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Dear County Commission Candidates Norman Lee Alderman (Rep-SD)  &  Patti Heinemann (Dem-ND)

The ‘Eight Rivers Council’ has polled its members and derived 13 questions they would like to have candidates for Pocahontas County Commission answer.  We forward them to you and ask that you respond by March 28. 

We will publish your responses to our membership only.

If you would be so kind as to Email those responses to us so that we do not have to run the risk of typographical errors in retyping your responses, that would be helpful.  We distribute to our members by Email to save the time and expense of copying and mailing. 

Thank you.
Beth Little, Member & Cyla Allison, Ph.D., President Eight Rivers Council < >

[NOTE:  Since Norman Lee Alderman (Rep-SD) & Patti Heinemann (Dem-ND) are running a united campaign in support of the same issues so as to give Pocahontas County a ‘Fresh-Start’ in January 2015 – the following joint responses to the proposed questions are as follows!] 

The Questions:

1.     What kind of development do you see as appropriate / inappropriate for this county?  Why?


Appropriate development > PURE  WATER PROCESSSING!  We are excited about expanding on the example set by former State Senator Walt Helmick (now Commissioner of Agriculture) when he established a small-scale water-bottling facility following a suggestion in 2002 for the Minnehaha area of the county instead of blowing up Brown’s Mountain for the mining of dangerous ‘silicon’.  However, we would like to see a fresh-water bottling company established as a CO-OP which includes all interested property-owners in the county with major natural spring water thereby providing a diverse source for pure water as well as new income to individual landowners.  This idea has created the Pocahontas Pure Water CO-OP whereby all members will share in the prosperity and make bottling pure water the #1 business in Pocahontas County. 

Furthermore, this has the intended side benefit of focusing community attention on the importance of good water quality for not only our own lives, but for the benefit of others!  As we increase the community's new income financially upon bottling good, clean water, there will also be an increased citizen awareness protecting our precious natural water resources!

As new County Commissioners, if elected, we will advocate the county sponsorship of a ‘baseline’ study for the purity of all major natural spring & stream water resources so as to protect the county from any & all ‘drilling companies’, i.e., from any so-called ‘fracking’, since such companies will have to prove beyond all shadow-of-doubt that they will NOT disturb our pure water resources based upon definite empirical data – and it’s obvious that adding or injecting any type of chemicals into drilled-wells will NOT be compliant as shown in over 25 States so far that ‘fracking’  simply poisons the area water supply – forcing people to flee!

Further, as new County Commissioners we will establish a partnership, a ‘shared support’, with any landowner who wishes to protect their natural water resource.  In force & effect, we will form a ‘Treaty’ with each landowner of natural water resources that basically unites the County Commission as a government body with any landowner who seeks to protect their respective water resource in conjunction with their other property rights.

Additional appropriate development:  ‘Cell Phone’ service for the entire county that will include ‘Medic-Alert’ for all Citizens.  ‘Wind Turbines’ is a clean energy resource.  And ‘Public Works’ projects that benefit the greatest number of persons, such as completing the Durbin Library, providing a Covered Pavilion for the Farmers CO-OP, helping families relocate out of the flood-plain in Marlinton, assisting those who wish to stay within the flood-plain after the fire, and preparing to replace the municipal water & sewer-treatment facilities for Marlinton & Durbin, as necessary.

Inappropriate development:  No ‘Fracking’ of any kind!  No disposal or storage of raw-human-sewage from Snowshoe or Silver Creek ski resorts in any open-pits or storage tanks!  No federal-land-grab that is going to establish yet another federal police force! 

2.    How would you create jobs?


          Pure Water in a countywide bottling CO-OP that
               would provide new income to lots of individuals &
               families as the #1 business for Pocahontas County;

            ‘Cell Phone’ service for the entire county, including
                ‘Medic-Alert’ for all Citizens;

            ‘Wind Turbines’ as a clean energy resource,
                 increased tax-base, and ‘Living Wages’ instead of

            ‘Public Works’ projects employing persons for
                projects that benefit the greatest number of
                persons as summarized herein; and,

            Establishing a ‘Workers CO-OP’ to assume &
                continue day to day operations over Snowshoe &
                Silver Creek resorts upon Receivership of the State
                of West Virginia pursuant to the massive Debt now
                in excess of $1.5 Billion owed by Intrawest &
                Fortress corporations and their pending respective

