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Part II - Ending the 'Poverty Preservation Society'

22 February 2014, Vol.1, No.6 > PPS & its 25 years of Deceit!

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A Summary Review of 25 years of deceit!
Part II – Special Report by Robyn Ewe Blyne, Investigative Journalist
The information contained herein can be found in the public records of the Office of the Circuit Clerk, the Office of the County Clerk & old-newspapers at The Pocahontas Times.

As the fiasco with West Virginia Shoe was unraveling in front of our eyes, another was taking place with the abandonment of Howes Leather in Frank.  For an untold number of years, Howes Leather was using some of the most toxic-chemicals known to mankind that caused all sorts of ‘Cancers’ & ‘Tumors’  – yet these concerns were ignored pursuant to the ‘ profits’ being made as a war-contractor!  Howes Leather had a Vietnam War-contract to waterproof-leather using toxic-chemicals so deadly that they are now banned by all countries in the world, except the Israelis!

But as a direct & proximate result of the closing of Hanover Shoe in Marlinton, Howes Leather was not far behind, and unlike Hanover, Howes was leaving behind the most toxic-waste-dump in the State of West Virginia at the time!  The site at Frank was so poisoned & polluted that the DEP estimated the cost to ‘clean-up’ the site would exceed $15 Million!  But since Howes Leather contributed to former State Senator Walt Helmick’s political campaigns – even though most of the time Walt had no opposition, he took care of his ‘good-buddies’Howes Leather simply ‘donated’ their toxic-waste-dump in Frank to Pocahontas County as a ‘new industrial park’ – and took a quarter-of-a-million-dollar tax-deduction to boot!  So instead of having to pay $15+ Million to clean up their toxic-mess – Howes simply transferred their property to the county commission!  And the county commission at the time, chaired by Dana Moyers, thought nothing about the health or safety of the people of Frank or Durbin – and accepted title to the toxic-dump – and that then made the people of Pocahontas County financially responsible for the ‘clean-up’!  With ‘friends’ like that in public office – who needs any enemies?

So what happened next?  You guessed it!  The county commission made Walt Helmick the ‘Economic Coordinator’ for the county in charge of the ‘clean up’!  Walt set out first to shave the ‘berms’ around the toxic-sludge-pits from 10+ feet-wide down to less than 4 feet so that a good rain would breach the berms and allow the toxic-waste to run into the Greenbrier River.   [Ed Note: For those who actually know the individual that did the ‘shaving-of-the-berms’, that person is now dying a slow-horrible-death from all the toxic-poisons he was around!]

But that wasn’t fast enough, so Walt had a ‘large-siphon-hose’ inserted in the south end to drain the toxic-waste through the grass & into the Greenbrier River!  And true to form, the berms finally gave way and 13 MILLION GALLONS of toxic-waste & poison ran into the Greenbrier River – shutting down the water intake valves for over a week in Lewisburg all the way to Hinton!  But where were the screams from the self-styled ‘environmentalists’ here in the county at the time?  The silence was deafening from the likes of Susan Burks who recently complained about the chemical-spill in southwest West Virginia – yet at the time, didn’t even give a ‘small-hoot’ about a poison spill here in Pocahontas County that was LARGER than the 11 Million gallon Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska!

The next order of business was the ‘accidental-fire’ that was started allegedly by cutting torches at the time being used by Walt’s dad while Walt himself was away in Charleston!  And again, true to form, the local fire department responded by pointing one-fire-hose towards the fire – only to have the water arched to hit the foundation, not the roof from whence smoke was coming!  Yep, in less than 20 minutes the whole place was ablaze which of course contributed to the ‘clean-up’!  Hey, come to think of it, isn’t that similar to the recent Marlinton fire when the fire-hoses missed the actual flames?

All together, well over three-quarters-of-a-million-dollars was spent at Howes doing a ‘cosmetic-clean-up’ as far as doing a drive-by is concerned.  But only Our Creator knows for sure how many people & animals were injured & affected when 13 Million-gallons of toxic-waste ran-down the Greenbrier River!  And less we forget, there are still toxic transformers with ‘PCB’ leaking, buried illegally on the property which only a handful of folks know about – but those folks have been the highest paid persons so far in receiving their ‘pensions’ as well as ‘hush-money’ from Howes Leather!  So when you may wonder why there has been such a high-rate of ‘cancer’  & ‘tumors’ found in this county – it is not hard to figure when all ‘the dots’ are connected!

