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(#147)  13 November 2016, Vol.3, No.34 > FAREWELL, GOOD-BYE OR JUST GOOD-RIDDANCE?

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Welcome to Pocahontas County
 – the Rain Forest of America –
A place where Rainbows end!

‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2


[NOTE:  The following OP-ED is being published by this Internet-Blog since the editorial staff believes in exposing IMPORPRIETY AND THE APPEARANCE OF IMPROPRIETY AMONG THOSE IN PUBILC OFFICE SO AS TO BE A DETERRANT TO OTHERS!  And for the record, the author of the following OP-ED wishes to remain ANONYMOUS, for proximity reasons and the fact that he may be in litigation with David Jonese in the very near future, yet for now is expressing his disgust upon reading the false-propaganda found in the Pokey-Times a week ago on 03 November 2016 under the heading, “Jonese reflects on time in office”, by Staff Writer, Brandon Nottingham, ad nauseam, who it turns out was just discharged from the marine corps the same as done by our illustrious ‘sheriff’ – thus Semper Fi!

ANONYMOUS, however, is also a person on loan from The Pocahontas Commentator Plus, who believes that instead of the phony-praise by the Staff Writer of the Pokey-Times, aka, The Pocahontas Times, Jonese should be CONDEMNED for being perhaps the WORSE SHERIFF in the county’s history – yet that would mean being WORSE than Jerry Dale – if that is even possible!]

IMPROPRIETY =  1. the quality of being improper; 2. improper
                                     action or behavior; 3. an improper use of a
                                     word or phrase, (Webster’s Dictionary).


“With respect to any ‘praise’ or ‘condemnation’ of ‘sheriff’ David Jonese, let’s start off with Mrs. Jonese, since she has a job that is kept real quiet.  Does anyone know what her qualifications are; or does anyone know exactly what her position is?  In a county that many believe has a 16%+ unemployment rate, why wasn’t her job offered to the public at large, for the best qualified person to fill, instead of sliding her into it on the Q-Tee?  For that matter was her position already in existence, and she just replaced someone else, or was her ‘job’ manufactured just so she would have a ‘job’?  Of course even the daughter of ‘sheriff’ Jonese has a ‘job’ with a joint drug task force that too was never offered or made public UNTIL AFTER THE FACT!  Wasn’t this called something like NEPOTISM once upon a time?  I wonder if their last name had been SMITH or JONES instead of JONESE would either the wife or daughter of the ‘sheriff’ have their respective ‘jobs’ – or is the real qualification simply being related to the ‘sheriff’?   Did anyone see either of these ‘jobs’ advertised in the local-yocal Pokey-Times or anywhere else like Craig or Angies List?  Nope, didn’t think so!

Oh-yeah, as for the so-called ‘surprise-party’ allegedly ‘masterminded’ by the ‘sheriff’s’ wife, didn’t it sound like nothing more than one more campaign event for Troy McCoy?  Jonese is a Republican while McCoy is a Democrat, so what was in it for Jonese?  Is this another potential violation of The Hatch Act?  And does Jonese really believe that he may end up being a deputy?  Oh, that’s right JONESE CANNOT BE A DEPUTY WITHOUT FIRST ATTENDING THE WEST VIRGINIA POLICE ACADEMY…isn’t that right?  Maybe Jonese can become an Umpire for baseball games since he claims to be ‘trained’ in estimating ‘speed’ without using radar!

In the military ‘sheriff Jonese claims to have ‘served with honor’ rising to the rank of Lt. Col., but was it guarding coffee & copy machines at the Pentagon, or by leading men in the field of battle as done by Lt. Col. Price, husband of Donna Meadows Price, our former county prosecutor?  For those that might not know, Lt. Cols. are more numerous (as ‘gofers’ getting this or that) than Corporals throughout the Pentagon!  But in this case, is it not also true that our illustrious Lt. Col. missed two (2) promotions in a row at the Pentagon because of a letter he wrote on behalf of a failed defense contractor promoting a discredited weapons system – so Jonese was disgraced and not promoted – yet even so, instead of being routinely booted-out for missing two-up-grades in a row – our illustrious ‘sheriff was allowed to stay on!  Wonder whose derrière was kissed for that oversight?

And as for the Oath that Jonese took 33 years ago when entering the military – isn’t it the same that MILLIONS of others have taken?  I doubt that after all these years later any of the rest of us are still bragging about it!  And as for defending the Constitution, as the Oath requires, it sure did not prevent Jonese from taking away the First Amendment Rights of Norman Alderman, editor of The Pocahontas Commentator, or those of Jerome Heinemann, editor of The Pocahontas Times pursuant to their reporting  of corruption on their respective Internet Blogs!  Those arrests had no legal grounds in law, and both cases were dismissed at the expense of county taxpayers!

The Last Day for Jonese is 31 December 2016, yet he pledges to ‘continue the mission’!  WHAT MISSION?  His hate-filled and revengeful eight (8) years are now over so he now has NO MISSION – except perhaps to get out of Dodge before someone takes aim once he is out-of-office!  Did his ‘mission’ include stalking Senior Citizens coming & going from the Green Bank post office just to give them a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt so the county court system could extort $190+ in court fees from each?  If the truth be known, it seems that Jonese’s entire 8 year ‘mission’ has been one of preying upon county Senior Citizens to extort court fees & fines, ad nauseam!  How ‘brave’ is that?

