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17 October 2014, Vol.1, No.69 > CANCER CURES STUPIDITY!

‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2
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In case there are folks who can read, ‘STUPIDITY’ is defined as: “(1) dazed; stunned; stupefied.  (2) lacking in understanding; slow-witted; dull.  (3) showing or resulting from a lack of intelligence; foolishness.  And, (4) dull; boring; as, a stupid party, a stupid person.”  So says Daniel Webster!  A newer rendition of ‘STUPIDITY’ is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result! Now just how long do you have to make a list of the number of people, events & public-policies that fit that definition here in Pocahontas County in the last four-decades? 

In this election, EVERY REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE for either the U.S. Senate or the House of Representatives is being paid for by the Billionaire Kansas Koch Brothers to favor the building of the infamous Keystone XL Pipeline to bring the toxic-cancerous-Tar-Sands from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas all because the Kansas Koch Brothers will EACH make $100 BILLION more dollars than they already have currently being the richest predators in America!  So the Koch Brothers are spending over a half-billion-dollars to fund all Republican Candidates for CongressAND THAT’S WHY OUR MAIL BOXES HAVE BEEN FULL OF THEIR GIANT POSTCARDS OF ‘BULLSCHEISS’ DAY AFTER DAY … against Congressman Nick Rahall & Senate Candidate Natalie Tennant!  

Each of the so-called ‘sources’ cited, that’s the little ‘numbered footnotes’ found in small print on the giant postcards, are actually ‘front-groups’ owned by the Koch Brothers, or citations inserted in various newsletters & newspapers & such from Koch Brother-owned groups!  It’s a GIANT SCAM but the Koch Brothers believe that if you throw enough ‘Scheiss’ against the wall – some may stick – and make them richer!  But worse yet is that IF YOU THE VOTER believe any of the ‘B.S.’ – then YOU BECOME THE BIGGEST LOSER since YOU may be one of the ones that gets CANCER from the DIRTY BUSINESSES of the KOCH BROTHERS!  That’s why many employees of the Koch Brothers never see retirement – they are either replaced by ‘younger, dumber & cheaper’ or they DIE OF CANCER with NO SAFETY NET! Don’t believe it!  Just Google ‘Koch Brothers’ or go to <  > and see the many documentaries regarding the criminal activities of these vermin who have to breath the same DIRTY AIR that they make for the rest of us!  Now they are buying as many members of Congress as they can – to WORK FOR THEM…not for us!

DYING FROM CANCER goes for anyone STUPID ENOUGH to believe that FRACKING does not cause CANCER – or that building a 42-inch-wide pipeline through West Virginia & Pocahontas County to take Natural Gas to North Carolina will not DISRUPT UNDERGROUND WATER & SURFACE STREAMS!  Raise your hands IF you like MUD & POISONOUS CHEMICALS in your drinking water so the folks in North Carolina can get cheap natural gas – something WE DON’T EVEN GET TO USE!  The Natural Gas, Oil, Timber or whatever else is the SOVEREIGN PROPERTY OF THE PEOPLE OF WEST VIRGINIA – IT DOES NOT BELONG TO A PRIVATE-CORPORATION – and therefore the PROFITS should be shared among us all as they do in Alaska!  And Common Sense should tell you that when it comes to having to engage in FRACKING & TAR-SANDS & such other low-level forms of ‘fossil-fuels’ – that we’ve reached the end of the line – THE END OF ‘FOSSIL FUEL’THE END OF THE OIL-AGE – there are NO MORE LARGE OIL RESERVES as there were these past 150 years – so it’s either find CLEAN ENERGY ALTERNATIVES or revert back to the STONE AGE!

Why do you think the Rockefeller-Family-Cartel has recently GOTTEN OUT OF OIL – because there is none left to make a fortune as there once was on this planet!  The entire earth has been scanned, explored, & searched – but there is NONE LEFT.  The Europeans & Russia have begun the switch FROM ‘fossil-fuels’, such as oil, gas & coal, TO WIND, SOLAR, HYDROGEN, and new engineering & architecture designs as a way of coping with the future – while America still wages WARS to steal OIL & GAS from those countries that still have a little left – just so the OIL-CARTELS can feed their ‘Oil-Addictions’!  It is a sad state-of-affairs & then some as American Youth in uniform are killed, maimed & wounded for greedy multi-national corporations like the Koch Brothers!  These folks don’t care who they kill, maim or injure – the game is always the same:  PROFITS BEFORE PEOPLE!  And such stupidity is cured by cancer from the poisons they leave behind!