3.    What is the role of tourism?


Since Randolph, Pendleton & Pocahontas Counties are designated as ‘tourist counties’ with limited industrial development, ‘Tourism’ is essential to our county.  Historically, timbering, farming, and natural resource management has been placed first and foremost for consideration, but unfortunately, ‘minimum-wages’ have been the norm across the board rather than ‘Living-Wages’ whereby the county could prosper and grow in all aspects.  As a direct & proximate result, the timber companies receive ‘corporate welfare’ in the form of 2½ - 3 Million board-feet of timber to cut each year; and the largest farms receive ‘corporate welfare’ in the form of government-subsidies to not grow certain crops, and for their livestock each year.  While a few profit handsomely, the rest must subsist on a ‘fixed-income’ or ‘minimum-wage’!  Until we can move beyond such dependence and disparity, Pocahontas County will have to exist on ‘grant-funding’ as hand-me-down bread crumbs & scraps from the welfare table! 

‘Tourism’ is supposed to provide seven dollars within the community for each one-dollar spent by a ‘tourist’but that so-called ‘income’ goes to the area business owners of the gas-station convenience stores within the county, or exits the county to the corporate HQs of Intrawest & Fortress as the owners of Snowshoe & Silver Creek – trapping the rank & file Citizen on a ‘fixed-income’ or ‘minimum-wage’!  While demographics claims that 25% of the county is supported by ‘tourism’, the overwhelming majority are employees working for the ski resorts, but not for ‘Living-Wages’! 

The current county commission seems content to sit silent and watch the county fade-away in both income and Citizens by doing the same things it’s always done, yet expecting different results!   Meanwhile the county faces massive infrastructure repairs & replacement with a shrinking population, higher costs, and failed policies that continue to weaken the county in general. Only a change of policies, attitude, and county commissioners with a new vision can restore a sustainable balance once again.

4.   How important is internet/broadband?  How would you improve it?


Internet & Broadband are crucial to our future!  Not only is  Candidate Norman Lee Alderman (Rep-SD) dependant upon the Internet & Broadband for his daily activities as a ‘Web-Developer’; but so is Candidate Patti Heinemann (Dem-ND) who uses her Masters Degree in Public Administration, and Bachelors Degree in Communications & Journalism, for her writing and work with NGOs that she has been associated with for the past 25 years.  However, the Internet & Broadband service from ‘Frontier Communications’ is horrible and time-consuming!

That’s why we as candidates are concerned that the Citizens of this county are being cheated with respect to their ‘civil rights’ by being denied ‘Cell phone’ service countywide, as well as the other technological advances now in effect!   

The Citizens of this county are currently trapped within the monopoly of ‘Frontier Communications’, perhaps the worst communications company in America.  As a direct & proximate result we all are being denied our respective due process & equal protection under the laws by being charged ‘double’ for basic services compared to what other Citizens in other counties are being charged, as well as facing severe physical danger without ‘Cell phone’ service in extreme weather conditions and without ‘Medic-Alert’ for personal emergencies – thereby forcing people to crawl to a phone to dial 911!  This county needs affordable options other than Frontier for its communication needs – and ‘Cell Phone’ service would provide a more affordable alternative!  These problems are faced by anyone who works at home and is dependent on the Internet!

5.    Would you support land use planning if it grandfathered in all existing uses?


The phrases, ‘land use planning’ and ‘all existing uses’, are nebulous terms that can have several possible meanings, and a candid answer is dependent upon knowing the specific respective meanings of who is doing the asking!  For example, ‘land use planning’ can refer to ‘zoning’ and both County Commission Candidate Norman Lee Alderman (Rep-SD) & County Commission Candidate Patti Heinemann (Dem-ND) are OPPOSED to all aspects of ‘zoning’ when it comes to infringing upon private-property rights!  By the same token, the phrase ‘all existing uses’ can also imply permitting oil & gas exploitation which includes permitting ‘fracking’ – which is detrimental to all surrounding properties – and as shown herein, both Candidates are OPPOSED to any form of ‘fracking’ within Pocahontas County!  

