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In the Northern District of Pocahontas County there are four (4) candidates running for the County Commission on the Democrat Ballot, and whoever wins will be seated for the next six (6) years!  Those four candidates are as follows:

(1)            KENNETH ‘BUSTER’ VARNER > businessman located in Durbin who is virtually into almost everything, i.e., has  earth-moving equipment for hire, has both a lawnmower & tractor franchise for sales & services, rents trailers & homes to foreign-workers, transports foreign-workers in three separate repainted surplus school buses to their work assignments at Snowshoe / Silver Creek and to Interstate Lumber Co., and he is a person who has virtually run for numerous public-offices to date including a couple of times for sheriff, and now for county commission. 

Trouble is, ‘Buster’ is simply looking to receive a government-check each month, if not from renting to low-income foreign-workers and receiving a federal-subsidy check, then receiving a government-check as a public-official, etc.  ‘Buster’ even tried to get himself ‘appointed’ to fill the seat on the county commission for the Southern District upon the death of Dolan Irvine until he found out that he actually had to ‘live within’ the Southern District in order to qualify pursuant to State Law!   

And ‘Buster’ was one of the five-member-board of the Pocahontas County Solid Waste Authority (PCSWA) which has caused so much havoc within the county for the last decade-and-a-half with its refusal to follow the State Laws and its alleged ‘mandatory-assessment-fee’, whether anyone uses the ‘open-dump-landfill’ or not, and its illegal lawsuits, default judgments, and Abstract of Judgment Liens being imposed by an Elkins collection-agency-attorney!  

Last summer ‘Buster’ resigned from the PCSWA in order to make a contract- bid on expanding the ‘open-dump-landfill’ for another 10 acres – he actually won the bid-contract – but when he found out the next closest bidder was $50,000.00 more, ‘Buster’ tried to change his bid so that he’d be only $500.00 less!  He was caught and almost lost his business-licenses!  So now he’s a candidate for the county commission!

(2)          DAVID FLEMING > is currently the county commissioner now seeking a second six-year-term.  In the last election, David was running against the late James Carpenter – the very same one who signed a secret-deal with the so-called Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation (GVEDC), a private-corporation, that’s really an ‘expensive social club’ located in Greenbrier County that to date has taken considerable land & money FROM this county!  The ‘secret deal’ gave the GVEDC three-acres of land in Green Bank, that the GVEDC then ‘leased for 99 years’ to Jacob Meck who now has over seven businesses using the same address and none of which pay any property-taxes – since the land is public land!  As soon as Fleming took office, he too became the ‘bootlicker’ of the GVEDC and is still listed as a GVEDC board-member participating in all their social & ‘country club’ activities!

Six-years back after taking office, Fleming divorced his wife and three-children and moved from the Green Bank area in the Northern District, to move in with Tom Shipley in the Slaty Fork area of the Central District!  By law Fleming disqualified himself automatically, and when challenged on the record by former county commissioner, Norman Lee Alderman, at a public commission meeting, Fleming refused to answer on the record what either his current address was or provide a current phone-number for folks to get in touch with him.  The County Clerk at the time had NO RECORD of Fleming’s address or contact phone-number – and that’s what prompted Alderman’s inquiry!  To complete the deception, Fleming ‘rented’ a house in Green Bank so as to have an address in the Northern District, but had his mail held at the Green Bank Post Office, along with all UPS deliveries – while he continued to live with Shipley in the Central District!

Yet within a day after Alderman’s public inquiry, Fleming filed two false-charges against Alderman who was arrested in a ‘mid-night raid’ by the County Sheriff that included the Sheriff’s teenage son & other ‘auxiliary-misfits’ who ended up taking all electronic-computers, cameras & such from Norman Alderman – who now has become a candidate himself for county commission for the Southern District – to make sure such nefarious ‘raids & such’ do not occur to others!  

At any rate, while Alderman was being denied his due process & equal protection of the laws, Fleming, aka, 'the chicken man', apparently was too afraid & cowardly to come to court and take the witness-stand in order to have a ‘speedy-trial’ as required in the ‘Bill of Rights’, so the case lingered sixteen-months before it was finally dropped for lack-of-evidence!  Just shows the lack of any honor or integrity on his part!

Fleming, meanwhile, became such a ‘lap-dog’ for the GVEDC that all Phil Cain of the GVEDC had to say was ‘Jump!’, and Fleming would ask, ‘How high?’  It was Fleming who initiated the giving away of the three (3) acres of seasonal-wetlands to Jacob Meck & Co. when requested by the GVEDC, and the additional nine-acre request to build six-open-pit ‘settling-ponds’, each to hold & store upwards to 50,000 gallons of raw-human-toxic-sewage-waste for Snowshoe & Silver Creek in Green Bank – across from the Senior Citizen & new Medical Center!  This scheme also entailed a ‘tank-farm’ to include 100,000 gallon storage tanks approximately a mile south of the NRAO!

A Citizen-Taxpayer civil lawsuit blocked the proposal so far – but who can trust David Fleming for a second term?  For that matter, who can trust David Fleming for anything?  Like the saying goes, ‘Burn us once it’s his fault; burn us twice it’s ours!’

    (3)    DAVID McLAUGHLIN > is generally recognized as a
              ‘nice guy’ by all accounts since he was a former mail
              carrier working out of the Dunmore Post Office, and
              he runs a small farm between the Frost / Dunmore
              area.  But the problem is that David does NOT seem
              to know the ISSUES of what the folks in Green Bank,
              or Durbin, or anywhere else in the Northern District
              think should be accomplished.  The folks in Green
              Bank want a ‘Tourist Park’ not a ‘cesspool’ in their
              midst; and the folks in Durbin want their new
              Library completed with no further delays since the
              funds are available!