And speaking of ‘CANCER’ – ever wonder why so many folks in Pocahontas County have died, are dying & will continue to die from cancer?  Look how many folks have had ‘cancer-tumors’!  Isn’t this the county headwaters for EIGHT RIVERS?  Does anyone remember or even know that the poisonous-chemicals used at Howes’ Leather were the MOST DANGEROUS ever used by mankind in the whole world?  Look how many of those folks died horrible-suffering deaths from exposure – and for what?  MINIMUM -WAGES!  Almost every toxic-chemical known to man was used at Howe’s Leather, including PCB that’s used in transformers, and they still remain buried & leaking at Howe’s Leather!  Former county commissioner John Simmons was the alleged ‘safety-manager’ at Howe’s and he knows where the toxic-wastes are buried – but he has remained silent all these years since he was paid the highest-pension of all the employees who ever worked there before Howe’s closed!  The price of ‘hush-money’!

Oh, and let’s not forget our self-styled ‘benevolent’ current commissioner of agriculture, Walt Helmick, who drained Howe’s Lagoon and dumped 13 MILLION GALLONS OF TOXIC-WASTE into the Greenbrier River under the guise of being the ‘Economic Coordinator’ for this county under Walt’s personal self-serving & self-enriching ‘clean-up’ scheme!  The Alaskan crude-oil-spill from the Exxon-Valdez only dumped 11 MILLION GALLONS – so good-ole-Walt holds the WORLD’S RECORD as the WORST SINGLE POLLUTER ON THE PLANET all by himself!  And he got away with it – AND REWARDED WITH RE-ELECTION – all because of STUPIDITY on the part of county voters! 

We probably could BLAME ALL THE STUPIDITY ON THE DRINKING WATER since toxic-waste from FRACKING, Sludge Holding Ponds, and underground Storage Tanks all seep into underground water resources that eventually come to the surface!  And at the time Howe’s Leather was in business, dear-ole-Durbin got its drinking water from the Greenbrier River near the very place where Howe’s discharged their toxic-waste!  Perhaps that’s why the current Durbin town-council is ‘brain-dead’ enough to deny low-income residents a CLEAN DRINK OF WATER – by cutting off po’-folks water supply for lack-of-funds!

When all is said & done, we have to wonder if anyone in Greenbrier County would have cast one vote for self-serving Walt had they known that HE WAS THE ONE that shut down the water-supply to Lewisburg for over a week while the Greenbrier River ran black from the poisonous-death flowing by their city because of the toxic-waste of Howe’s Leather!  Now while only Our Creator knows just how many fish, wildlife and people were infected, maimed or killed by ‘WALT’S TOXIC SPILL’ – the best thought is knowing that in less than one second after Walt takes his last breath – HE CANNOT TAKE ONE PENNY OF HIS BLOODMONEY WITH HIM!  Justice will be served one day or another!

And as for the one Walt hired to ‘skim-down’ the walls of the huge-toxic-lagoon at Howe’s Leather from 14-feet wide to 3-feet wide so that the walls would fail upon a heavy rain – which the walls did – that emptied the 13 Million Gallons into the Greenbrier River --- well that po’-bastardo is dying a slow, horrible death as cancer cures his greed & stupidity!

Jobs!  What jobs?  The ONLY JOBS CURRENTLY in this county are MINIMUM-WAGE jobs!  The Workers at Snowshoe / Silver Creek are the LOWEST-PAID workers in the entire ski industry in the country!  And as for a ‘job’ in any store in Pocahontas County – well you guessed it – MINIMUM-WAGE!  The only ones getting paid HIGHER than their worth are those on the county commission & working in the courthouse!  Can anyone say it ain’t so?

