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23 February 2014, Vol.1, No.8 > 3rd ORDER OF BUSINESS!

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It’s no secret that the public land in Green Bank across the road from the Green Bank Senior Center is a recognized ‘wetlands’ with its own unique grass & vegetation, birds & wildlife, and it’s also well-known that the area remains a ‘wetlands’ for well over eight-months a year!   Therefore common sense should tell anyone that such a location is THE LAST PLACE that anyone should want to build a ‘cesspool’ of six-open-pits each containing upwards to 50,000 gallons of ‘raw-human-toxic-sewage-waste’, plus establish a ‘tank-farm’ with 100,000 gallon storage tanks!

But let’s face it!  The only ones that don’t care about the environmental impact on the land is Jacob Meck & his associates since they were given their three (3) acres of public land for FREE!  That’s right, Meck did not have to pay a penny for it, and only signed a ‘lease/purchase agreement for 99 years’ at $150.00 per/month that is applied towards the purchase price without any interest/usury as the rest of us are forced to pay to the money-lenders & profiteers!  Since Phillip Cain and his so-called Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation (GVEDC), a private-corporation, is behind this scheme – why doesn’t Phil make the same terms for all those who get loans from his bank?

And as egregious as this scam is, it is made even worse by the fact that the current county commission, not only transferred the three (3) acres IN SECRET, but is letting the GVEDC get away with this scam at the same time making all the Citizens of Pocahontas County LIABLE for all environmental damage that is being inflicted upon the public land – in the same manner as a previous county commission did with the Howes Leather toxic-waste-site a decade and a half ago!  Looks like it’s the same type of scam – just a different day!

Meanwhile, Meck & Co. now say they don’t want or need any additional ‘wetlands’, since it’s election year and they don’t want to embarrass David Fleming any more than necessary, or that he does to himself every time he tries to talk – but lest anyone forget, the pubic land in Green Bank falls under the National Historical Preservation Act of 1966 due to it being a Pale-ontological site (dinosaur bones & such), also a Native American Burial Ground, and a pre-colonial site for Fort Warwick!  So the next lawsuit might be a real ‘biggie’!   

The best solution is that since all the land is seasonal-wetlands, a boardwalk-pathway, as built at Cranberry Glades, is necessary to insure the environmental protection of all plants & animals – as a ‘Tourist Attraction’ once Fort Warwick and a Native American campsite is restored – another ‘Public Works’ project waiting to be built!  For every dollar spent by tourists, that dollar turns over seven-times within the local economy – and since this site is about a mile south of the NRAO – it would complement the area of Green Bank instead of GVEDC & Meck’s plan to turn the area into his private ‘cesspool’!  Whatever happened to those professing ‘Christianity’ becoming the ‘Stewards-of-the-Earth’ as intended by Our Creator?

As for Snowshoe & Silver Creek ski resorts – they can build their own sewage-treatment-plant on their own land without storing it in Green Bank or anywhere else in Pocahontas County!  And that goes for the 60,000 gallons of human-sewage-waste that Meck has stored just a few feet from the banks of Deer Creek along Route 66 just before Moore’s Cement Company in LEAKING TANKS that he obtained from Burns Trucking Company at the former Texaco gas-station in Marlinton!  Meck knew those tanks were leaking, that’s why they had to be replaced, yet Meck buried those same leaking-tanks next to Deer Creek, and then filled them with human-sewage-toxic-waste!  How’s that for pretending to be a ‘good-neighbor’ to others?  And of course, David Fleming & the current county commission turned a ‘blind-eye’ as usual! 

And lest the folks in Marlinton don’t think that fecal-matter in the water supply could affect their drinking water – well is this any different than the late Dolan Irvine raising pigs next to Knaps Creek – even after being told to move the pigs by the EPA?  Check it out for yourself, the ‘E-Coli’ bacteria is one of the worst that can afflict mankind!  And isn’t Knaps Creek the source of the drinking-water-supply for Marlinton?

Therefore on Primary Day – you have a chance to elect two persons that will always put YOU first!  They know that:


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      a Republican or Democrat ballot on Primary Day when
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