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22 October 2014, Vol.1, No.71 > ENOUGH ALREADY!  ENOUGH!

‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2
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By now…is there anyone who is not sick & tired of the HUGH POSTCARDS jamming their mailbox everyday from the so-called ‘Republican Party’ and its ersatz-candidates financed by the Billionaire Kansas Koch Brothers?  The Koch Brothers are the sole-beneficiaries of the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline that proposes to pipe the dirtiest of all OIL-SLUDGE-TAR-SANDS, called ‘bitumen’, from Canada to Texas so the TWO KOCH BROTHERS WILL MAKE $100 BILLION EACH to add to their already tens-of-billions! 

Thanks to the stacking of the U.S. Supreme Court by the two ‘Bush-regimes’, CORPORATIONS can now spend as much as they want trying to INFLUENCE LEGISLATION BY BUYING UP THE VOTES IN ADVANCE VIA ‘CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS’ – and that’s exactly what they have done in the 2014 General Election!  The campaigns of every single REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE for the U.S. Senate & House of Representatives is being paid for by the Billionaire Koch Brothers & their cartels!  The Corporate-Billionaires are even spending in excess of $100 Billion to ‘get out the vote’ in the hope that DEMOCRATS STAY HOME believing ‘they can’t win’ so only Republican votes are counted!

It’s no secret that POLITICS HAS ALWAYS BEEN A DIRTY-BUSINESS with the rich always trying to get richer off the blood, sweat & tears of those with less money – but this election may go down in history as THE WORST EVER before it is over on 04 November!  For those that weren’t absent the day they taught Early American History in school, you may remember the struggle between the lowland ‘TIDEWATER-PLANTATIONS’ and the mountainous ‘PIEDMONT’ whereby the owners of plantations with thousands-of-acres fought against those folks who were freed as ‘Indentured-Servants’ after seven years and moved into the ‘Wilderness Areas’ of the Appalachia to carve out a couple of acres to build a cabin & grow a garden & such.  The overwhelming majority of Plantations were ‘granted-title’ via Land Grants issued by the King to Loyalists & such.  And as for the workers, the Plantation-Owners offered ‘free-passage’ from England to America in exchange for SEVEN-YEARS OF SERVITUDE on their respective plantations – and the workers became known as ‘Indentured Servants’!  When the seven-years were up, many ‘servants’ left for the ‘Wilderness Areas’ to start a life of their own-choosing.  Many folks in these hills to this day can trace their Ancestry through these brave men & women who carved out the wilderness – that is what is meant by being a ‘MOUNTAINEER’!

BUT – THE PROBLEM BEGAN WHEN THOSE IN THE ‘PIEDMONT’ went to vote!  Only MEN could vote, and only MEN WHO OWNED PROPERTY could vote!  And the Plantation-Owners with thousands-of-acres were usually educated compared to the Common Folk living in the ‘PIEDMONT’so the Plantation-Owners felt they should have ONE-VOTE PER/ACRE in stead of ONE-VOTE PER/LANDOWNER regardless of acreage!  S0unds a lot like the proposed SNOWSHOE RAD (Resort Area District) doesn’t it – whereby majority interest, such as that of Donald Trump, is based on ACREAGE-OWNERSHIP instead of by ‘SQUARE-FEET’?  At any rate, the matter was eventually settled when the U.S. Supreme Court issued the policy of ‘ONE MAN, ONE VOTE’ regardless of acreage as long as a male-voter was also a landowner!  The plantation-owners wanted to establish a ‘two-tier-system’ with a ‘House of Lords’ here in America as they had in England, while everyone else was relegated to the ‘House of Commons’ – but Our Forefathers saw it differently by giving each State regardless of size two-votes in the U.S. Senate, and establishing representatives in the House of Representatives in proportion to the size of population!