               But David, like ‘Buster’ Varner, also placed his name
               in the hat to be ‘appointed’ as the county
               commissioner for the Southern District upon the
               death of Dolan Irvine – apparently, David did not
               know that one has to actually live in the district that
               they are supposed to represent!  So just being a ‘nice
               guy’ does NOT mean one knows the ISSUES or the
               requirements for public office to represent all THE
               PEOPLE and to put The People first & foremost!  If
               this were a sporting event, would you as a coach
               put in the ‘nice guy’ in the closing seconds of a
               game – or would you put in the person with the best
               talent, know-how, & experience to get the job done

              In fact, that is what finally prompted Northern
              Commission Candidate Patti Heinemann to finally
              accept her invitation to run when presented to her by
              friends, neighbors & family.  Patti called and tried to
              talk with David McLaughlin about the ISSUES facing
              the folks here in Green Bank regarding the proposed 
              ‘cesspool’ that Jacob Meck & the GVEDC wanted to
              place across the road for the Green Bank Senior
              Center & new Medical Center – and David was
              ‘clueless’ about the ISSUE or about what the county
              commission could actually do about such a proposal!
               When Patti tried to explain the duties &
               responsibilities of a county commissioner, and the
               health & public-safety factors and environmental
               impact studies involved, again David was ‘clueless’!
               So Patti decided to accept the donations for the
               ‘filing-fee’ and registered as a candidate – especially
               since over 300 persons from the Green Bank area
               signed a ‘citizen-petition’ opposing any type of
               ‘cesspool’ – in favor of a ‘Tourist Park’!!

(4)          PATTI HEINEMANN > is the only candidate running for County Commission actually educated in government service with a Masters Degree in Public Administration, with an undergraduate Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications & Journalism, and 25 years experience in public relations, administration & journalism with non government organizations (NGOs).  Patti has set forth a list of ISSUES FACING THIS COUNTY IN IMMEDIATE NEED OF SOLUTIONS, as found at this website, and as summarized below:

  STOP the Solid Waste Authority lawsuits;
      Expunge all Judgments & Liens immediately;
      & make the PCSWA FOLLOW STATE LAWS!

  FIRE the GVEDC and create a new Pocahontas
      County Economic Development Authority
      (PCDA) to administer all county land &
      development funds & create jobs here!

  Turn Green Bank pubic land into a ‘Tourist
                           Park’ – not a private ‘cesspool’ for Intrawest!

                      Create a ‘Resort Area District’ for Snowshoe &
                          Silver Creek, but with ‘checks & balances’ to
                          protect all current landowners from any
                          corporation-debt; or let Snowshoe & Silver
                          Creek incorporate into its own municipality;
                          or let the State takeover Snowshoe & Silver
                          Creek because if its $1.5 BILLION DEBT and
                          establish a public-corporation administered
                          by this county via a ‘Workers  CO-OP’!

                      Establish ‘Cell Phone’ service for the entire
                           county plus another communications
                           company besides Frontier!

                      Bring in ‘Wind Turbines’ for low-cost
                            electricity, JOBS, and income for the county

    Establish ‘Pubic Works’ Projects for the
        benefit of all Citizens – to finish the new  
        Durbin Library and  to rebuild Marlinton
        for just the ‘Cost of Materials’ & ‘Cost of
        Labor’ without any interest/usury to
        moneylenders or profiteers!

        Establish bottling Natural Spring Water as
        the #1 Business in Pocahontas County via the
        new Pocahontas Pure Water CO-OP where
        every owner of a Natural Spring SHARES IN
        THE PROSPERITY – again forever!

This is just a summary of the programs Patti Heinemann & Norman Lee Alderman have agreed to accomplish should YOU the VOTER decide It’s Time for a Change here in this county whereby a couple of Honest, Moral, Righteous & Experienced persons can make a big difference on the County Commission!  YOU have the choice to elect two (2) new county commissioners at the same time for the first time in our lifetime!  Just say NO to those who want to keep this county in Poverty & Pauperism – and just SAY YES to real Progress & Prosperity for the future!

Therefore on Primary Day – YOU have a chance to elect two persons that will always put YOU first!  They know that:


Find out more – Stay tuned to these Websites:

The Pocahontas Crier is an independent Internet News Service that has so far endorsed two candidates for County Commission, one a Republican & the other a Democrat – in addition to providing in depth news reporting on important issues directly affecting the Citizens of Pocahontas County!

  IF YOU are registered to vote as a Republican, you can
       Vote for Norman Lee Alderman in the Primary Election
       on 13 May 2014;
  IF YOU are registered to vote as a Democrat, you can
      Vote for Patti Heinemann in the primary election on
      13 May 2014;
  If you are not registered to vote, then you must register
      to vote on or before 22 April 2014;
  If you are registered to vote, but with no party
      affiliation, then you must request Loud & Clear either
      a Republican or Democrat ballot on Primary Day when
      you go to the polls;  &
  Since Norman is unopposed, he recommends that you 
      request a Democrat ballot to vote for Patti so that this 
      county can again have an Honest & Just county 

Email  comments & suggestions to: The Pocahontas Crier  at  
& if you wish to financially assist, kindly send all campaign contributions to: The United Campaign for County Commission (UCCC), c/o Citizens for Common Sense Alternatives (CCSA), a registered Political Action Committee, 7837 Wesley Chapel Road, Green Bank, West Virginia 24944-9063 
Phone: 1.304.456.4565 or 3282 (also fax)

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