By the same token again, ‘land use planning’ when it comes to forested areas of landowners in order to preserve & improve forested areas is a ‘good thing’ for the benefit of all living creatures & the environment, etc.!  Yet if the term is being used to refer to the so-called ‘Birthplace of Rivers National Monument’, then it is clear that no one at this time knows the final terms & conditions for the ‘federal-land-grab’ designation.  In short, the phrase ‘all existing uses’ again implies permitting Oil & Gas exploitation which includes permitting ‘fracking’!  And since the issue of ‘fracking’ has been so devastating in over 25 other States to date – regardless of the designation of the so-called ‘Birthplace of Rivers National Monument’  isn’t an honest assessment of ‘all existing uses’ simply dependent on which Lobbyists are the most successful with either the current or  a future ruling-regime?  And cannot all designations, terms & conditions, be changed at any moment, whether within five-years or sooner than later? 

Clean water resources – left undisturbed – are more important to the future of everyone than any proposed so-called ‘tourist’ designation with no guarantees of anything being ‘grandfathered in’!  

6.   What would you do about the drug problem among our youth?


First of all, the so-called ‘War on Drugs’ has been used by
law enforcement as a pretext to arrest & imprison whomever they actually caught with either prescription or illegal drugs in their possession, or were planted upon those arrested for purposes of furthering the careers of law enforcement personnel!  Everyone in this county knows of a particular doctor, who prescribed prescription drugs, & his pharmacist partner who filled the prescriptions placing Pocahontas County in the top five counties in America with the worst prescription drug abuse problems!  And while the doctor went to federal prison for Medicare-fraud, neither he nor his partner were ever arrested or convicted for their rampant prescription drug abuses.   Therefore perhaps it’s the doctors and pharmacists providing this ‘dope’ to our youth & Citizens who should be controlled first & foremost!

Secondly, most of those arrested & convicted with a drug problem in this county were users as well as distributors since most were unemployed otherwise and used distribution as a means to derive an income.  That scenario obviously means that there are not enough jobs to go around unless governmental policies are changed for the better and new persons elected to public office willing to implement those new policies towards creating real & lasting employment.

7.    What do you think are the top three issues facing the county?  What are your ideas about addressing them?



Fighting for clean water began when former State Senator Walt Helmick became the so-called ‘Economic Coordinator’ for Pocahontas County in charge of the clean-up of the toxic-waste site known as ‘Howes Leather’, located in Frank, WV.  The estimated ‘clean-up’ cost was $15 - $20 Million, but since Howes Leather was a large donor to State Senator Helmick, Howes simply ‘donated’ their toxic-waste site to the county for a $250,000.00 tax-write-off, and the county then became responsible for the ‘clean-up’.  Helmick simply had the berms of the toxic-holding-ponds shaved from 12 feet to 3 feet, then siphoned off the toxic-waste until a rain storm broke open the remaining berms and poured 13 Million gallons of toxic-waste into the Greenbrier River closing the water intake for Lewisburg for up to a week – since Lewisburg uses the Greenbrier River for its city drinking water!    

Commission Candidate Norman Lee Alderman videotaped the shaved berms & the siphoning of the toxic-pond into the Greenbrier River, placed the video on the Internet, and the county was fined $9,000.00 for its violations.  Alderman is proud of raising the issue of clean water, and spend much time in Charleston trying to get the State-DEP to enforce the laws, including escorting a team from DEP and DNR around the former Howes Leather site, showing them where carcinogenic transformers were buried.  The DEP did little to nothing! 

One of the first things that Candidates Norman Lee Alderman (Rep-SD) & Patti Heinemann (Dem-ND) will do at the first meeting in January 2015, if elected, is to finish the clean-up of Howes and have the dangerous buried transformers containing PCB & Chromium IV immediately removed so that these toxic chemicals are no longer a health threat to the people of Frank and Durbin.


Does it make sense to bury known leaking tanks, which required replacement from a gas-station, next to Deer Creek and then fill those leaking-tanks with 60,000 gallons of raw-human-sewage from Snowshoe & Silver Creek – as done by Alleghany Disposal, LLC in Green Bank?   Fecal matter in the drinking water, streams & rivers is the most dangerous element next to toxic-chemicals!  Therefore there needs to be an inventory of all underground storage tanks for their structural integrity, location, and removal away from any flood-plain or natural water source.  Our collective health & safety is too important than risking toxins & deadly bacteria into our common environment!