Well the next fiasco to take place at Howes Leather was when the ‘Helmick-Manchin-cartel’ located in Clarksburg announced plans to turn Frank into a ‘tire-burning / medical-waste’ disposal operation using the wood-fired boilers, etc. – and employ ‘6 workers’!  But the land-transfer took place without any public knowledge or approval as required by law!  So a Citizen-Taxpayer lawsuit was filed and the court ordered a referendum – which turned out to be so close – that Joe Manchin’s-Group backed out of the deal!  [Ed Note: At the time Joe Manchin III was running for governor as often as he could and it took him over 16 years of effort – but all the while Joe was being paid by Massey Coal for all his efforts and the public records show that Joe Manchin III received well in excess of $50 MILLION from Massey Coal Co. alone in campaign contributions!]  

So not wanting to disclose any of their finances – the ‘Manchin-Group’ just faded away!  Ironically enough, you would think that ‘clean-water & clean-air’ would mean just that – ‘clean & pure’’ – but that’s not the case when it comes to the DEP!  Nope, since the air here in Pocahontas County is considerably ‘cleaner’ than the air in South Charleston, the DEP allows so many ‘parts-per-million’ of dirt in both air & water therefore an old-tire & medical-waste-burning facility here in Pocahontas County could have made our air as dirty as that of South Charleston!  So once again, the Citizen-Taxpayer court action saved Pocahontas County from a fate worse than death itself!

Additional Citizen-Taxpayer lawsuits brought attention to the $50,000.00 provided by the Greenbrier Soil Conservation District specifically designated for preventing bank-erosion along the North Fork – that went instead to illegal expenditures made by both the ‘Economic Coordinator’ & the County Commission – and that resulted in the county commission having to replace those funds by taking $50K from the fund established to refurbish the Courthouse!  

Another source of contention was the ‘liens’  placed by both the First National Bank & the Bank of Marlinton, at the time, against publicly-owned property without any voter approval – not to forget those CDs purchased with misdirected funds!  As a direct & proximate result, both local banks were ordered closed & sold to other banks by the U.S. Banking Commission since the First National Bank had well in excess of $10 Million in unsecured ‘good-ole-boy’ loans outstanding within the State of West Virginia!  It’s not hard to figure when a bank president can issue a ‘certified-check’ or ‘letter-of-credit’ for upwards to $50,000.00 to anyone of their choosing – without having to obtain the approval from any loan committee!  Ever wonder why at any public-auction a handful of folks are able to buy whatever they want?  Chances are each has a ‘certified-check’ for upwards to $50K and they can pool those checks together to out-bid anyone else when they make their ‘straw-purchases’!

Following the Flood of 1996 the ‘Poverty Preservation Society’ really showed its dirty hands in keeping folks IN POVERTY rather than see them rise with a fresh-start!  Take for instance those folks living on ‘Tannery-Row’ along the Greenbrier River behind the Hanover building across the river from Burns Trucking.  FEMA gave each of those folks a check from approximately $10,000.00 to $25,000.00 or so for their damaged homes so those folks could move to higher-ground and use those funds as a down payment for a better and/or modular home.  But instead of the First National Bank simply ‘writing-off’ the mortgages on those same homes as a ‘tax-write-off’  – which is normally done by banks following disasters – NOPE!  Good-ole Phil Cain visited each home and promised those folks that IF THEY WOULD GIVE HIM those checks to pay-off their existing mortgages, then the First National Bank would help finance them to leave the flood-plain for higher-ground! 

Yeah, you guessed it!  Once the FEMA checks were in the hands of the bank, the folks on ‘Tannery-Row’ were told that a new home was not affordable for them – since they needed a down-payment first!  It doesn’t get more rotten than this to ‘preserve-poverty’ within Pocahontas County – and the same folks are at it again trying to gain control of the land in downtown Marlinton following the recent fire – just so the rental-income of downtown Marlinton can go to Greenbrier County (Economic Development Corporation), of course!  And the current county commission just continues to sit on its hands and rock-back & forth humming to itself!

