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'NO' to 'Birthplace of Rivers Monument'!

03 March 2014, Vol.1, No.13 > ‘No’ to so-called ‘Birthplace of Rivers National Monument’

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Official position of Commission Candidates

One would think that after all the double-talk, land-grabs & stolen county funds taken so far from Pocahontas County by the so-called Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation (GVEDC), a private-corporation & ‘self-serving country club’that the Citizens of Pocahontas County would be wise enough to spot a ‘hustler & shyster’ offering to TAKE COUNTY LAND from us in order to do us a favor!  Well, that sounds just like the ‘deal’ being proposed by those calling themselves the ‘federal government’ and  perhaps the misguided environmental-groups claiming to support what has been termed the ‘Birthplace of Rivers National Monument’!

Let’s take a moment to define a ‘monument’ according to Daniel Webster:

          MONUMENT:  (1) something set up to keep alive the
          memory of a person or event, as a tablet, statute,
          building, etc.;  (2) a writing, etc., serving as a
          memorial;  (3) a work of enduring significance: as
          monuments-of-learning;  (4)  a stone boundary
          marker;  &  (5)  a tomb!

Defining this idea as ‘a tomb’ is perhaps the best analogy for this proposal since the plan calls for in excess of 123,000+ acres of Pocahontas County land to be turned into a ‘national monument’ that is supposed to fit into one of the above definitions!  There is just one drawback that hits you like a fist-to-the-face – and that’s that NO ONE KNOWS THE TERMS & CONDITIONS UNTIL WE AGREE TO GIVE UP THE LAND!  You folks surrender & then we will tell you what you will get in return!  Just ask any Native American what that is like!  It’s not so much a question of Uncle Sam talking out of both sides of his mouth – as much as Uncle Sam talking with a ‘Forked Tongue’…yet again!  You agree to buy this house – give me the Deed – then I’ll tell you what’s wrong with the house that needs fixin’!

At a meeting held yesterday, 02 March 2014, in the Marlinton Municipal Townhall, hosted by Randy Sharp, lots of folks showed up to hear Randy, a community activist, and Dan Ferris, a retired DNR (Department of Natural Resources) officer, and Mike Costello, an environmental activist with the West Virginia Wilderness Coalition, speak to those present.  Both Randy & Dan OPPOSED giving up so much land for a so-called ‘Birthplace of Rivers National Monument’, while Mike SUPPORTED for environmental reasons on what really appears to be just another ‘federal land grab’.  With all due respect, Mike & his associates really believe what Uncle Sam is telling them about ‘protecting the wilderness’ – in order to keep the area from being exploited – yet at the same time Mike & his associates don’t know any more than the rest of us exactly what the terms & conditions will be once a takeover is completed!  And even more egregious – whatever the terms & conditions will be ‘at the start’ – those promises can be broken at any time, especially after the first five years of total federal control as the rules can be changed again!

For instance, since the land-grab includes the current Scenic Highway – do you wish to ‘pay a toll’ to drive on it ever again?  For that matter, do you wish to ‘pay a toll’ to ever walk in Cranberry Glades again?  How about seeing the Williams River ever again, wish to ‘pay a toll’ ?  Ever been to the top of Sharps Knob?  Better go before you have to ‘pay a toll’!  And guess who will monitor all this land once taken?  Yep, a whole new FEDERAL POLICE AGENCY that will be carrying guns & such since the new ‘monument’ will have its own new federal police force!   

So much for the State Motto, ‘Sempter Montani Liberi’ = ‘Mountaineers are Always Free’ – not anymore once the new ‘Yankee-army’ occupies the same land once FREE TO ALL TO VISIT, HUNT & CAMP!  Now you’ll have to ‘pay a toll’ or have a gun pointed at you by ‘your own government’!  Sound familiar – ask a Native American living on a Reservation or someone ‘liberated’ in Iraq or Afghanistan!

