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VOTER FRAUD...& then some!

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VOTER FRAUD…& then some!


The threat to U.S. Elections has never been as bad as recently seen in the 2016 election-cycle whereby FOREIGNERS from every angle have attacked our country – AND VOTED – in order to influence & change our election results so as to TAKE from AMERICAN CITIZENS and GIVE TO THEMSELVES!  Here is a quick analysis of the problem:
1.     Because of DUAL CITIZENSHIP PASSPORTS – ISRAELIS ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE IN OUR ELECTION PROCESS!  Since the Israelis work under a ‘matriarchal’ system, anyone born from an Israeli women becomes an Israeli-citizen AND is permitted to vote in American-elections!  Why not allow Americans to vote in Israeli-elections?  If so, then perhaps we’d all have PEACE IN THE MIDDLE-EAST!
2.   Several other countries are also permitted DUAL CITIZENSHIP AND ALSO VOTE IN AMERICAN ELECTIONS!
3.    In U.S. States without VOTER PHOTO ID CARDS, illegal immigrants from Central America have been stealing the identity of Americans for not only ATM machines, but also for VOTING purposes AND also for IDENTITY purposes when required to show Citizenship DOCUMENTATION!

Fact-check: Did 3 million undocumented immigrants vote in this year's election?

Were there 3 million illegal votes from undocumented immigrants in this year’s presidential election?  Well, that’s what some websites are saying.

"Report: 3 million votes in presidential election cast by illegal aliens," reads a headline on InfoWars, a conspiracy website run by Alex Jones.  The article has been shared via Facebook more than 48,000 times when we last looked.
Other websites also have touted this report, including Milo, TheNewAmerican and FreedomDaily.

So is there any truth to it?

Well, we don’t know for absolute certain.  But the report is actually a tweet, and the person who authored the tweet won’t explain how he arrived at his figure.  If that isn’t reason enough to be skeptical, independent experts and historical analyses suggest it’s highly suspect.

In other words, don’t buy it.

Where’s the report?

As evidence of its claim, InfoWars’ headline refers to a report from  and tweets from Gregg Phillips, whose Twitter profile says he’s the founder of VoteStand, a voter fraud reporting app.

There is no report from, however, and Phillips told PolitiFact he is not affiliated with that website. The information comes from tweets made by Phillips on Nov. 11 and Nov. 13.

Here they are:

We have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens.

We are joining .@TrueTheVote to initiate legal action. #unrigged

— Gregg Phillips (@JumpVote) November 13, 2016

Completed analysis of database of 180 million voter registrations.

Number of non-citizen votes exceeds 3 million.

Consulting legal team.

— Gregg Phillips (@JumpVote) November 11, 2016

Phillips would not provide any additional information when asked by PolitiFact. 

He said he has chosen not to release more information because he is still working on analyzing the data and verifying its accuracy.  Phillips would also not say what the data is or where it came from, or what methodology he used.

Phillips said he would release the information publicly once he is finally finished.

According to his page on LinkedIn, Phillips is a former finance director of the Alabama Republican Party. He also served as executive director of the Mississippi Republican Party and was managing director of a super PAC that supported Newt Gingrich’s 2012 campaign for president.

Plenty of reason to be skeptical

While we have no idea how Phillips arrived at his claim that 3-million non-citizens voted, people who have made similar claims in the past have cited a 2014 report that claims 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008 and 2.2 percent of non-citizens voted in 2010 midterm congressional elections.

That report was based on data from a Harvard survey of people.  But the data was flawed, which created flaws in the subsequent report.

The authors of the survey say a small percentage of respondents, who are citizens, accidentally misidentified themselves as non-citizens on the survey. This is because the respondents didn’t read the question carefully and accidentally selected the wrong response to the question.

How do researchers know this?  One of the authors of the survey, Brian Schaffner, said people changed their answers later when they were asked about their citizenship.