But now thanks to the stacked U.S. Supreme Court in  CITIZENS UNITED v. FEC, 21 January 2010, ANY CORPORATIONS CAN SPEND AS MUCH AS THEY LIKE TO CONTROL THE GOVERNMENT!  And buying up CONGRESS is what has been happening since 2010, and now includes buying up as many STATES as possible that still have Natural Resources – including West Virginia!  The late/great Senator Robert C. Byrd would rollover in his grave if he knew that Joe Manchin was the FIRST DEMOCRAT TO SELL HIS SOUL TO THE KOCH BROTHERS in favor of making them richer with the Keystone XL Pipeline!  But then again, dear-ole Joe never did put any  COMMON FOLKS before HIMSELF – Joe never placed THE COMMON GOOD BEFORE SELF OR ANY SPECIAL INTERESTS – for after all, Joe spent 16 years running for governor all the while on the payroll of Massey Coal to the tune in EXCESS OF $50-MILLION – until he started getting funds from the Kansas Koch Brothers!  And then we wonder what is wrong with this country these days!

COMPARE our current corrupt system to that found within the European Union whereby NO PRIVATE FUNDS can be used in any political campaign!  That’s right, no matter how rich anyone is, they are not allowed to spend $1 for either themselves as a candidate or anyone else as a candidate!  ALL ELECTIONS ARE PUBLICLY-FUNDED meaning that a specific amount of public-funds are allocated for each position of government requiring a person to be elected by the general population!  Then each candidate is given THE SAME AMOUNT of public-funds for whatever position they are seeking – and each candidate only has THREE-MONTHS to campaign!  In this manner, persons are elected on their MERITS & EXPERIENCE and are beholden ONLY to the VOTERSnot to private-corporations or foreign-interests!  But here in America, foreign-interests are also allowed to influence our elections whereby for example, Israelis are allowed to vote while living anywhere in the world since all persons born of a so-called ‘jewish-woman’ is considered an ‘Israeli’ citizen.  Thus in large metropolitan areas the so-called ‘jewish-block-vote’ can sway American elections!  And then we wonder why America is bogged-down in foreign entanglements in the middle-east…in direct violation of the Farewell Address of George Washington!

LOCALLY – it’s getting worse also!

Wherever we look, thanks to the never-ending-wars, it seems that government claims it does not have enough money to function – so therefore more ‘taxes’ and/or ‘add-on-fees’, etc, are needed, ad nauseam!  And the same is happening to the PRIVATE-CORPORATIONS that already have a MONOPOLY over various public-services!  Look at these examples:

1.     Thanks to self-serving parasites such as former county commissioner, Reta Griffith, the cursed Frontier Communications continues its monopoly over Pocahontas County in which it DOUBLE-CHARGES us for land-line services, and after two-years of haggling still will not allow any other communications company to use the very lines & polls that public-funds have paid for!  So THANK RETA for the LOUSY-SERVICE, POOR CONNECTIONS, and SLOW, VERY SLOW INTERNET SPEED!  The good news is that finally a lawsuit has been filed against Frontier for all the above & then some – and now we wait some more!

2.    For WHO KNOWS HOW LONG – the PRIVATE-ELECTRIC PROVIDER has been ‘ESTIMATING’ everyone’s monthly use of electricity and making sure that every bill is between $100 - $160 or more a month!  Then upon thousands of complaints, the PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION (PSC) required MON-POWER to actually read every house-meter each month!  What happened?  The monthly electric bills FELL TO LESS THAN $50 per/month for each household, many to even less than $40 per/month!  After a couple of months, MON–POWER requested a ‘RATE-INCREASE’ and true to form, the PSC gave it to them – so NOW ALL MONTHLY BILLS ARE AGAIN BETWEEN $100 - $160 or more a month!  Does anyone remember when water, gas, electric & such were PUBLIC CORPORATIONS interested in low-cost-SERVICE – instead of PRIVATE-CORPORATIONS that PLACE PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE? 

