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01 October 2014, Vol.1, No.65 > RE-ELECT CONGRESSMAN NICK RAHALL!

‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2
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After taking some time off to reassess things, take stock of the country at large, and make inquiry into the things taking place in Pocahontas County that will effect us all in a NEGATIVE MANNER if allowed to come to pass – we at The Pocahontas Crier are back at it once again trying to live up to our reputation as being a ‘premier muckraking publication’ shining a spotlight on the corrupt, really corrupt, and almost corrupt wannabes within and without Pocahontas County who love to bash in the limelight of impropriety and the appearance of impropriety!  We have a lot to say about such creatures and their schemes as they feed upon the absolute stupidity & lack-of-knowledge of the citizen-voters of Pocahontas County in particular and throughout West Virginia in general!

But with a mid-term election only a month away, now we suppose that just about everyone with a mailing-address has received at least two ‘attack-ad / smear-campaign’ mailings against Congressman Nick Rahall, with more to come, from the so-called ‘West Virginia Republican Party’ at the state level!  These giant postcards ‘attack-ads’ are about AS CORRUPT AS CORRUPT ION CAN BE since they are nothing more than sheer ‘Political B.S.’ paid for by the two MOST CORRUPT CORPORATE-OWNERS still breathing the same air as the rest of us! 

We are talking about the KOCH BROTHERS of Kansas, whose combined wealth makes them the richest persons in America – yet whose wealth has all come from GREED, POLLUTION & CORRUPTION since they prey upon our national resources and engage in the DIRTIEST BUSINESSES ON RECORD!  Yep, we’re taking about OIL, GAS, DIRTY COAL & DIRTY TAR-SANDS – yet these two ‘bastardos’ don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves and least of all their employees since the Koch Brothers are leading the campaign AGAINST THE MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE TO $10 p/hr when it really should be $22 p/hr to keep up with the Cost of Living (COL)! 

The Koch Brothers are spending between $300 - $500 MILLION to buy the NATIONAL & STATE REPUBLICANS – that’s why the Republican Part is

  Universal Health Care that would provide health
     insurance for everyone free of charge as in Europe;
  Any increase in the minimum wage;
  Any Safety-Nets such as Social Security, Medicare,
    Medicaid, Unemployment Benefits, Workman’s
    Compensation, and so on;
  Organized Labor or the right to form a Union;
  Any Taxes or Regulations on Corporations; and,
  Any lawsuits against corporations for the injuries,
    illnesses, and harm that they cause!

Didn’t Massey Coal also want the same things so they could increase their corporate-profits while they killed coal miners by ignoring common-sense Safety?  Do a Google-Search on the “Koch Brothers” and you will find a slew of documentaries and evidence about just how corrupt, greedy & how much pollution they have caused – not to mention the thousands of persons killed and maimed-for-life by the toxic-fumes spewing forth from their dirty industrial wastes  in ground water & from smokestacks!  Go to < > or < > and pick out any one of numerous video documentaries to view on your computer about just how corrupt these people are – who have not yet paid for their crimes!  If we had an honest government & system – the Koch Brothers would have their corporate charters revoked, corporate & personal assets frozen, have their corporations re-chartered for honest persons to manage, and see the Koch brothers placed on trial for murder and other assorted crimes against humanity to be shot by a firing-squad or hung from a gallows!

How did the Koch Brothers get so rich?  Their father during the 1930’s worked for the ruthless-communist-dictator Joseph Stalin in Russia building oil refineries!  Then after amassing a personal fortune, the elder-Koch returned to America and financed the phony-front-group known as the John Birch Society with his ersatz-partner, Robert Welch, whereby they professed to be ‘anti-communist’ all the while promoting CORPORATE FASCISM under the pretense of ‘laissez-faire-capitalism’, i.e., allowing corporations to do as they please without any government control or regulations – the same thing the Snowshoe RAD wants, but in the end it only amounted to PREDATORY-CAPITALISM and the grabbing of as much Natural Resources away from the Common-Ownership of the People as possible!  And now the Koch Brothers are attacking Congressman Nick Rahall – proving once again that he must be doing SOMETHING RIGHT to attract their dislike!

And when it comes to CONGRESSMAN NICK RAHALL, simply check out his voting record – he has ALWAYS STOOD UP FOR:

            The Right to Own & Bear Arms / Gun Ownership;
            Increasing the Minimum-Wage to a Living-Wage;
            UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE free for everyone;
            Spending FOREIGN AID first & foremost in
            VETERAN RIGHTS with full medical coverage;
            Organized Labor and the Right to join a UNION; and,
            A complete SAFETY-NET for all families and
              everyone out of work as a direct result of
              government policies allowing American companies
              to move overseas!
One of the most important reasons to KEEP CONGRESSMAN NICK RAHALL is the fact that he is now the CHAIRMAN of some of the most influential committees in Congress and therefore is in the best position possible to move important legislation FORWARD to meet the Social Needs of the Citizens of America!

The last thing West Virginia needs is a new person in congress that has no power or influence over anything!  We’ve seen that in the loss of one of the most powerful men ever in Congress with the death of Senator Robert C. Byrd being replaced by Senator Joe Manchin II who has become nothing more than a ‘bootlicker’ to the corporate-lobbyists in order to try and get campaign donations from corporate-sponsors such as the Koch Brothers!  Manchin has betrayed the legacy of Senator Byrd and became the ONLY DEMOCRAT to vote for the Key-Stone-XL Pipeline from Canada to Texas to carry the dirtiest of all fossil-fuels, tar-sands, that could of and by itself create enough ‘global-warming & toxic-pollution’ to destroy this planet! 

WHY ELSE DO YOU THINK THE ROCKEFELLER BROTHERS HAVE DECIDED TO ‘GET OUT’ OF THE OIL BUSINESS AND INVEST IN RENEWABLE GREEN ENERGY such as WIND POWER & SOLAR?  They know it’s either wise up & LIVE – or remain stupid & greedy & Die – we simply can no longer afford to burn fossil-fuels that POISON EVERYONE & EVERYTHING!  That’s why Europe is now running on WIND POWER & Hydrogen! 
See < >!

As important as this mid-term election is, ordinarily we’d say VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT to meet the Social Needs of everyone – but since the two Democrat candidates for County Commission are so inept by lacking the knowledge and skills necessary to govern a county – COMPARED TO THE TWO EXPERIENCED REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES FOR COUNTY COMMISSION – we say Vote Democrat at every level EXCEPT for County Commission


On 04 NOVEMBER…there’s no excuse…

Just say ‘NO’ to those who want to keep this county in Poverty & Pauperism
– and –
Just say ‘YES’ to real Progress & Prosperity for the future!

On Primary Day – YOU have a chance to elect two persons that will always put YOU first!  They know that:


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