"When we took out people who changed their answer on the citizenship question and only look at people who answered consistently that they were non-citizens, we found no reported non-citizens who voted," Schaffner told PolitiFact.  Other research contradicts Phillips’ tweet.

News 21, a national investigative reporting project funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, found just 56 cases of non-citizens voting between 2000 and 2011.

A report by the liberal Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law found that most cases of non-citizens voting were accidental. "Although there are a few recorded examples in which non-citizens have apparently registered or voted, investigators have concluded that they were likely not aware that doing so was improper," reads the 2007 report.

States that have tried to purge non-citizens from voter rolls, meanwhile, have found even government data lacking.

In 2012, Florida Governor Rick Scott’s administration started an effort trying to crack down on non-citizens voting by comparing driver's license data against voter rolls.

Through this process the Florida Department of State created a list of 182,000 potential non-citizens that had voted. That number was whittled down to 2,700, then to about 200 before the purge was stopped amid criticism that the data was flawed given the number of false positives — including a Brooklyn-born World War II vet.

Ultimately, only 85 people were removed from the voting rolls.  State officials began to pursue a second attempt at a purge in advance of the 2014 election but then abandoned that effort, too.

Richard Hasen, an election law expert at the University of California, Irvine, called Phillips’ claim "fake news."

"There is no credible evidence I have seen to show large numbers of non-citizens voting in U.S. elections anywhere," Hasen said. "The idea that 3 million non-citizens could have illegally voted in our elections without being detected is obscenely ludicrous."

Our ruling

Reports claim 3 million "illegal aliens" cast votes in this year's election.
The articles point back to tweets from Gregg Phillips, who has worked for the Republican Party and has a voter fraud reporting app.  But Phillips will not provide any evidence to support his claim, which happens to be undermined by publicly available information.

If Phillips does release a more detailed report, we will consider that information.  But for now, this claim is inaccurate.  We rate it False.

Share The Facts / Bloggers on the internet

Phillips, the founder of VoteStand, claims that non-citizen votes exceeded 3 million and that they intended on initiating legal action.  However, when asked to provide his sources and data, Phillips claimed that the information would be released in an open forum as to not “allow the media to spin this first.”

A separate article from 100PercentFedUp claims the “illegal aliens” who voted are currently under investigation, after they were told by President Barack Obama that it was “okay.” It continues:

Can you believe it?  Obama told the illegals it was ok to vote and they followed through. This further confirms that legal Americans came out BIG TIME for Trump and thank goodness they did.  It’s been said that the only way to combat voter fraud is with a huge turnout.  This election proved that theory.  You could also say that Trump would have won the popular vote had it not been for the 3 million illegals voting…

The unproven stories have also claimed that Donald Trump won the popular vote “despite widespread vote fraud.”  However, these claims that millions of “illegal aliens” voted and are under investigation are currently unproven.

Social Media Shares Unproven Claim about 3 Million “Illegal Aliens” Voting

3 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS Under Investigation For Voting…After Obama Told Them It Was Ok >

The impact of…
— Allen West Republic (@AllenWestRepub) November 16, 2016
REPORT: 3 MILLION Votes in Presidential Election Cast by ILLEGAL ALIENS, 
— Pamela Geller (@PamelaGeller) November 15, 2016


#HillaryClinton LOST the popular AMERICAN vote! Her numbers reflect 3 Million illegal aliens who voted! They should be deported immediately
— DEPLORABLE DEVIL DOG (@leatherneck111) November 17, 2016

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What do you think of the claim? Sound off in the comments section below!
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When you click on:  it will take you to: and then you will see the BIG PICTURE of just how our country is being stolen from us by foreigners flooding across our borders and stealing us blind in jobs, schools & national & natural resources!

Three million votes in the U.S. presidential election were cast by illegal aliens, according to Greg Phillips of the organization.

If true, this would mean that Donald Trump still won the contest despite widespread vote fraud and almost certainly won the popular vote.