Further it is a known fact that the municipal water supply in Marlinton is in desperate need of repair & replacement!  The same applies to their sewage-treatment facility!  And that also applies to the Town of Durbin – made worse by the fact that Durbin has been included in the Public Service District with Snowshoe & Silver Creek that has over developed itself to the extent that they need an entirely new sewage-treatment facility on the mountain!  Yet with the massive Debt in excess of $1.5 Billion, there is little chance that either Intrawest or Fortress holding companies will ever be able to afford or get credit for a new sewage-treatment facility that will cost upwards to $30 Million!  That’s why the State of West Virginia needs to take Receivership of both resorts, and relegate the day to day operations to Pocahontas County since it’s our county Citizens that are operating the resorts already – then split the profits 60% to the State & 40% to a ‘Workers CO-OP’ for the county!


This election is the first time in a lifetime that two (2) County Commissioners can be elected at the same time in the same election in order to bring about a majority for real change, new policies, and establish a Moral, Ethical & Righteous county government.  For far too long public officials have only considered their own careers and forgotten their primary responsibilities & duties!  That’s why this time there are two-candidates for the county commission in a ‘United Campaign’ that will put ‘THE GREATER COMMON GOOD BEFORE SELF OR ANY SELF-SERVING SPECIAL INTEREST!’  In this election year, the Citizens of Pocahontas County can, “Just say ‘NO’ to those who want to keep this county in Poverty & Pauperism – and Just SAY ‘YES’ to real Progress & Prosperity for the future!”

8.   What threatens the county? 


           Poverty & the Disparity of Income!  Taking into
              account inflation & the cost-of-living, a ‘Living-
              Wage’ of no less than $13.00 per/hour should
              replace the current ‘Minimum-Wage’!  This can be
              corrected in part with necessary ‘Public Works’
              projects as shown herein!

            ‘Fracking’!  The threat of pumping toxic-chemical-
              poisons into our underground water supply, surface
              water contamination, and destruction of our county’s
              drinking water & natural springs constitutes an ‘act of 
              war’ by definition!

  State Department of Environmental Protection!  The
    DEP has no policies or regulations for storage tanks
    along water-ways and leaves such inspections up to
    the owners – as seen in the recent spill in
    southwestern West Virginia – and the same is
    pending here in this county at Green Bank &
    elsewhere!  Just because the owner can be held liable
    after a tragedy occurs doesn’t mean it cannot be
    prevented beforehand by prudent practices!

            Corruption of local officials!  This county has
              undergone the worst period in its history with
              corrupt & self-serving public officials for the past
              two decades, whether in government or so-called
              ‘economic development’!  Also as a county, we have
              suffered through the worst period of law
              enforcement corruption with theft, rape, and other
              ‘moral turpitude’ charges, indictments, and
              convictions against deputy officers!

            Corruption of the Pocahontas County Solid Waste
              Authority (PCSWA) by improperly creating an
              ‘assessment fee’ for every household, then having a
              collection-agency pursue collections via lawsuits
              including Abstract of Judgment Liens – while the
              current county commission sits silent!

9.   What do you know about the Pocahontas Water Resources Management Plan?  What would you do to protect our water?


Both County Commission Candidates Norman Lee Alderman (Rep-SD) & Candidate Patti Heinemann (Dem-ND) have a copy and are familiar with the water resources management plan.  And both as shown herein and on their respective websites have taken the same position to protect & secure the best quality of water possible – and to make the bottling of Pure Water the #1 business for Pocahontas County to produce new income & employment for as many as possible as a way to sustain this county into the future!

Protection of the county’s water resources is TO KEEP IT AS CLEAN AS POSSIBLE – and that means the identification, location, and removal of all storage tanks from any & all flood-plain areas!  And that also requires NO ‘FRACKING’ or Drilling for any Oil or Gas exploitation!  In short, no one has the right to poison someone else’s water, well, or land pursuant to the current civil & criminal codes, the Common Law, and The Divine Laws as set forth in the Biblical presentation!

