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Alternative energy includes Wind, Solar & Hydrogen either in fuel-cells or direct, but these are the three main energy sources now being used throughout Europe & Russia.  In fact, Germany is completely free of any ‘fossil-fuels’ and became the first nation to derive all its energy-needs directly from ‘Wind Turbines’!  The ‘Wind Turbines’ being used in Germany are so efficient that one of their turbines can replace upwards to fifteen or more of those used here in America.  That’s how fast the alternative energy industry is changing and greatly improving the lifestyles of everyone!  It is a fact that in Germany there has NOT been a single factory or industry that has emitted any carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere for the past three-decades – yet here in America, there has yet to be any filters used on all the industry smoke-stacks still spewing ‘carbon-dioxide’ into our atmosphere which is the cause of ‘acid-rain’ that can take the paint off vehicles and kill entire forests – let alone the vast number of respiratory health issues! 

Here in Pocahontas County we have wind-speed-levels that exceed Level-5, the highest rating for wind-turbines, which means that installing ‘Wind Turbines’ in this county would become very profitable in a short period of time – create many new jobs – and sustain itself forever!  Although the federal government would most likely NOT approve the placing of ‘Wind Turbines’ upon federally-owned-land, the same could not be said upon State-owned-land and of course upon privately-owned-land where a land-owner would not only receive free-electricity, but also receive a monthly rental check as well!

For all those ‘naysayers’ who wish to pretend that they are a ‘Friend of Coal’, while that is a quaint-saying, it’s an obvious fact that ‘COAL’ IS NOT A FRIEND TO PEOPLE OR ANIMALS due to all the toxics & poisons found within coal burning, coal processing, exhausts & slurry-impoundments, etc.  It’s no different than the dangers facing a person who enjoys ‘smoking’, or for that matter, driving a vehicle – it may appear harmless at the time, but the ‘exhausts’ of both are eventually deadly!  And whether a person wants to believe it not – increased carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere is a direct cause of ‘Global-Warming & the Climate-Change’ whereby extreme weather is the direct & proximate result!

Further, for those who think that alternative-energy will replace the ‘coal-miner’, well you are right, it will – but ‘coal-miners’ are already a rare-breed once Massey Coal Co. began blowing up over 500 mountains in West Virginia in order to do ‘strip-mining’, ‘mountaintop removal’, by dragging down the mountains and destroying over 2000 miles of tributary-streams in this state already!  It’s estimated that there are now less than 4000 persons who claim to be ‘miners’ while the ‘Wind Turbine’ industry as employed in excess of 100,000 during the same period of the destruction of West Virginia mountains! 

While Pocahontas County was sparred any real involvement in the ‘Coal Field Wars’ due to the 50 year-moratorium to stop mining coal that was placed upon certain counties to stop the spread of the new civil-war, the fact that our mountains then fell under the direct control of either the federal or state government also prevented that civil-war from spreading into our own backyards!   Meanwhile counties like Raleigh County, as shown in the documentary movie, ‘The Last Mountain’, distinctly shows that Coal River Mountain was faced with a choice to have a mountain-range the size of Pocahontas County ‘blown-up’ by Massey Coal Co. for $30,000.00 a year income to Raleigh County for 17 years – OR – keep their mountains & build a ‘Wind Turbine Farm’ to power close to 100,000 homes with electricity and receive about $2 Million in new tax-revenue for the county – FOREVER!  That’s clean energy for electricity forever!

So far only two candidates for County Commission have agreed to explore the potential of bringing low-cost electricity to this county for new jobs & new income – and that’s NORMAN LEE ALDERMAN (REP-SD) & PATTI HEINEMANN (DEM-ND)!


Just say ‘NO’ to those who want to keep this county in Poverty & Pauperism – and

Just SAY ‘YES’ to real Progress & Prosperity for the future!

Therefore on Primary Day – YOU have a chance to elect two persons that will always put YOU first!  They know that:


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The Pocahontas Crier is an independent Internet News Service that has so far endorsed two candidates for County Commission, one a Republican & the other a Democrat – in addition to providing in depth news reporting on important issues directly affecting the Citizens of Pocahontas County!

  IF YOU are registered to vote as a Republican, you can
       Vote for Norman Lee Alderman in the Primary Election
       on 13 May 2014;
  IF YOU are registered to vote as a Democrat, you can
      Vote for Patti Heinemann in the primary election on
      13 May 2014;
  If you are not registered to vote, then you must register
      to vote on or before 22 April 2014;
  If you are registered to vote, but with no party
      affiliation, then you must request Loud & Clear either
      a Republican or Democrat ballot on Primary Day when
      you go to the polls;  &
  Since Norman is unopposed, he recommends that you 
      request a Democrat ballot to vote for Patti so that this 
      county can again have an Honest & Just county 
   Early Voting is from 30 April 2014 to 10 May 2014 – so
       Vote Early & avoid the rush!

Email  comments & suggestions to: The Pocahontas Crier  at  
& if you wish to financially assist, kindly send all campaign contributions to: The United Campaign for County Commission (UCCC), c/o Citizens for Common Sense Alternatives (CCSA), a registered Political Action Committee, 7837 Wesley Chapel Road, Green Bank, West Virginia 24944-9063 
Phone: 1.304.456.4565 or 3282 (also fax)

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