“We have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens,” tweeted Phillips after reporting that the group had completed an analysis of a database of 180 million voter registrations.

We have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens.
We are joining .@TrueTheVote to initiate legal action. #unrigged
— Gregg Phillips (@JumpVote) November 13, 2016

“Number of non-citizen votes exceeds 3 million. Consulting legal team,” he added.
Completed analysis of database of 180 million voter registrations.
Number of non-citizen votes exceeds 3 million.
Consulting legal team.
— Gregg Phillips (@JumpVote) November 11, 2016

According to current indications, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by around 630,000 votes, although around 7 million ballots remain uncounted.
Virtually all of the votes cast by 3 million illegal immigrants are likely to have been for Hillary Clinton, meaning Trump might have won the popular vote when this number is taken into account.

Vote fraud using ballots cast in the name of dead people and illegal alien voters was a huge concern before the election.

On the morning of the election there were 4 million dead people on U.S. voter rolls.

Although some states require some form of ID before voting, California, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Washington, D.C. all require no identification before voting.

"Report: 3 million votes in presidential election cast by illegal aliens."
in articles on the internet – Monday, November 14, 2016

About this statement:

Published: Friday, November 18th, 2016 at 10:58 a.m.
Researched by: Allison Graves, Amy Sherman
Edited by: Angie Drobnic Holan
Subjects: Elections, Immigration


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Voter Fraud Is Real. Here’s The Proof

By John Gibbs, 13O 2016

Data suggests millions of voter registrations are fraudulent or invalid.  That’s enough to tip an election, easily.

This week, liberals have been repeating their frequent claim that voter fraud doesn’t exist. A recent Salon article argues that “voter fraud just isn’t a problem in Pennsylvania,” despite evidence to the contrary.  Another article argues that voter fraud is entirely in the imagination of those who use voter ID laws to deny minorities the right to vote.

Yet as the election approaches, more and more cases of voter fraud are beginning to surface.  In Colorado, multiple instances were found of dead people attempting to vote.  Stunningly, “a woman named Sara Sosa who died in 2009 cast ballots in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.” In Virginia, it was found that nearly 20 voter applications were turned in under the names of dead people.

In Texas, authorities are investigating criminals who are using the technique of “vote harvesting” to illegally procure votes for their candidates.  “Harvesting” is the practice of illegally obtaining the signatures of valid voters in order to vote in their name without their consent for the candidate(s) the criminal supports.

These are just some instances of voter fraud we know about.  It would be silly to assume cases that have been discovered are the only cases of fraud.  Indeed according to a Pew Charitable Trust report from February 2012, one in eight voter registrations are “significantly inaccurate or no longer valid.” Since there are 146 million Americans registered to vote, this translates to a stunning 18 million invalid voter registrations on the books.  Further, “More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters, and approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.” Numbers of this scale obviously provide ripe opportunity for fraud.

Don’t Let Data Contradict My Narrative

Yet in spite of all this, a report by the Brennan Center at New York University claims voter fraud is a myth.  It argues that North Carolina, which passed comprehensive measures to prevent voter fraud, “failed to identify even a single individual who has ever been charged with committing in-person voter fraud in North Carolina.” However, this faulty reasoning does not point to the lack of in-person voter fraud, but rather to lack of enforcement mechanisms to identify and prosecute in-person voter fraud.

The science of criminal justice tells us that many crimes go unreported, and the more “victimless” the crime, the more this happens.  The fact is, a person attempting to commit voter fraud is very unlikely to be caught, which increases the incentive to commit the crime.

The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) is a sophisticated, comprehensive effort to catalog “the number and types of crimes not reported to law enforcement authorities.” However, it tends to deal mostly in violent crimes.  As complex as the NCVS is, gathering accurate data for unreported victimless crimes such as voter fraud is even harder, since (1) outside of the criminal, no one may know a crime has taken place, and (2) there is no direct victim to report the crime in the first place.  Yet we are expected to believe that, unlike violent crime, voter fraud is limited only to the cases that are actually reported and prosecuted?  This is a senseless position.

