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THANK YOU least to those of you who voted for...!

24 MAY 2014, Vol.1, No.56 > THANK YOU VOTERS…at least to those of you who voted for…!

‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2
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least to those of you who voted for…!

The Editorial Staff of The Pocahontas Crier wishes to say THANK YOU to each of you smart enough to vote in the Primary Election for county commission candidates NORMAN LEE ALDERMAN (Rep-SD) & PATTI HEINEMANN (Dem-ND) who ran a joint campaign setting forth all the issues that could bring this county OUT OF POVERTY & PAUPERISM and INTO PROGRESS & PROSPERITY!  While NORMAN WON his primary election for the Southern District, PATTI Lost her election bid in the Northern District – but at least everyone got to see the 15 POINTS that can make a change for the better – if & when ever implemented!  Those same 15 POINTS – as STEPS FORWARD – are now on the shoulders of NORMAN as he heads into the General Election scheduled for 04 November 2014!  Hopefully enough Voters will Elect Norman so he can begin the groundwork for restoring this county to good government!   

Of the total number of persons registered to vote in this county, a little less than 25% actually voted – which is disgraceful from an international point of view where people are still struggling & dying for the chance to vote for a candidate of their choice – but it’s typical of the trend in voting within this State and particularly within this county!  Let’s face it, a vast number of folks in Pocahontas County don’t even have a television, let alone a computer or know how to even use a computer to get on the Internet – so life outside of their own private-universe does not exist as far as they are concerned!  And this does not even include those folks that rank as ‘functionally-illiterate’ – lacking reading-skills – in comparison to those in other counties bordering Pocahontas County and beyond!  And then, after all that, you add those numbers to the folks that have religious beliefs that keep them from the greater community participation, and clinging only within their own-cloistered-communities which do not vote, and you can see why just a small handful of folks – organized within their so-called ‘secret-brotherhoods & sisterhoods’ – you know, the ‘lodge-folks’ – and you can see just how THINGS NEVER CHANGE HERE IN POCAHONTAS COUNTY – for the better that is!

As set forth throughout the primary campaign, one of the main reasons THINGS NEVER CHANGE HERE is the fact that the same ‘scheisse’ keeps getting recycled over & over!  Is not doing the same thing over & over again and expecting a different result the very definition of ‘STUPIDITY’?  So why are we surprised with the same results again & again!  All you need in a ‘FEUDAL SOCIETY’ is one or two folks to give the orders and everyone else falls in line – by whatever title they wish to go by, be it Dictator, Boss Man, Warlord, Potentate, Worshipful Master, CEO, Owner, or whatever ad nauseam – just you wait until DONALD TRUMP becomes the ‘big mamaluka’!  And this county is full of such SELF-SERVING SPECIAL INTERESTS!  Look around – you don’t have to look very far!

Look around indeed!  At one time Marlinton considered itself ‘richer’ & ‘superior’ to Durbin, but if someone were blindfolded and taken to each town and had their blindfolds removed – is there any difference anymore?  And what is the solution?  Try and force folks behind on their ‘town-bills’ to pay up or else!  Or else what?  Have their respective water turned off?  How will that help ANYONE TO LIVE BETTER in Marlinton or Durbin?  OR…WILL IT DRIVE MORE FOLKS AWAY?  Common Sense should have told the folks in Durbin a long time ago that they would be FAR BETTER OFF becoming UNINCORPORATED especially since they ‘lost-their-town-charter’ and can no longer show a legal-line-of-continuity from one local ordinance to another – let alone have the so-called ‘town-council’ try & force folks on a ‘fixed-income’ to pay for past, present & future ‘town-bills’ while the folks on the ‘town-council’ exempt themselves!  Getting rid of the mayor, town-council, and the associated costs involved employing them would go a far lot further economically than trying to force folks to pay what they can no longer afford!  But there are a few SELF-SERVING SPECIAL INTERESTS that own almost everything at the expense of everyone else that now wants to force everyone else to pay what most cannot afford!  Why & how?  Where is the Common Sense in this scenario?  Who in their right mind would want to move to Durbin – for any reason – let alone try and start a business there and have to pay all kinds of ‘town-fees’ & such?  Same goes with Marlinton and its ‘business-taxes’ – but LOOK – everyone is still walking back & forth in their own RUT!  What’s a RUT?  Simply a GRAVE with both ends open!  Instead of ‘debtor’s prisons’ – where folks were put into dungeons just because they were ‘HAVE-NOTS’ by the ‘HAVES’ – now we just shut off water & electric and whatever else we can do TO the poorer members of our society – and we expect THAT to improve our over all condition!  WHATEVER HAPPENDED TO THE ‘GOLDEN-RULE’?  But, as you can see on Sundays, the ‘HAVES’ are the first in church praising their ‘wealthiness’ at the expense of everyone else!  