As set forth by NORMAN LEE ALDERMAN (Rep-SD) for county commission in the primary election, PERMANENT ‘LIVING-WAGE’ jobs of no less than $18 - $20 per/hour, and more, could be possible (then folks would not need more than one job), IF…
1.     The public-land in Green Bank were turned into a TOURIST PARK by rebuilding Fort Warrick;
2.    Fire the GVEDC and take back all county-land & rental fees & make them pay all their back taxes;
3.    Establish CELL PHONE & BROADBAND service for everyone here in this county;
4.    Establish PUBLIC WORKS projects in this county;
5.    Establish a SENIOR CARE TEAM to visit Senior Citizens with special needs;
6.    Establish WIND TURBINES in this county;
7.    Rebuild the INFRASTRUCTURE in this county;
9.    Establish a POCAHONTAS PURE WATER CO-OP so natural springs can provide a clean drink of water; &,
10.          Establish a SOLAR SOLID WASTE disposal facility to put an end to ‘open-dump-sprawl’!

THE BIG LIE of the 2014 Campaign by the Koch Brothers Republican Party at the federal & state level is that raising the Minimum-Wage will ‘hurt-businesses, both great & small’ – so their solution is to eliminate all corporate restrictions, remove all environmental-safety measures, eliminate all worker-benefits, and lower-corporate-taxes to 20% or less – while the average worker pays as much as 35%!  Yet a ‘LIVING-WAGE’ for every employee rebuilds the Middle-Class!  And does anyone really believe that at this point in time folks like the Kinders, Tottens, Trents, or other store owners will actually DO ALL THE WORK NECESSARY by themselves so as to not hire anyone!  The owners of Wal-Mart own more wealth than 80% of all the rest of us combined – does anyone think they will actually load & unload trucks, stock shelves, run cash registers, gather shopping carts & such – all by themselves!  What would happen to Snowshoe / Silver Creek IF all employees didn’t come to work for a DAY – a WEEK – a MONTH?  That’s why WORKERS FORMED UNIONS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES & THEIR FAMILIES from predator-corporations!

The HYPOCRISY of the town-councils of Durbin & Marlinton wanting to TURN OFF WATER to households in need is appalling when both town-councils know damn-well that their current water supply LEAKS almost as much water as it serves!  There is plenty of earth-moving equipment in this county whereby the owners could be given a tax-deduction by offering their equipment to make the repairs – plus there are plenty of men unemployed who could be paid a ‘LIVING-WAGE’ to do a Public Works Project as necessary!  BUT IT REQUIRES A COUNTY COMMISSION WILLING TO SERVE THE PEOPLE INSTEAD OF THEMSELVES or any SPECIAL INTERESTS!

And just consider WHAT IT WOULD MEAN IF the State of West Virginia – because of Intrawest’s massive debt – revoked the corporate-charter of Snowshoe Mountain, Inc. (SMI) and turned the entire OPERATIONS over to a WORKERS-COOP?  The current MINIMUM-WAGE Workers are already conducting the day to day operations but without the SALARIES to make a ‘LIVING-WAGE’ !  The proceeds of the mountain could be split with the State, 60% to WV, and 40% to the WORKERS-COOP!  It works just fine for the Europeans – where there’s a requirement that a Board of Directors be comprised of 1/3 Management, 1/3 Stockholders & 1/3 Union Employees – and it would work even better here as a full Worker’s CO-OP!

THAT’S WHY, as important as this mid-term election is, ordinarily we’d say VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT to keep the SOCIAL SAFETY NET & MEET the SOCIAL NEEDS of everyone – but since the two Democrat candidates for County Commission are so inept by lacking the knowledge and skills necessary to govern a county –

Vote Democrat at every level EXCEPT for County Commission


Charles Wilfong who is perhaps the most experienced and successful farmer this county has ever seen – besides working for all farmers in this state in the leadership of the West Virginia State Farm Bureau…
Norman Lee Alderman who has never stopped trying to benefit the folks of this county in all his various efforts as a school teacher, pastor, former county commissioner, and editor of his powerful Website –


On 04 NOVEMBER…there’s no excuse…

Just say ‘NO’ to those who want to keep this county in Poverty & Pauperism
– and –
Just say ‘YES’ to real Progress & Prosperity for the future!

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