Further, the Brennan Center report argues that because prosecutor Kris Kobach’s review of 84 million votes cast in 22 states found only 14 instances of fraud referred for prosecution (which amounts to a 0.00000017 percent fraud rate), voter fraud is so statistically small that it’s a non-issue.  Let’s follow this logic.  Does the fact that 109 people were cited for jaywalking in Seattle in 2009 mean that only 109 people jaywalked in Seattle that year?  Does the fact that 103,733 people were cited for driving without a seatbelt in Tennessee in 2015 mean that only that many people were driving without seatbelt in Tennessee in 2015?

Absolutely not.  This can be proven easily because in 2014, the previous year, only 29,470 people were cited.  The disparity is largely due to increased enforcement efforts in 2015.  In other words, increasing enforcement of the crime revealed a much larger number of people committing the crime.

The exact same is true for voter fraud.  We have no reason to believe that the low number of prosecutions means only that exact amount of voter fraud is happening.  Rather, it could mean a lack of enforcement is failing to reveal the bulk of the violations that are occurring.  Thus, as with many types of crimes, especially victimless crimes, the real number of cases is likely significantly higher than the number reported.

How to Effectively Target Voter Fraud

So now that we know voter fraud is a serious issue, what are some solutions to this problem?  States like Michigan have Poll Challenger programs, where observers from both parties may be present at voter check-in tables at precincts.  They check each voter’s ID against a database of registered voters for that precinct to ensure the person attempting to vote is actually legally qualified to vote in that precinct.  If there’s a discrepancy, the poll challenger may officially challenge the ballot.  Other states should implement similar programs.

States should sponsor initiatives to remove dead voters and correct the registrations of people registered in multiple states (make them choose just one state).  Since many local jurisdictions are reluctant to clean their voter rolls, federal or state oversight with teeth may be necessary.

Further, voter ID laws, such as the one implemented by North Carolina, but (wrongly) struck down by three liberal judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit— one appointed by Bill Clinton and the other two appointed by President Obama—are needed to ensure there’s no cheating with votes. States should continue to press the issue regardless of recent setbacks by liberal activist judges.

Finally, some have claimed that strong voter ID laws are racist, because they disproportionately impact minorities and would prevent minorities from voting.  As a black person, I’m naturally interested in this claim.  Thankfully, it turns out to be false.  The Heritage Foundation has shown that black voter turnout actually increased after North Carolina passed its voter ID law.

Not only was the claimed negative outcome false, but the reasoning was faulty as well.  The fact that the law disproportionately impacts minorities does not mean that it is discriminatory.  It means, unfortunately, that fewer minorities are in compliance with common-sense safeguards to protect the integrity of our elections (i.e., having a driver’s license or photo ID).

To mitigate this concern, states can offer a service that will take people without valid ID to their local government office to apply for proper ID, free of charge.  Users could schedule the pickup with their smartphone or a phone call.  That way there will be as few barriers as possible to those who want to vote and are capable of obtaining a valid ID, but cannot due to transportation concerns (a reason often given by those who claim voter ID laws hurt minorities).

So let us not believe false claims that voter fraud doesn’t exist. It’s real, and we must work to stop it, while making sure those who are eligible to vote but without proper ID are accommodated fairly.

An earlier version of this article cited Pew Research instead of Pew Charitable Trusts for a report the latter has published.

[John Gibbs (@realJohnGibbs) is a regular contributor to The Federalist and RealClearPolitics. He’s worked at Apple as an engineer on the iPhone, and has used his fluency in Japanese to teach technology to churches in Japan.  John holds a B.S. in computer science from Stanford University and a master in public administration from Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government.]

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Just think if Hillary Clinton had won and America faced 600,000,000 (Six-Hundred-Million) people from Central & South America wanting to come here?  Our entire country would be destroyed in no time at all!

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