite all the lies, smears & innuendos rendered against Donald Trump to date – from the SPECIAL INTERESTS that TRUMP DISDAINS – is it any wonder that their desperate acts drag out of the closet LOSERS such as Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain whose treacherous actions resulted in the killing of all U.S. POWs & MIAs by the North Vietnamese since the U.S. Government refused to pay the $4-Billion in reparations promised to North Vietnam by Nixon for a peace settlement?  McCain BETRAYED the POWs & MIAs for money – and for that McCain should be hanged on a scaffold!

For Mitt Romney to BEG for Donald Trump to support Romney in 2012 to then betray that support as he did recently as the lap-dog for the so-called ‘Republican Establishment’ just goes to show how low these bootlickers like Romney will stoop and grovel to pacify the SPECIAL INTERESTS that have controlled the Republican Party until Donald Trump decided to run and SPEND HIS OWN MONEY so as to NOT be beholden to any of them!  Romney simply showed that he is a RAT that will swim in any sewer suited for his purposes!  If anyone has ever been a phony & a fraud it has been Romney – yet when Romney dies he seriously believes his Mormon beliefs will make him a ‘god’ and his wife a ‘goddess’ on the MYTHICAL planet/star called KOLOB!  Here, take a look for yourself just how absurd Romney and his belief-system is:  < >!

If you wish to try and make sense out of the chaos set before us by the Special Interests – take a look at how Trump wants to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…

And when we realize that at this very moment the Donald Trump development enterprises are busy BUILDING 120 NEW BUILDINGS worldwide – employing tens-of-thousands of employees – seeing him on stage standing next to a Marco Rubio or Rafael Cruz who have never created a single new job and cannot even do their senatorial jobs by attending the Senate in order to cast their vote – and seeing these ‘barking-dogs’ trying to nip at the heels of the likes of Donald Trump – it makes one really wonder IF the people of this country are really worth the effort to try and help them MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!  Perhaps Our Creator has raised Donald Trump at this time in the hour of our need for a GREAT LEADER…we shall all see soon enough!


“The Gray Riders are now gone, yet they remain asleep in our 
soil, and alive in our veins.  Untouched by fire, untouched by 
frost, they whisper within us: ‘OUR CAUSE IS NOT LOST!’”


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