   10.  What do you think about the Wilderness Society's
           proposal for a National Monument in Pocahontas


As set forth on their respective websites, neither Candidate Norman Lee Alderman (Rep-SD) nor Patti Heinemann (Dem-ND) is in favor of the federal government designating 123,000+ acres, about 37% or our forested area, as ‘The Birthplace of Rivers National Monument’!  For all intent and purposes, this seems like just another ‘federal-land-grab’ in order to establish yet another ‘federal-police-force’ where one neither currently exists nor is wanted!  We can ask any Native American or Citizen of Iraq or Afghanistan how well that worked out for them!

Although the land now is already under the control of the federal government, it is at least accessible to the general public and maintained to prevent stream & bank erosion and water quality for all wildlife.  This may not be the case once ‘designated’.  And of major concern is that no one at this time knows anything about the final terms & conditions once such a ‘designation’ takes effect!  Further although the impression is being given that a ‘designation’ will protect the wilderness – there is no guarantees that Oil & Gas & Mineral exploitation won’t be granted and divvied out at any given time depending on which Corporate-Lobbyists are making the largest donations to Congress & the White House!  The same goes for any sort of ‘designation’ – it can be done with or without this county’s approval or disapproval!  In short, no one has any say in the matter whatsoever – only ‘smoke & mirrors’ is presented as a sideshow while the main-circus will simply limit the number of persons who can enter the ‘designated area’ upon payment at the tollbooth – to pay for the new federal-police-force to patrol the new ‘designated area’! The irony is that while Pocahontas County was not occupied during or following the War Between the States – upon ‘designation’ the ‘federals’ will be here – in uniforms!  

And what about the ‘corporate welfare’ provided to the timber companies whereby they are given 2½ - 3 Million board-feet of lumber to cut in order to keep their mills in operation each year?  Doesn’t a part of the ‘severance-tax’ go to each county school board to cover expenses – or more accurately – increase the salaries of the administrators while teachers & staff are laid off?  Just what kind of ‘deal’ is this anyway? 

11.  What do you know about the proposed dumping of
       fracking waste?  Do you think it is a good idea for
       Pocahontas County?


ABSOLUTELY NOT! No ‘fracking’ waste in this county – ever!  It’s bad enough that the Pocahontas County Solid Waste Authority (PCSWA) has allowed toxic-waste to be buried in their ‘open-dump-landfill’ to the point that none of its previous ‘cells’ can be emptied and used for ‘compost-fertilizer’ as set forth within the laws of this state had they only buried household garbage to turn into compost – thus the PCSWA is forced to expand their sprawling dump for another ten-acres!  But dumping ‘fracking-wastewater’ is so toxic that it is as bad as trying to get rid of nuclear-waste!

California is already preparing legislation to stop the dumping of 9 Billion-gallons off it coast, and now Ohio & New Jersey are faced with uncertain futures pursuant to ‘fracking-wastewater-disposal’ – so why invite such a nightmare here when we already have leaking storage tanks threatening our county’s natural water resources?  It’s lunacy – except to the predatory-corporations only care about profits and not about the health & safety of others!
As clearly set forth herein and on their respective websites, both Candidate Norman Lee Alderman (Rep-SD) & Patti Heinemann (Dem-ND) are OPPOSED to any form of ‘fracking’ in Pocahontas County – including disposal of ‘fracking-wastewater’!  When the nuclear power industry got underway it needed a place to get-rid-of its nuclear waste and started dumping such into abandoned coal mines – only to find that such waste leaked into the underground streams and water resources!  The same occurred with the disposal of chemical-wastes with the exception that chemical-waste-salts were added to road cinders in snowy-weather under the pretext to melt ice only to find that the chemical-waste-salts caused serious rusting of vehicles, bridges, underpasses, and polluted the streams & waterways killing fish & wildlife!  So why does anyone think that pumping chemical-waste deep into underground wells is any safer for the health & safety of people or wildlife?  It is a proven fact that such waste is a danger to every living organism – if not, then why aren’t those doing the ‘fracking’ drinking the same water?