This ‘feudal-mentality’ has all but ruined this county in the last three-four-decades as more folks have had to MOVE OUT than MOVE IN since the majority of most everyone is now at or near the bottom on a ‘fixed-income’ and/or on a minimum-wage’!  Meanwhile the county infrastructure is rusting & rotting away with no end in sight – unless it collapses & we all just walk away!  The irony is that the folks that have grabbed what they could for themselves – with little to no thought of others – now find themselves also caught between the proverbial ‘rock & hard-place’!  Why?  Because for them to stay in this county – they will either have to fork over some of their horded-funds, or also be swept aside!  When Buster Varner is the only ‘businessman’ left in Durbin – WHO will pay the business-taxes, water & sewer, and garbage & maintenance fees?  And WHO will be his customers for him to stay in profit?  Will he then be able to pay his ‘fair-share’ as he claims each one on a ‘fixed-income’ should now be forced to do?  Is this criticism of Buster for trying to bring products & services that no one else has been able to afford to bring to the Durbin area?  NO – but it is a ‘Reality-Check’ as to just how far we are willing to go to get ‘blood-out-of-a-stone’!

And the same goes for Richardson’s Hardware & Mitchell’s Chevrolet in Marlinton if & when they too are the only businesses left standing after the NEXT FLOOD!  It is the same scenario faced by all small communities faced with a rapidly-shrinking population and a collapsing infrastructure!  Does anyone really think it will improve when the likes of DONALD TRUMP turns his soon-to-be privately-owned Snowshoe-RAD (Resort Area District) into just another of his ‘Trump-Casinos’ – this time in the middle of nowhere?  If you’ve ever been to Atlantic City, then you’ve seen firsthand what glitzy lights along the boardwalk look like compared to the SLUMS in the rest of the city!  If you think Poverty & Pauperism is bad now – just wait until a ‘four-lane’ rips this county in half, and EVERYTHING GOES TO THE MOUNTAIN & BACK AGAIN & no where else!  We’ve heard that ‘Tourism’ is so great for our county – so is that why Frontier Communications has provided BROADBAND TO SNOWSHOE FIRST – instead of anywhere else?  Thanks Reta Griffith for SERVING YOURSELF & SPECIAL INTERESTS before your neighbors by selling us all into Frontier’s Monopoly!  Once the ‘Trump Casino’ is completed, it is set to be sold to the owner of ‘The Greenbrier Inn – Casino’ – so take a good look at White Sulphur next time going to Lewisburg and see just how much and how fast ‘the wealth’ of ‘The Greenbrier’ has trickled down to the rank & file!  How do you think Snowshoe-RAD will improve your life here?  Apparently no one was interested or capable of understanding the WORKERS COOP for taking over Snowshoe & Silver Creek for the benefit of the State of West Virginia and the people of this County as set forth by Norman & Patti in the recent primary campaign – so now see what you really get!

And all this goes for DAVID McLAUGHLIN & BILL BEARD as candidates for county commission!  What does DAVID know about ‘running a government’ when he has spend his adult life looking at the REAR-END of CATTLE and DRIVING AROUND IN CIRCLES delivering his mail routes?  The quick answer:  NOT A DAMN THING as he showed in the primary election by having no imagination or explanation for anything asked of him!  But he was elected anyway since he’s a ‘nice-guy’ who will simply follow orders and do what he is told by the SELF-SERVING SPECIAL INTERESTS!  The same goes for Bill Beard as he has demonstrated in the months since his appointment to replace the late Dolan Irvine – you remember Dolan don’t you?  He was the County Assessor that NEVER RAISED HIS OWN PROPERTY TAXES A SINGLE PENNY IN OVER 25 YEARS – while he slowly raised everyone else in the county every three (3) years from 19% - 31%!   Check out your square-footage & acreage between when Dolan took office & when he died!  And then folks wonder why things only seem to be getting worse instead of better in this county – yet the ‘Secret-Society-Block-Vote’ keeps RECYCLING the same thieves election after election who only serve themselves at the expense of everyone else!  Still think things are great – just wait until your PROPERTY TAXES DOUBLE so the school officials can raise their salaries at your expense! Does anyone still think that Pocahontas County isn’t run the same as a Medieval-Feudal-Fiefdom?


On 04 NOVEMBER…there’s no excuse…

Just say ‘NO’ to those who want to keep this county in Poverty & Pauperism
– and –
Just say ‘YES’ to real Progress & Prosperity for the future!

On Primary Day – YOU have a chance to elect two persons that will always put YOU first!  They know that:


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