Jonese brags about a ‘crime free’ county – yet his cadre of paid informants are running a ‘breaking & entering’ cartel within a mile-radius of where Jonese lives – and do so under his protection!  The ring-of-thieves have been centered in a trailer park in Arbovale, and when arrested before release, Jonese even fed their dogs while ‘his guys’ were incarcerated!  Has he done that for you or anyone you know lately?  Want to know who they are?  Well they are on Jonese’s payroll since he pays his SNITCHES each month at tax-payers expense!

Isn’t it funny that the Pokey-Times propaganda NEVER MENTIONED Jonese’s MOST INFAMOUS ACCOMPLISHMENT – THE COVER UP and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE that ‘sheriff’ Jonese ran for his ‘Chief Deputy’ Bradley Totten while Totten committed 77 SERIAL RAPES!  Instead of receiving two (2) LIFE SENTENCES – or the DEATH PENALTY UNDER BIBLICAL LAW & in some states for such horrendous crimes – Totten got only seven (7) to ten (10) years!  And as for Jonese, under the PLEA BARGAIN for Totten – why wasn’t Jonese forced to RESIGN – or resign on his own if he had any real or traditional Marine Corp honor? 

While Jonese deludes himself with claiming the ‘dark days’ of the office of the sheriff are in the past with the sex-crimes of ‘chief deputy’ Bradley Totten, and the sex-crimes of J.L. Clifton, what mention has he made about deputy Sammy Hummel now being charged with sex-crimes by molesting a 911 operator while she was on duty in her office?  Jonese may have a hard time trying to cover these up once he’s out-of-office!

The Pokey-Times article made this false-statement,

“Over the years, Jonese has been cracking down
 hard on criminals, trying to make Pocahontas
County a crime free county.”

Yet the fact remains that when Jonese came into office the drugs of choice were PILLS & METH – but now the drug of choice is HERION – for $3.00 a fix!  And in a small populated county as Pocahontas County now finds itself – does anyone really believe that the drug-pushers & junkies cannot be found out & removed?

And speaking of drugs, and how the ‘drug epidemic’ has now allegedly ‘decreased’ – well remember the twenty-three (23) drug-arrest-cases DISMISSED because the arresting officer involved was none other than the SERIAL RAPIST Bradley Totten?  But of course, Jonese blamed then county prosecutor Donna Meadows Price instead of his own poor judgment and lack of competence!  In lieu of folks like Jonese, perhaps all drug arrests should be handled by the WEST VIRGINIA STATE POLICE instead of trusting the county office of the sheriff or any of the deputies of the county sheriff!  It is now perfectly clear that Jonese used the drug-wave to feather his own nest and manufacture a job for his wife and daughter.  The reality is that in eight (8) years – JONESE DID NOT STOP ANYTHING?

When it comes to PLEA DEALS, while Jonese claims to not like them – except for his friend Totten – perhaps Jonese does not know that 97% of all convictions are the result of some PLEA BARGAIN that saves each county and collectively the State of West Virginia countless millions from court costs involved in trials & such.  Just think of the heavy cost upon the county had those 23 drug arrests had to go to trial, some for as little as two or three PILLS in someone’s pocket, plus the time & circumstances involved were those cases not dismissed pursuant to the personal ‘targets’ Totten had singled out to harass!

As for ‘future plans’, it will indeed be really interesting to see what kind of deal Jonese can make for himself.  But why should he worry, doesn’t his Military Service Pension place him in the SIX-FIGURES income bracket – an amount that would be considered a fortune compared to most West Virginians reliant on just SS, SSD, SSI or minimum-wages each month?  Isn’t one (1) in every seven (7) persons in this state ‘food insecure’ living in extreme poverty compared to the rest of the nation?  Shouldn’t anyone be content to live in Pocahontas County on a Military Service Pension exceeding a hundred-thousand-dollars?

But apparently it isn’t!  Next time you see Jonese, ask him about how he just got his first-cousin, Sandy, committed to a State Mental Hospital so he could pilfer her Trust Fund and property!  He thinks his neighbors don’t know about this latest raw-deal of his upon a family member – but we do know David!  This ‘poor-excuse’ for a person shows once again he has NO CODE OF HONOR – as he pretends – only larceny in his innermost being!  Besides being despised by his neighbors, he should know that his neighbors all hope that his plans for the future entail getting himself out of Pocahontas County once and for all – and staying away for good!

Lastly, as for the picture of Jonese in the Pokey-Times dressed out in full-uniform – for someone who has never spent a single minute ever training for such a role – in this case his picture is more like him wearing a HOLLOWEEN COSTUME than ever being someone ever qualified to be wearing FOUR STARS on his collar!  Oh yeah, what exactly do the FOUR STARS supposedly represent or stand for?  Do those stars represent all of the FLUNKIES that have brought DISGRACE upon the office of the sheriff and this county?  And will we ever know the full cost of all the law suits that have been brought against the long-list of despicable deputies under his regime?  That picture of Jonese is as phony as the three-dollar-bill wearing that absurd outfit!  Perhaps he should have taken his picture in the same T-Shirt as his flunky Dreama who’s still haunting the Courthouse!  Yet the REAL TRAGEDY of this whole scam is that were this county to have a real INVESTIGATIVE NEWSPAPER – instead of relying upon competitive Internet Blogs – Jonese and his ilk would have been run out of office a long time ago…and the county would have been much better off in the long run.  So I say, ‘Chief-Run-a-Muck’ – I bid you FAREWELL & GOOD RIDDANCE!”

Written by ANONYMOUS – MEE-OW!
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