No wonder California and other states have again taken-over these services as ‘Public-Corporations’!  But the real treachery of MON-POWER is that they know that after 01 November they cannot turn off anyone’s electric since the ‘winter-season’ is upon us – so now before the end of the month – they are demanding full payment from everyone – regardless of amount or those on payment-plans – or they will turn off your electric before 01 November!  And if MON-POWER turns your electric off – then the only way to get it back on is to PAY-IN-FULL everything owed to this point!  THAT’S WHAT IS CALLED ‘PREDATORY-CAPITALISM’ AT ITS WORST WITHIN ‘CORPORATE-FASCISM’!  Remember when they taught that also in History class?  Dictatorship via CORPORATIONS!  This is the end result of what is being called ‘privatization’ – of schools, hospitals, prisons, utilities, and national & natural resources, etc.!  No National or Natural Resource should ever be allowed in the hands of any individual, family, private-corporation or cartel – THOSE RESOURCES ARE THE ‘SOVEREIGN PROPERTY’ BELONGING TO ALL THE PEOPLE AT ALL TIMES…and should be held in ‘PUBLIC-CORPORATIONS’ answerable to the Public at all times!!

3.    And let us not forget that the town of Durbin & Marlinton want to CUT-OFF WATER to any household which has fallen behind pursuant to all the other financial pressures facing everyone these days!  Yet the United Nations has recently declared WATER IS A HUMAN RIGHT – like the Right to Breath Air – therefore to cutoff water, or deny clean water to anyone is a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION!  The folks in Detroit received that ruling from the UN since their water-rates are twice the national average, and their poverty rate is 40%!  Sound familiar, what’s the ‘POVERTY-RATE’ of this county with only seasonal-employment at Minimum-Wage…and folks on SS, SSD & such?  Meanwhile over 27,000 households in Detroit have been cutoff – but the UN has ORDERED their water turned-on – especially since two-thirds of those households have children, and the children CAN BE TAKEN AWAY BY THE OXYMORON SO-CALLED ‘FAMILY SERVICES’ if the home has no water!  Now while ‘child-protective-services’ generally does good work protecting children – we all know stories right here in this county whereby children have been taken from their parents & grandparents BECAUSE ‘FAMILY SERVICES’ THEN GETS PAID about $35,000 a year PER/CHILD under their control – making the stealing of children a self-serving ‘business’ instead of a ‘SOCIAL SERVICE’ – and let’s not forget the ‘business’ of the ‘foster-homes’!  Thankfully the UN has required the water turned back on for everyone – and if not done so – then those responsible for the CUTOFF may very well find themselves CHARGED WITH CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and brought before THE HAGUE, the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands for Trial!    

As clueless as the buffoons in charge of Durbin & Marlinton are these days – let’s hope they employ a local attorney to represent them at THE HAGUE!  This county would then be ‘cleansed’ of its ‘IDIOTA’ almost overnight indeed!

For a full synopsis of the water-problem in Detroit, see <

THAT’S WHY, as important as this mid-term election is, ordinarily we’d say VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT to keep the SOCIAL SAFETY NET & MEET the SOCIAL NEEDS of everyone – but since the two Democrat candidates for County Commission are so inept by lacking the knowledge and skills necessary to govern a county –

Vote Democrat at every level EXCEPT for County Commission


Charles Wilfong who is perhaps the most experienced and successful farmer this county has ever seen – besides working for all farmers in this state in the leadership of the West Virginia State Farm Bureau…
Norman Lee Alderman who has never stopped trying to benefit the folks of this county in all his various efforts as a school teacher, pastor, former county commissioner, and editor of his powerful non-subscription Website –


On 04 NOVEMBER…there’s no excuse…

Just say ‘NO’ to those who want to keep this county in Poverty & Pauperism
– and –
Just say ‘YES’ to real Progress & Prosperity for the future!

On Election Day – YOU have a chance to elect two persons that will always put YOU first!  They know that:


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