12.  What do you think about fracking?  Please give
        consideration to roads, noise, water and waste
        disposal as well as any other concerns in your


‘Fracking’ is simply a method for the chemical-industry to dispose of its chemical-wastes in the same manner that the aluminum industry disposes of ‘fluoride’ by placing it too in either the drinking-water or the toothpaste of the public!  Over 25 States that have allowed ‘fracking’ are now experiencing the wholesale destruction of the drinking-water of their respective states – the deterioration of the health of their respective populations, the loss of property values, the loss of tax-revenues, and the loss of their respective populations who are moving elsewhere and abandoning their once healthy communities.  And all of this is for what, the ‘predatory-profits’ of a handful of corporations under the pretext of providing a handful of ‘jobs’ – when alternative ‘green energy’ is at our fingertips!

The findings of scientists suggest that even small man-made earthquakes, such as those of just a magnitude 1 or magnitude 2, can trigger damaging earthquakes as occurred in Oklahoma on 06 November 2011, as its worst earthquake in history, according to Elizabeth Cochran, a seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, who recently reported, “Even if wastewater injection only directly affects a low-hazard fault, those smaller events could trigger an event on a larger fault nearby,” she told Live Science.  So not only is ‘fracking’ a toxic-hazard, it’s also an earthquake hazard – and at all times it’s the general public that suffers!

Clean, fresh, pure water is too precious a commodity to threaten with ‘fracking’ or any other predatory-drilling or dumping practice!  The only solution is to always place ‘THE GREATER COMMON GOOD BEFORE SELF OR ANY SELF-SERVING SPECIAL INTEREST!’

13.  Numerous municipalities, even whole countries,
        have banned fracking.  Would you vote to do so? 


ABSOLUTELY!  THE GREATER COMMON GOOD ALWAYS COMES BEFORE SELF OR ANY SELF-SERVING SPECIAL INTEREST!  No one has the right to poison someone else’s water, well, or land pursuant to the current civil & criminal codes, the Common Law, and The Divine Laws as set forth in the Biblical presentation!  That’s why bottling clean, pure water should become the #1 business in Pocahontas County pursuant the Blessings of our Natural Water Resources!  It’s time we help others in America and around the World enjoy a clean, cool, fresh drink of water – there are over a Billion people denied that opportunity at any given moment of any given day at the present time!  We should thank Our Creator for His Blessings upon us indeed!

* * * * * * *
These are the joint statements and official positions of NORMAN LEE ALDERMAN (REP-SD) & PATTI HEINEMANN (DEM-ND), Candidates for the County Commission of Pocahontas County for the primary election being held on 13 May 2014, and 04 November 2014 that will take effect on the first meeting of the county commission in January 2015!  It’s time for a new change of policies and a new direction for the people of Pocahontas County! 

This Time…The People can…
Just say ‘NO’ to those who want to keep this county in Poverty & Pauperism for their self-serving special interest – and –  
Just SAY ‘YES’ to real Progress & Prosperity for the future and the mutual benefit of all concerned!



Therefore on Primary Day – YOU have a chance to elect two persons that will always put YOU first!  They know that:


The Pocahontas Crier is an independent Internet News Service that has so far endorsed two candidates for County Commission, one a Republican & the other a Democrat – in addition to providing in depth news reporting on important issues directly affecting the Citizens of Pocahontas County!

  IF YOU are registered to vote as a Republican, you can
       Vote for Norman Lee Alderman in the Primary Election
       on 13 May 2014;
  IF YOU are registered to vote as a Democrat, you can
      Vote for Patti Heinemann in the primary election on
      13 May 2014;
  If you are not registered to vote, then you must register
      to vote on or before 22 April 2014;
  If you are registered to vote, but with no party
      affiliation, then you must request Loud & Clear either
      a Republican or Democrat ballot on Primary Day when
      you go to the polls;  &
  Since Norman is unopposed, he recommends that you 
      request a Democrat ballot to vote for Patti so that this 
      county can again have an Honest & Just county 
   Early Voting is from 30 April 2014 to 10 May 2014 – so
       Vote Early & avoid the rush!

Email  comments & suggestions to: The Pocahontas Crier  at  
& if you wish to financially assist, kindly send all campaign contributions to: The United Campaign for County Commission (UCCC), c/o Citizens for Common Sense Alternatives (CCSA), a registered Political Action Committee, 7837 Wesley Chapel Road, Green Bank, West Virginia 24944-9063 
Phone: 1.304.456.4565 or 3282 (also fax)

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