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08 October 2014, Vol.1, No.66 > DIRTY POLITICS & THEN SOME!

‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2
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As we predicted a few days ago, the DIRTY POLITICS & ATTACK ADS against Democrat-Incumbent CONGRESSMAN NICK RAHALL and U.S. SENATE CANDIDATE NATALIE TENNANT cannot get much worse – but the Republican-Kansas-Billionaire-Koch-Brothers have announced that they are prepared to spend in excess of $500 MILLION to defeat as many Democrat candidates in both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate as they can in order to control Congress on behalf of their dirty-oil-&-gas-&-tar-sands businesses!  Why?  Because the Koch Brothers are the main financial backers of the proposed Keystone-XL-Pipeline from Canada to Texas and once the pipeline is approved & completed – THE KOCH BROTHERS STAND TO MAKE $100 BILLION EACH!  Already these two brothers are the richest persons in America and own more wealth than 90% of all the rest of us combined!

To see just how BAD & DANGEROUS the TAR-SANDS are to the wildlife and people who work around this ‘scheiss’ – and just how BAD & DANGEROUS the TAR-SANDS are to the environment as a whole – see the new documentary film, ‘WHITE WATER – BLACK GOLD’, at < > or < >.  You will not believe how greedy some folks are to PUT PROFITS BEFORE PEOPLE!  The same can be said about the ‘IDIOTA’ in this county who think putting a 42-inch pipeline through more than 20-miles of this county has some value for the people of this county!  Look around, you will find a sign here & there claiming that the proposed pipeline to take Natural Gas to Charlotte, North Carolina, will somehow create ‘jobs’ here in Pocahontas County!  Just how STUPID can these folks really be when it is a known fact that an outside corporation is set to build the pipeline and they ain’t looking for any ‘locals’ to hire-on!  Since ‘STUPIDITY’ comes from either lack-of-knowledge & education or ‘poor-genetics’ from a dumbed-down or inbred-bloodline – you have to really wonder how such fools can either feed or dress themselves!

But as bad as the personal Bribes & campaign funding is from billionaires such as the Koch Brothers in financing ‘Attack Ads’, compare that to the fact that the Koch Brothers are funding candidates like Republican Senate candidate Shelley Capito with several MILLIONS-OF-DOLLARS for her campaign against Democrat candidate, Secretary of State Natalie Tennant!  In a recent debate on C-SPAN between Capito & Tennant, Capito outright LIED about her votes in the U.S. Senate denying an increase for the minimum-wage, praising her votes for yet another WAR, and denying her votes to PUT PROFITS IN THE POCKETS OF OIL, GAS & COAL CARTELS at the expense of the PUBLIC HEALTH of rank & file workers, their families or the general public!  At the national & state levels the so-called Republican Party is willing to PUT PROFITS BEFORE PEOPLE and place SPECIAL INTERESTS first & foremost before the GREATER COMMON GOOD of the Citizens of this State or elsewhere!  In the C-SPAN debate, Capito admitted that she voted to ‘PRIVATIZE SOCIAL SECURITY’ so that WALL STREET BANKS could control Social Security Funds for the future!  When the hell has Wall Street ever helped the ‘Main Street’ rank & file Citizens? 

In 1963, when John F. Kennedy (JFK) announced to the students of Columbia University that he wished to restore the U.S. Treasury Banking system and re-issue ‘interest / usury-free’  U.S. Notes to replace the privately-owned Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) and eliminate the schemes & scams and the National Debt created by Wall Street – JFK was killed within two weeks later – the same as happened to Abraham Lincoln when Abe ordered the issuance of $400 Million in ‘interest / usury-free’ U.S. Notes printed instead of borrowing from the privately-owned Rothschild Bank of England!  Lincoln used those funds to hire 70,000 ‘blue-bellied-mercenaries’ for the Union Army to seize control of Washington, D.C. to try and keep the Confederate States from succeeding!  Once Lincoln had control of Washington, D.C., Abe imposed ‘The Lieber Code of 1863’ imposing marshal-law and other insidious barbarities immediately instigating the War of Northern Aggression / War Between the States!

But ironically, those U.S. Notes issued by Lincoln in 1860 were known as ‘Lincoln Green Backs’ and were free of any ‘interest / usury’ up until Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ), the day after JFK was killed in 1963, signed his first ‘Executive Order’ rescinding both the ‘Lincoln Green Backs’ & the ‘Two Dollar U.S. Notes’ issued by JFK prior to his assassination by which JFK wanted to buy-back the FRB!  Ever since then, the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB), as the American branch of the privately-owned Rothschild Bank of England, has been charging  ‘interest / usury’ on every piece of paper-money printed in America!  That’s why ‘taxes’ are taken out of every pay-check since the ‘taxes’ are simply a ‘rental-fee’ for using the privately-owned FRNs belonging to foreign bankers of the FRB – not only for your use of their property, but also collectively for all the funds appropriated (borrowed) by Congress for the cost of the WARS, foreign-aid, and the high salaries & costs paid for all those in Congress & the Military Industrial Complex (MIC)!  FOLKS – YOU’RE LIVING UNDER CORPORATE FASCISM whether you know it or not where the profits of privately-owned corporations come before ‘We The People’!

In this local election for county commission, we have TWO EDUCATED, KNOWLEDGEABLE & EXPERIENCED candidates:  CHARLES WILFONG (Rep-ND) and NORMAN LEE ALDERMAN (Rep-SD) who have proven their abilities in the past.

Charles Wilfong (Rep-ND) is running against David McLaughlin, both are farmers used to seeing the derriére of cows – but with the exception that while McLaughlin spend most of his life running around in circles delivering mail – and has absolutely NO EXPERIENCE as a government administrator – Wilfong on the other hand grew up when his father was a county commissioner, and Charles has the added experience of being a top administrator for the West Virginia Farm Bureau working for all farmers and the Citizens of West Virginia!

As for the Southern District we have William Beard, Jr., a local farmer also chasing after the derriére of cows – but with NO EXPERIENCE as a government administrator!  Meanwhile we again have the choice of Norman Lee Alderman (Rep-SD), a former county commissioner with a reputation of STANDING UP for SOCIAL JUSTICE here in Pocahontas County – besides being a school teacher and IT Specialists for the county Board of Education!

It’s no secret that lame-duck David Fleming, after losing the primary-election is desperate to grab some ‘gravy-job’ – as did former commissioner Reta Griffith when she stabbed all of us in the back for her ‘gravy-job’ by giving the despicable Frontier Communications a monopoly here in this county – we now see Fleming scrambling in the same manner since po’-Dave was betrayed by Phil Cain & the ‘lodge-brothers’ even after Fleming gave Cain & the Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation (GVEDC) everything it wanted of value here in Pocahontas County!  So the only option Fleming has left is to wait until after the 04 November general-election to try and approve the Snowshoe-Resort-Area-District (SRAD) in the hopes of getting a ‘gravy-job’ for himself as Snowshoe’s new ‘house-boy/slave’!

THEREFORE, as important as this mid-term election is, ordinarily we’d say VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT to meet the Social Needs of everyone – but since the two Democrat candidates for County Commission are so inept by lacking the knowledge and skills necessary to govern a county – COMPARED TO THE TWO EXPERIENCED REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES FOR COUNTY COMMISSION – we say Vote Democrat at every level EXCEPT for County Commission


On 04 NOVEMBER…there’s no excuse…

Just say ‘NO’ to those who want to keep this county in Poverty & Pauperism
– and –
Just say ‘YES’ to real Progress & Prosperity for the future!

On Primary Day – YOU have a chance to elect two persons that will always put YOU first!  They know that:


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