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11 April 2014, Vol.1, No.31 > Part IV – Snowshoe-RAD – The Trump Card!

‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2



As indicated in Parts I, II, & III, of this series, if the proposed ‘Snowshoe Resort Area District’ (SRAD) goes into effect, Donald Trump will become a self-styled DICTATOR of his own ‘Public Corporation & Political Subdivision’ of Pocahontas County, with his own private-militia, called, ‘Rangers’; plus he will control all FUNDS & the EQUITY of all improved property owned by the ‘Homeowners’ and their ‘Associations’; and the biggest prize of all:  UNLIMITED DEBT!  Why?  Because political power is based upon ownership of ACREAGE not ‘one-man-one-vote’ for each ‘homeowner’! 

For those that may remember their History, this is the same problem faced by Our Founding Fathers whereby in order to come to America, many folks SOLD THEMSELVES INTO SLAVERY as ‘Indentured Servants’ for periods of seven years each to work on the Plantations of those rich folks given land-grants of thousands-of-acres by the various Kings of Europe.  In order to leave the Plantation and obtain land of their own, the former Indentured Servants came into Augusta, what is now West Virginia, Kentucky & elsewhere, carved out an acre or so, built a log cabin, and lived off the land as much as they could.  But this was usually ‘Indian-Land’ – given by ‘Treaty’ – and was broken with each new settler, which is how the friction began between the Europeans & Native Americans!  But in order to vote, you had to own land – and the TIDEWATER Plantation-owners with 5,000 - 10,000 acres, or more, did NOT want some ‘mountaineer’ or ‘hillbilly’ living in the PIEDMONT with one or two acres to have an equal vote!  So all kinds of controversy existed until it was finally agreed to ‘one-man, one-vote’ for all those qualified to vote as ‘landowners’!  But not so with Snowshoe-RAD – THOSE WHO WILL RULE ON THE MOUNTAIN OWN THE LARGEST AMOUNT OF ‘ACREAGE’ – and since Snowshoe Mountain, Inc. owns from 12,000 – 15,000 acres, compared to about 115 acres in total by the ‘Homeowners’ who own by the ‘square-foot’ – Good-ole ‘masser’ DONALD TRUMP is your new Plantation-owner, Dictator, King, Ruler, Judge, Potentate, Pharaoh, and all other titles you wish to bestow! 

Now if anyone wants to know what the ‘Trump-Effect’ will be whenever Donald Trump is involved in anything – you must always keep in mind that he calls himself a ‘developer’, not a ‘manager’!  He has a checkered-career in all kinds of developments from hotels to casinos to golf-courses to ski resorts, etc., etc., – and he makes his fortunes on the ‘cost-overruns’ of the development and leaves his mountains-of-debt to the management-firms that follow in his wake!  It doesn’t matter what kind of project he gets himself involved, he eats the main meal and leaves the crumbs fall where they may – and then moves on!  Of curious note, however, is that in EVERY PROJECT he makes the same lame-promise of ‘a better local economy & JOBS’ – but once the construction is completed – PUFF!  In more cases than not, the area economy is worse off than before he arrived and the jobs are limited in number as well as a lack-of-longevity!

For example, the people of South Jersey voted eight-times to REJECT any casinos in Atlantic City since the city was in such a dilapidated conditionand the general feeling was that the entire city should be renovated, not just along the boardwalk!  Then the same issue was placed on the ballot for the entire state to vote upon, and the larger population in North Jersey prevailed and casinos started coming into Atlantic City – and Trump’s were surrounded in the worst of the corruption scandals!  Yet what followed was quite unique – employees of the casinos in Las Vegas were offered 20% - 40% more pay IF they would relocate and work in the new casinos in Atlantic City – and a lot of them took the bait!  But after two or so years – teaching all new ‘younger, dumber & cheaper’ recruits for all the gambling tables & such – BINGO all the former Las Vegas dealers & employees were LAID OFF, FIRED, or had their NJ Casino Licenses revoked!  The promised financial gains were short-lived and a lot of folks found themselves worse off by coming to New Jersey, since they not only were now out-of-work, but had also lost all of their seniority & higher pay-scale-wages had they stayed in Las Vegas!  As for Atlantic City – it has glitzy casinos along the boardwalk – but the rest of the city remains a horrible slum!  Prostitutes made more money in ‘armed-robbery’ on the streets to folks coming or going than servicing any clientele!  The only ‘jobs’ available were for janitors & security guards for the casino parking garages & floors; in fact each casino had more security guards than uniformed police officers for the entire city!  And it’s still remains a ‘pigsty’ & then some!


