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‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2
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While it is no secret that this iconoclastic ‘muckraking’ Internet Blog publicly endorsed NORMAN LEE ALDERMAN (Rep-SD) & PATTI HEINEMANN (Dem-ND) for county commissioners in the recent Primary Election – we also believe in Liberty & Social Justice For All – and that even includes incumbent David Fleming (Dem-ND), in spite of our many differences with him, his commissions & omissions, and his disastrous-policies, as well as all the other candidates regardless of political, social or organizational affiliations, etc.  Of particular interest however is that although David lost the election by about 75 votes to David McLaughlin, reports are still coming into us about possible ‘VOTER FRAUD’ whereby persons desiring to vote for a candidate of their choice, often found that they could not get the ‘electronic-touch-screen’ to place a ‘check-mark’ next to their candidate choice since the machine kept making a ‘check-mark’ next to the name of another candidate instead!  And yes, this now reportedly occurred to persons voting for David Fleming! 

In fact, it’s now commonly known by the poll-watchers at the Green Bank precinct at the Green Bank Elementary School, and the area citizens listening to the commotion while waiting to also vote at the Green Bank precinct, that one lady was so irate that she demanded both the Republican & Democrat ‘poll-watchers’ to surround the electronic-voting-machine and ACTUALLY WATCH HER TRYING TO ‘TOUCH -SCREEN’ NEXT TO FLEMING’S NAME – ONLY TO HAVE THE MACHINE PLACE THE ‘CHECK-MARK’ NEXT TO THE NAME OF SOMEONE ELSE!  Normally the ‘poll-watchers’ refuse to look at the ‘touch-screen’ while a person is voting – EVEN IF THE VOTER COMPLAINS ABOUT THE ‘TOUCH-SCREEN’ – but this time it was an exception since the lady was SO IRATE!  The squeaking wheel usually does get oil after all.  But in this case, after repeated attempts, one of the poll-workers pulled the little-cartridge out, and then pushed it back in again so that the entire process had to be started-over for the Voter and ‘this time it worked’ and the lady-voter was able to cast her ballot for the folks she wanted to receive her vote.

Now just imagine this a couple of dozen times at the other precincts around the county whereby folks had to keep hitting the ‘touch-screen’ multiple times for the candidate they wanted, instead of the one who actually got the ‘check-mark’, and it becomes just another reason why WE SHOULD GO BACK TO PAPER-BALLOTS PLACED IN A LOCKED PLEXIGLASS-BOX and counted properly in this county!  Let’s face it, we are not a major city precinct nor large county and the highest percentage of voters in the last two decades RARELY has exceeded 2600 total voters, or less than 50% of the total of those eligible to vote or even registered to vote!  So it is not like it would take days or weeks to determine an accurate vote total via paper-ballots as found in many foreign countries!

Even our previous voting system whereby voters had a heavy-large-pencil to check or fill-in the box next to a candidate’s name, then that voting ballot-card was run through an electronic-reader that picked up the voter-marks on the ballot – WAS BETTER THAN THE CURRENT ‘TOUCH-SCREENS’ – since not only was the paper-ballots to be marked-off easier to read, quicker to vote, but also VERIFIABLE when & if required to have a ‘hand-count’!  And keep in mind that during that period of time, TWO PRECINCTS were chosen at random, than hand-counted at a public meeting by the county commission – and IF any precinct was off by as little as 1% or 2%  -- then the entire county was COUNTED BY HAND in order to receive an official & accurate vote count.  And some elections, as many may remember, were as close as seven votes OR LESS!

Now we are supposed to believe that the ‘touch-screen’ is a more accurate way, especially since it shows your vote in a small window on the lower-left-side and it’s supposed to be a ‘paper-record’ on the INSIDE of the machine – but who really knows for sure?  As reported on this Internet Blog before, ANYTHING ELECTRONIC can be altered in one form or another, by magnets, electro or otherwise, and of course internal programming that can be altered in a matter of seconds as compared to the older mechanical voting machines which could be rigged to cast every other vote, every third vote, or every tenth vote, etc., to whomever the machine was programmed for to win!  Again, THAT’S WHY paper-ballots returned to the voting process until the new-electronic-voting machines came into use!  And let’s face it, the largest producers of electronic-voting machines also manufacture the SLOT MACHINES for casinos – and we all know what the odds are in favor of the casinos compared to the customer-gamblers!  We’d all have a better chance at getting hit by lightening, or a falling tree, or a falling meteor than winning on a Slot Machine!

Lastly, another irony that has surfaced since the recent primary election, amidst the normal ‘rumors’ about vote fraud, comes from campaign workers and those volunteers who made telephone call surveys & solicitations for the candidate of their choice only to report that after making as many as 550+ calls, they only found 3 or 4 responses in favor of a particular candidate – yet the final results showed the candidates with the least support over the phone getting more votes than did those candidates who got the best results in the telephone call surveys & solicitations.  Dose that mean that folks LIE over the telephone and do something else in the voting booth?  Or that they LIE on the phone and DON’T VOTE?  Either way, it’s the same results for it’s just another example of how the ‘powers-that-be’ make sure THEY WIN and WE THE PEOPLE LOSE! Fleming thought his ‘friends’ & his bootlicking for the GVEDC would carry the day for him – BUT IT DIDN’T – whether by hook or crook!  As did Buster Varner thinking the ‘block-vote’ of the secret-societies would carry the day for him via his lodge-membership – BUT IT DIDN’T!  Both Fleming & Varner were stabbed in the back by those they thought they could count on – AND FOR WHAT – two candidates with weaker fortitude, the least governing experience, and virtual ‘hand-puppets’ for the GVEDC and the ‘Poverty Preservation Society’ (PPS) yet again!


On 04 NOVEMBER…there’s no excuse…

Just say ‘NO’ to those who want to keep this county in Poverty & Pauperism
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Just say ‘YES’ to real Progress & Prosperity for the future!

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  1. Please explain the difference between "JUSTICE",which is an ancient and well-understood concept, rooted in the Creator, and the foundation of our Republic, and your preferred term,"social justice"