The irony behind this whole fiasco is that no matter what we folks believe or think should be the ‘new rules’ – IT DOESN’T MATTER – either Congress or the White House, or both, can change those rules at any time to suit the fancy of the LOBBYISTS willing to make the largest donations for the politicians in their next campaigns!  For examples of the ‘Forked Tongue’, at this time the ‘Yankee-Federals’ are saying that folks can still hunt, fish & camp in the new designated ‘Birthplace of Rivers National Monument’, i.e., the same 123,000 acres that we folks NOW can already hunt, fish & camp within – but under the new rules administered by the NEW FEDERAL POLICE – only four (4) folks can camp at any one time at any one of the eight (8) camping sites designated for the future!  Such a ‘deal’ who can oppose it?

Another irony in this whole twisted-scenario is the fact that since Pocahontas County is so ‘small & weak-kneed’ at this point in time – the ‘Yankee-Feds’ are betting that we will fold like a branch in the wind – roll-over like a trained puppy-dog –  and just go along with the plans for their ‘land-grab’ and new Federal Police Force!  As far as they are concerned – it’s a ‘done deal’ just waiting for our capitulation!  We can either accept it – or oppose it, but the only way to oppose it would be to ‘declare-succession’ once again, end the ‘Armistice’ between us Confederates & them-thar-Yankees, and resume the whole fight for State’s Rights all over again!  But let’s face it – far too many of us have to come down from the bunkers and be home by 5 pm each day just to take our daily medications!

The REALITY of this whole scenario is that despite of the heated discussions and Q&As shown at yesterdays meeting, a new ‘civil war’ could break-out among our own county Citizens with each other over this ‘Fed-Land-Grab’ – when the REALITY is that NONE OF US HAVE ANY SAY IN THE MATTER – no matter how many letters we write, phone calls we make, or meetings we hold – NONE OF US CAN CHANGE WHAT EITHER CONGRESS OR THE WHITE HOUSE WILL DO!  All of that is in the hands of the LOBBYISTS and their promised campaign bribes – if only we had ‘public-financing’ of political campaigns in this country!! 

And the REALITY on the ground here in Pocahontas County means just this:  The current 123,000+ acres of Wilderness is currently available to everyone wishing to venture into it for a multitude of reasons – as it always has been – but once it gets DESIGNATED as the ‘Birthplace of Rivers National Monument’ – ONLY A FEW FOLKS WILL BE ALLOWED TO VENTURE INSIDE – upon ‘payment of a toll’ – and under the watchful eyes of a new Federal Occupation Force!  Oh, yeah, the ‘tolls’ charged along the way are to help pay for those hired to patrol the ‘new monument lands’!  What was once free to all – will soon become the private-lair of the ‘King & His Nobles’ – much the same as ‘Sherwood Forest’!    

The environmental groups say that a lot of this is exaggeration and/or misinformation – and they believe that IF THIS ‘MONUMENT’ IS NOT ACCEPTED – that Congress has some very dangerous Legislation about to be passed that will INDUSTRIALIZE THIS WILDERNESS AREA with Oil & Gas Exploitation, ‘Fracking’, and who knows what else – yet no one knows for sure since the ‘Yankee-Federal-Occupation’ has NOT disclosed the final details – and won’t until we agree beforehand!  And if we don’t agree – the new ‘Yankee-Federal-Occupation’ can occur anyway – and that includes allowing any & all mineral-rights to be seized & divvied out again to the highest ‘political-donor’ or ‘bidder’! 

In short Folks, we are caught between the proverbial ‘rock & hard place’ at the total mercy of the person with the pen making up the rules as we go along!  Welcome to ‘Corporate-Fascism’ – where corporations rule and the people drool!  And isn’t THAT exactly what Our Founding Fathers complained about in The Declaration of Independence?  Remember the part within the ‘Bill of Particulars’ about King George III erecting ‘a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance’?  Seems like it’s the same @#%$ just a different day!

This Time…
Just say ‘NO’ to those who want to keep this county in Poverty & Pauperism for their self-serving special interest – and
Just SAY ‘YES’ to real Progress & Prosperity for the future and the mutual benefit of all concerned!

All these Issues have been addressed by commission candidates
…yet remain unspoken about by other candidates to date!

Therefore on Primary Day – YOU have a chance to elect two persons that will always put YOU first!  They know that:


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