In northeast Scotland, on the Menie Estate, near Balmedie, Aberdeenshire, Trump triggered a long seven year battle with local residents, environmental groups, such as the Scotland Wildlife Trust, and various politicians who campaigned to prevent Trump’s planned golf course construction on the 4000-year-old stretch of coastal sand dunes, which is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).  Nevertheless, Trump was able to buy enough politicians to at least build his £750m+ golf-course – but then it literally ‘blew up in his face’! 

“Evidence has mounted which suggests that the tycoon may have overlooked a number of factors which will negatively impact on Mr. Trump’s investment.

Speaking to Scottish Times, Andy Wightman, a land reform campaigner, explained why he believes
Mr. Trump may be set to lose millions on his investment in the course, with the magnate basing the course’s environmental sustainability on assumption and wishful-thinking.
  • Mr. Wightman referenced a Scottish National Heritage-issued report by Dr Jim Hansom, which shows the dunes have been in the process of migrating northward by 550m since 1949. Whilst this shift is declining in speed, the golfing green, which is entirely surrounded by dunes will eventually be buried as sand is transported north by the wind. This is a naturally occurring process which will be costly and protracted to prevent.
  • Despite his vast fortune, Mr. Trump has no apparent grounds to prevent the construction of the EOWDE, with the final decision resting only on Scottish Ministers. The billionaire has warned on many occasions that he will not make any other developments to the course, including the building of a clubhouse and hotel, should the wind farm go ahead.
  • A ‘world-class’ golf course may not be feasible, as neither the course nor the surrounding area could facilitate a championship event. Large events attract larger numbers of spectators which will require local infrastructure including accommodation. However Mr. Trump has warned that the infrastructure developments which he promised, are to be predicated on the cancellation of the offshore wind farm - an event which is unlikely to transpire.
  • In a competitive sense the course itself has also been labeled as too challenging by professional golfers. Furthermore, future major golfing events will be accredited by Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) - the same body which refused to attend the opening of Mr. Trump’s course.”  
Ironically, Proverbs 16:18, tells us, ‘Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall’ – and it doesn’t matter how rich or poor!  It so happens that Scotland is part of the European Union (EU) and the EU is in agreement to make all of Europe energy efficient by 2020 with renewable energy that can never run out as is occurring with ‘fossil-fuels’ such as coal, oil, gas, etc., and WIND TURBINES is their choice for renewable CLEAN ENERGY!  Germany has become the first nation to become 100% energy efficient with both Wind & Solar generated electricity!

Therefore always planning several years in advance, the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDE) had set in motion plans to build 11 Wind Turbines off the coast where Trump had insisted on building his ‘golf-resort’!  Trump became so infuriated when he realized that he could NOT buy-off the EU, that he gave an ultimatum to the people & politicians at Aberdeenshire – his golf-course or the Wind Farm in the ocean – and the local folk ‘kicked Trump out’!  He can’t build his planned 450 room hotel monstrosity nor complete his plans for 1500 luxury-homes since no one likes what he has done so far anyway, and his golf-course is literally blowing away in his face from the shifting sands of which he has no control!  Dah!  What was he thinking?  Or does he think he has a ‘Divine Right’…or powers?

What really ticked off the ‘local folks’ the most, outside of having their historic, primordial, and scientific sand dunes destroyed in part by Trump’s artificial ‘golf-course’ since green-sod has to be continually re-laid since it can’t take root on shifting-sands – is that in the planning stage of his development, ‘Trump International Golf Links Scotland’, as it was called – SIMILAR TO SNOWSHOE-RADlocal residents could be served with compulsory purchase orders - forcing them to sell their homes upon demand to the wanabe-tycoon!  Sound familiar?  With a Snowshoe-RAD, the EQUITY of all the improved-property of the ‘homeowners’ can, and will, be taken – at will – by Trump as collateral to service his ‘unlimited debt’!  See WVC §7-25-20, Indebtedness of Resort Area District. 