Before leaving off with the dirty-tricks played by private-banks, just ask around and you will hear dozens & dozens of ‘stories’ about how folks in this county have been cheated out of large sums of money stored in their ‘bank-lock-boxes’, aka, ‘safety deposit boxes’, when those boxes are anything but ‘safe’!  It seems that since ‘poverty is a way of life’ here in Pocahontas County, that far too many folks have placed very valuable items, heirlooms, and cash in their ‘bank-lock-boxes’ only to find the cash & valuables missing upon their return!  Since the Sheriff is tasked with the care of senior citizens that either have no families to care for them, or families that do not want to care for them, then the task falls upon the Sheriff and the nursing home where old-folks are stored since Denmar Hospital closed.  And some may remember that this county was awash with ‘rumors’ of lost valuables when Jerry Dale was Sheriff.  At any rate, since so many folks are elderly, disabled, or incapacitated to one degree of another, trying to get-by every day, whenever they came into some money or valuable item via an inheritance or such, they would put the cash- funds into a ‘bank-lock-box’ rather than open a bank-account since opening a bank-account would mess-up their disability or SS check, etc.  But in far too many cases folks have found those cash-funds missing from their ‘bank-lock-box’ – but who can they report it to?  So their ‘poverty is preserved’ yet again!

And last, but not least, not too many folks know that whenever anyone opens a ‘trust-fund’ within a private-bank, no matter how large or small that ‘trust-fund’ may become – the bank president receives upwards to 10% of its value!  So a ‘trust-fund’ of $300.00 = $30.00 to the bank, a ‘trust-fund’ of $3000.00 = $300.00 to the bank, a ‘trust-fund’ of $30,000.00 = $3000.00 to the bank, & a ‘trust-fund’ of $300,000.00 = $30,000.00 to the bank, etc.!  Now is it any wonder why the ‘rich get richer’ while ‘poverty is preserved’ for the rest of us!

And is it any wonder why President Thomas Jefferson favored only a central U.S. Treasury Bank and hated ‘private-banks’, when he said the following:

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue
of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people
of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered...I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies...The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

[Ed Note: This quotation is often cited as being in an 1802 letter to Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin, and/or "later published in The Debate Over the Recharter of the Bank Bill (1809)."]

One last thought regarding ‘private banking’ instead of having a central United States Treasury Bank as Our Founding Fathers intended, is that private money-lenders, profiteers, banks & financiers, etc., supply no necessity (such as food, clothing & shelter), but instead draw huge profits from the prevailing economic system that thrives on interest/usury!  What most folks do not realize is that interest/usury & taxes TAKES MONEY OUT OF CIRCULATION – and since money is to society what blood is to people and animals – it’s not hard to see what happens when money is restricted and taken out of circulation!  Jobs are lost & Society dies!                                                                                                 

The tragedy is that money-lenders MAKE MONEY, but they do so at the expense of everyone else!  They do not grow crops, nor raise livestock, nor manufacture products, nor build buildings, nor paint buildings, nor participate in any of the thousands of different businesses that others do that are necessary for society to function – no, they simply strive to stuff their big safes with mortgage deeds, promissory notes, and endless stacks of ‘instruments-of-debt’ that they hold over everyone’s head as a sword!  IF America returned to its Biblical Roots and again implemented The Divine Economic Standards – then the cost of a home would only be the ‘Cost-of-Materials’ and the ‘Cost-of-Labor’there would be no interest/usury or money-lenders!  Just ask anyone who grew up during the ‘Eisenhower Era’ about how easy it was to obtain affordable housing without paying interest/usury to private-banks!

IF we all had an honest government once again – then the Greater Good, the General Welfare of everyone – would be the highest law of all!

[Ed Note: For the record, every Citizen-Taxpayer civil action ever brought to the Courts in this county have been brought forward at the expense of the person(s) bringing the civil actions – and those folks  have never received a single penny in return for their efforts – yet every civil action has brought forth ‘Positive Results’ for the Citizens of this county!]’

End of Part II – End of Summary Review!

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