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TWELFTH ORDER OF BUSINESS -- Duties & Responsibilities!

07 MAY 2014, Vol.1, No.43 > TWELFTH ORDER OF BUSINESS – Duties & Responsibilities!  

‘When the Righteous succeed the people rejoice,
But when the bad govern, men groan!’ – Proverbs 29:2
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Of BUSINESS –Duties &

Have you ever had to go to the Courthouse for any type of business whether to file or review a deed in the Office of the County Clerk, or something pertaining to legal matters in the Office of the Circuit Clerk, or in regards to any type of taxes in the Office of the County Assessor or County Sheriff – and then upon asking your question – have someone tell you they have to go check with someone else?  What’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Its why is this person here if they do not know how to handle my question or provide the immediate service that they are supposed to perform?  Well welcome to ‘government’ where everyone seems to act as a ‘receptionist’ instead of doing what they are being paid to perform!  PUBLIC-EMPLOYEES that meet the PUBLIC are supposed to be PUBLIC-SERVANTS that SERVE the PUBLIC – it’s that simple!

Persons that are ‘elected’ to public office are supposed to know their respective Duties & Responsibilities – and the same goes for those ‘appointed’ to their positions as assistants and such – and they are supposed to SHOW RESPECT to everyone that comes before them since whether ELECTED or APPOINTED – they are PUBLIC-SERVANTS first & foremost!  Yet far too often when some folks obtain these positions – they forget their place as a Public-Servant and instead act like YOU are a nuisance interrupting their ‘retirement’ on the public-payroll!  Some seem to only come to ‘work’ & put in the hours just to get their check expecting to do nothing since they are now in public-office!  And the worst yet are those few that act like they hate doing something for those folks that are EXEMPT from any fees or costs pursuant to being on a ‘fixed-income’ & such!

At any rate, this scenario is NOT APPLICABLE to everyone that works-for-the-public, whether elected or appointed, but only for those few that make dealing with a government agency more difficult than it would ordinarily be necessary.  What seems to be missing more & more these days is the PATIENCE of having to deal with EVERYONE in the general public and forgetting the NECESSARY COURTESY that should be mutually shown to everyone – particularly since it’s the GENERAL PUBLIC that pays the salary for each public official & employee!

That’s why county commission candidates NORMAN LEE ALDERMAN (Rep-SD) & PATTI HEINEMANN (Dem-ND) have agreed, as part of their 15 POINT program to End Poverty & Pauperism and Restore Progress & Prosperity to Pocahontas County, to include a promised to provide EVERY public official & public employee a copy of the State Law respecting each person’s position in the local government so that everyone in the courthouse will know their respective Duties & Responsibilities once and for all!  This promise will be for each & every government agency under the oversight of the County Commission so that no one will ever have an excuse not to follow the Law and carry out their Duties & Responsibilities from this point forward!

State Law has defined what every elected & appointed public official/servant is required to do, and what is expected from each such person – but unfortunately far too many public-servants either do not know, or remember, and only do what they are told to do by those around them!  Therefore each person in whatever agency they work will be given their correct ‘job-description’ for their respective position and then be held accountable accordingly.  Hopefully the confidence gained will transfer into the courtesy expected by the general public – and in turn the general public will gain a lot more respect for the persons on the other side of the counter conducting public business!   


THIS TIME…there’s no excuse…

Just say ‘NO’ to those who want to keep this county in Poverty & Pauperism
– and –
Just say ‘YES’ to real Progress & Prosperity for the future!

On Primary Day – YOU have a chance to elect two persons that will always put YOU first!  They know that:


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  IF YOU are registered to vote as a Republican, you can
       Vote for Norman Lee Alderman in the Primary Election
       on 13 May 2014;
  IF YOU are registered to vote as a Democrat, you can
      Vote for Patti Heinemann in the primary election on
      13 May 2014;
  If you are registered to vote, but with no party
      affiliation, then you must request Loud & Clear either
      a Republican or Democrat ballot on Primary Day when
      you go to the polls;  &
  Since Norman is unopposed, he recommends that you 
      request a Democrat ballot to vote for Patti so that this 
      county can again have an Honest & Just county 
   Early Voting is from 30 April 2014 to 10 May 2014 – so
       Vote Early & avoid the rush!

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