To top off the controversy, film-maker Bill Forsyth produced a documentary shown on British TV called,  ‘YOU’VE BEEN TRUMPED’, in which he compared the living conditions of Trump’s neighbors in Scotland with living in communist-era Romania!   The film depicts the sufferings of residents living near the golf-resort with residents’ water and electricity being cut off, tons of earth being piled up next to their homes, and the constant noise of heavy equipment, etc., including all complaints by locals to police as being ignored.  Gee-whiz, you’ll have to call the private-militia of Snowshoe-RAD, called ‘Rangers’, to register a complaint on the mountain – any bets on their response!

The Guardian newspaper quoted Forsyth, ‘We’re watching real lives and livelihoods mercilessly put to hazard by a malign concoction of egotistical bullying, corporate muscle flexing, craven averting of gaze by national politicians and crass misreading of events by local authorities including police.’  Like we reported in Part I… welcome to ‘corporate fascism’ when a business corporation takes on governmental powers – and for those that have never realized it before – ‘capitalism & communism’ are opposite sides of the same coin – and both require a ‘totalitarian government’ to have total control!  Does anyone think that a ‘PLANTATION’ operates as a ‘democracy’ – you do as the ‘masser’ orders…or else!

Incidentally, pursuant to WVC§7-25-3(n)(5), in case you are wondering, Trump’s Lobbyists in Charleston made sure that no Wind Turbines or any other generation of electricity would take place within his ‘RAD’!  He really is a bigger fool than he looks since generating electricity with Wind Turbines on top of Snowshoe Mountain would probably bring a steady flow of the much needed ‘cash’ that he & Intrawest currently lack to pay-down their massive $1.5+ BILLION DEBT!  And the Wind is still Free!


On or about 17 May 2014, the county commission is faced with either accepting or rejecting the ‘Petition’ for a Snowshoe Resort Area District (SRAD) – but only if the ‘Petition’ is complete!  WELL IT IS NOT ‘COMPLETE’!  At least not according to Article IV, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of West Virginia!  All POLITICAL SUBDIVISIONS, Organizations & Corporations with more than one person must conduct their respective business within a DEMOCRATIC PROCESS – meaning via ELECTION through a ‘Checks & Balances’ system, etc.  In short, there can be NO DICTATORSHIPS here in America by Law!   Therefore even though the Snowshoe-RAD proposes to have ONE & ONLY ONE ELECTION – it will NOT be based upon a ‘one-man, one-vote’ contingency, but upon ‘ACREAGE’ whereby the biggest land-owner will become the New Dictator!  Thus the ‘Homeowner Associations’ may wish to pool their funds together to sue ‘masser’ Trump for not being very democratic and too ‘Imperial’! 

At any rate, only NORMAN LEE ALDERMAN (Rep-SD) and PATTI HEINEMANN (Dem-ND) have dared to discuss these issues and taken a stand to REJECT THE ‘PETITION’ since it does not protect the current or future homeowners from gross exploitation!  Donald Trump & Intrawest have always considered themselves FIRST – and never placed THE COMMON GOOD BEFORE SELF…or their self-styled SPECIAL INTERESTS!  Therefore the ‘Petition’ for a Snowshoe-RAD should be REJECTED for its failure to provide a ‘level-playing-field’ for all concerned!  Yeah, Snowshoe Mountain, Inc. is going through the ‘election process’ only as a ‘smoke-screen’ for raw power since ACREAGE ALWAYS TRUMPS SQUARE FOOTAGE!

THIS TIME…there’s no excuse…

Just say ‘NO’ to those who want to keep this county in Poverty & Pauperism
– and –
Just say ‘YES’ to real Progress & Prosperity for the future!

On Primary Day – YOU have a chance to elect two persons that will always put YOU first!  They know that:


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  If you are not registered to vote, then you must register
      to vote on or before 22 April 2014;
  If you are registered to vote, but with no party
      affiliation, then you must request Loud & Clear either
      a Republican or Democrat ballot on Primary Day when
      you go to the polls;  &
  Since Norman is unopposed, he recommends that you 
      request a Democrat ballot to vote for Patti so that this 
      county can again have an Honest & Just county 
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